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– First Sport UTV / SxS Released from Honda LEAKED! | TALON 1000 –

Well, ladies and gentleman the cat is out of the bag. Partly. We now have our first look at the 2019-2020 Honda TALON!


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UPDATE | 2019 / 2020 Honda TALON Sport Side by Side Release Date: November 27, 2018Click Here for More Info!

We’ve known for quite some time that Honda has been looking to expand their Side by Side lineup as I have covered it all in detail in past blog posts. Dating back to when I first let the cat out of the bag with the Pioneer 1000 lineup. 

Originally, as I stated in the blog post here, the New Honda TALON was to be announced in November of 2018 but things have changed within the last 24 hours thanks to these leaked pictures of the All-New Honda TALON 1000… Will Honda move the official announcement date of the TALON up because of this? Only time will tell and I’ll keep you guys posted.

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Until then, let’s take a look at the pictures below and the information available at this time.

I heard down the grapevine… The yellow and red Honda TALON are 64″ wide and packing a 5-link suspension setup bringing in 20″ of suspension travel. The blue TALON comes in at 60″ wide with a 3-link setup with 16″ of suspension travel. The Honda TALON in naturally aspirated form comes in at around 90-100 horsepower with a Honda Genuine Accessory Turbo Kit option bumping the TALON up to 150+ horsepower. MSRP is expected starting around the $19,999 price point. I am in no way saying this paragraph is 100% concrete info. I’ll repeat that one more, I’m not saying the part after “heard down the grapevine” is 100% spot on.



  • 2019 Honda TALON 1000 X Specs / Details:
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Price / MSRP: $19,999
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Release Date: April 2019
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Colors: Pearl Red / Metallic Gray; Metallic Gray / Metallic Blue
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Weight: 1,490 lbs (curb)
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Top Speed: 74 MPH
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Horsepower: 104 HP
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Torque:
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Suspension (front): Double wishbone; 14.6 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.0 with Quick Switch 3
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Suspension (rear): 3 Link trailing arm; 15.1 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.0 with Quick Switch 3
    • 2019 TALON 1000X Ground Clearance: 12.7 in.
  • 2019 Honda TALON 1000 X Specs / Details:
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Price / MSRP: $20,999
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Release Date: April 2019
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Colors: Red, Pearl Green
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Weight: 1,545 (curb)
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Top Speed: 74 MPH
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Horsepower: 104 HP
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Torque:
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Suspension (front): Double wishbone; 17.7 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.5 with Quick Switch 3
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Suspension (rear): 4+ Link trailing arm; 20.1 in. travel, Fox Podium 2.5 with Quick Switch 3
    • 2019 TALON 1000R Ground Clearance: 13.0 in.

* Everything I have stated above is nothing but “speculation”… Oh and Honda, I know you’ll see this so I just want to add, I promise I had nothing to do with this one 😉

  • jms130

    the rear shock looks puny

  • Jason Pollock

    I think it looks great. Was going to buy a general and now I’m gonna wait I want a sport machine with Honda quality

  • K-Man

    I just may have to trade in my Commander…I hope this comes out soon.

  • steve collins

    what is the top speed of the talon

  • steve collins

    did they move the headers back to make the riders cabin cooler pioneer 1000 had a bad heat issue