Sneak Peek | New 2018 Honda Side by Side UTV & ATV Announcements / Model Release Dates

– 2018 Side by Side UTV & ATV Model Lineup Announcement Schedule –

Who’s ready for some 2018 SxS / Side by Side / UTV (and every other one of the 1,000 names for them haha) and ATV News from Honda? I am and I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag on some new 2018 motorcycle model news from Honda as well as updated models and of course returning models! I’m sorry for the guys that saw my announcement on Facebook about this post coming and that I was going to have it posted yesterday, ran into a slight delay.

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Here’s the timeline on when I’ll be posting official updates from Honda:

  • April | 2018 Side by Side Announcement 

    • I’ll be posting 2018 Honda Side by Side UTV information in April.

Honda has stated that they plan to expand their Side by Side UTV market over the next 3 years and if you pair that up with the fact that they are sinking a $45,000,000 investment into their new plant in South Carolina – Honda isn’t fooling around and plans to bring the heat like they have the last couple of years stealing more and more of the Side by Side market  share month after month. Personally, I can’t wait to be able to let the cat out of the bag on some of the 2018 models. Check out some of my past patent document blog posts and trademark filings etc from Honda and you’ll see why I’m excited when you hear out of Honda’s mouth that they still plan on expanding the current Side by Side model lineup…

Could we see the TRX450R Sport ATV return for 2018? How about an all-new 2018 Rincon 1000 DCT? That would be awesome!

As always, I’m interested to see what you guys think and what’s floating around in your head as I’d rather it be a discussion among all of us enthusiasts instead of just me rambling on etc. What model are you most looking forward to for 2018? What model Side by Side or ATV would you like to see Honda throw some upgrades and changes at? I know I don’t even have to ask this one but who is looking forward to seeing what Honda may bring to the Sport Side by Side UTV market in 2018 and beyond?

  • Steve043

    Trx450r please !

    • Ohhhhh yes! I like your thinking and am on the same page haha! It’d be awesome to see a 65+ horsepower 2018 Honda TRX450R released to go clean house with the competition…

  • Rick

    How about a bigger cc Rincon with a five or six speed transmission.

  • Jon Jon Giles

    Don’t even kid about that 1000cc Rincon. I would wait in line and go in debt for one. I REALLY hope this is the year they have a new or updated quad at the top of their line up with more power and a better transmission

  • Mike

    Please be true that this gets announced in April. Kevin, I don’t doubt your info, I’ve just been disappointed many times when Honda delays these announcements. I’m hoping Honda is really putting their best foot forward this time and not just testing the waters.