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– 2017 ATV Model Lineup News / Four-Wheeler Update –

Honda’s multi-purpose utility ATV model lineup has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years with technology that none of us would have dreamed about 10 years ago. Who would’ve thought Honda would be using DCT technology on ATVs when it has only been used in the past on high-end sports cars. Then you’ve got EPS which has been widely accepted since its introduction in 2007, first met with weary opinions but it has been bulletproof. With the addition of new features and models like the new Rancher 420 IRS and Rubicon 500 IRS as well as straight axle models mixed in there, quite a few models are overlapping each other when it comes to features which can make it difficult for you decipher what sets them apart. It can also make it quite difficult for a dealer to keep every single model and every single color of those models in stock. Just to give you an idea of what I mean by many model variations, for 2017 if Honda kept the ATV model lineup the same form 2016 we would have more than 10 different model variations of the just the Rancher alone. Add in the Foreman and Rubicon and just between those 3 models you have more than 20 different variations split between the DCT, ES, EPS, IRS, SRA etc features.

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To combat the model feature overlap for the 2017 ATV model lineup Honda has decided to discontinue and drop a few four wheeler models which will in return help fulfill customer demand in the future. This is why Honda has been #1 in ATV market share since their inception and with taking care of you the customer, they hope to retain the #1 position for years to come.

EDIT / UPDATE | 2017 Honda Sport & Race ATV / Quad Update – Click Here

Here is a breakdown of the 2017 ATV models that Honda will be discontinuing for 2017 and their explanation as to what each Honda ATV model ID means:

  • TRX500FM2
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Foreman 500 EPS 4×4 (TRX500FM2 = Foreman 500 Manual / Foot Shift with Electric Power Steering ATV)
  • TRX500FE1
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Foreman ES 500 4×4 (TRX500Fe1 = Foreman 500 Electric Shift ATV)
  • TRX500FM5
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Rubicon 500 4×4 (TRX500FM5 = Rubicon 500 Manual / Foot Shift ATV)
  • TRX500FM7
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Rubicon Deluxe 500 EPS 4×4 (TRX500FM7 = Rubicon 500 Manual / Foot Shift Deluxe with Electric Power Steering ATV)
  • TRX420FA1
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Rancher 420 DCT 4×4 (TRX420FA1 = Rancher 420 Automatic / Dual-Clutch Transmission ATV)
  • TRX420FM2
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Rancher 420 EPS 4×4 (TRX420FM2 = Rancher 420 Manual / Foot Shift with Electric Power Steering ATV)
  • TRX420TE1
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017 Rancher ES 420 2×4 (TRX420TE1 = Rancher 420 Electric Shift ATV)

New 2017 Honda ATV Models… That’s another hot topic! Keep an eye right here on my blog for 2017 ATV Model News / Announcements as Honda will be releasing model information soon… Hopefully with Honda dropping some of the utility 2×4 & 4×4 models we’ll see Honda put some focus on their 2017 Race / Sport ATV Quad models. In a perfect world, we’ll see Honda release a 2017 TRX450R that’s fuel injected with a host of other new bells and whistles. Also, I could stand to see Honda throw some upgrades at the 2017 TRX400X with fuel inject etc (previously known as TRX400EX). EDIT / UPDATE: Honda just announced there will be no 2017 TRX450R / TRX450ER or TRX400X, you can read more about the 2017 Honda race & sport ATV update here. Hopefully we’ll also see Honda dive into the sport side by side / UTV market for 2017 too but that’s another topic for another day…

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What do you think about the 2017 ATV models that Honda will be discontinuing? Smart move? What’s your favorite out of the current four wheeler model lineup?

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