Sneak Peek | New 2018 Honda Motorcycle Announcements / Model Release Dates

– 2018 Motorcycle Model Lineup Announcement Schedule –

Who’s ready for some 2018 Motorcycle News from Honda? I am and I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag on some new 2018 motorcycle model news from Honda as well as updated models and of course returning models! I’m sorry for the guys that saw my announcement on Facebook about this post coming and that I was going to have it posted yesterday, ran into a slight delay.

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Here’s the timeline on when I’ll be posting official updates from Honda:

  • April / May | 2018 Motorcycle Announcement 

  • August | 2018 Motorcycle Announcement

    • I’ll be positing an update on Honda’s 2018 CBR Sport Bike / Motorcycle models as well as details on the Cruiser model lineup too.
  • November | 2018 Motorcycle Announcement

    • I’ll be posting an update on Honda’s 2018 Touring Motorcycles and Adventure models too. This last update will also include the remaining models that aren’t highlighted in a specific category above.

Honda has stated that they plan to revitalize their Cruiser and Touring Motorcycle model lineup in 2018 so things could get interesting on that front… Especially when you check out some of my past blog posts with different technology Honda is working on and also certain patents that I’ve covered that show changes are in the works for some models! Personally, I can’t wait to be able to let the cat out of the bag on some of the 2018 models. Honda has had quite a bit of momentum lately with excitement around quite a few of their bikes and it’s definitely going to keep on kicking in 2018!

As always, I’m interested to see what you guys think and what’s floating around in your head as I’d rather it be a discussion among all of us enthusiasts instead of just me rambling on etc. What model are you most looking forward to for 2018? What model motorcycle do you want to see Honda throw a host of changes and upgrades at for 2018?

Looking for 2018 Honda Side by Side UTV and ATV information? I’m working on that update next, it will be posted on the main page within the next few hours!

  • pidgin

    New 400+cc dual-sport/supermoto for 2018 please.

  • Al Weir

    Hoping for some news on the successor to the CBR300R. Will it be the new 250RR frame and engine with bigger internals?? I’m ready to buy!

  • Jack Jones

    CB1000r? Any news? ABS?

  • Michael Marshall

    RVF 1000 yes or no ? The new blade is damn ugly and Honda have dropped the ball. RVF or nothing for me.

  • neale

    Hi. what does anyone know about the New
    “NAKED’ version of the Fireblade..
    CB1000R… anyone?.. anything?…does anybody know?…
    Rumours rumours Rumors?????

  • Mark Daniels

    I’d really love to see a sport tourer, like the ST, with a dct. Neutral riding position, quick, comfortable for the long rides as well as maneuverable in town.

  • Justin

    Hey there HondaProKevin! Question for you – do you anticipate there to be any substantial changes to the 2017 Honda Rebel 500 ABS to create the 2018 model?

  • SenthilRaj ChettyKumar

    Why they stopped CBR bike. I thought of buying cbr150 or 250.. Is there any of these model launching in 2018