2018 – 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Recall / Stop Sale | Muffler Heat Shield

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– 2016, 2017, 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 Safety Recall / Stop Sale –

Honda is launching a safety recall on all model year 2016, 2017 and select 2018 Pioneer 1000 and Pioneer 1000-5 models (SXS10M3 / SXS10M5).

Why? This recall is to install an additional heat shield between the muffler’s inner cover and the plastic muffler protector. Under certain conditions where the Pioneer 1000 engine has dropped a cylinder (misfire on one of the two cylinders), and the driver continues to operate their Pioneer, excessive heat can build up within the muffler which can potentially end up melting or igniting the plastic muffler protector.

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  • Affected 2016 Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 Models:
    • All 2016 Pioneer 1000
    • All 2016 Pioneer 1000 EPS
    • All 2016 Pioneer 1000-5
    • All 2016 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe
  • Affected 2017 Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 Models:
    • All 2017 Pioneer 1000
    • All 2017 Pioneer 1000 EPS
    • All 2017 Pioneer 1000 LE (Limited Edition)
    • All 2017 Pioneer 1000-5
    • All 2017 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe
    • All 2017 Pioneer 1000-5 LE (Limited Edition)
  • Affected 2018 Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 Models | Certain VINs only
    • All 2018 Pioneer 1000 as of 4/18/2018
    • All 2018 Pioneer 1000 EPS as of 4/18/2018
    • All 2018 Pioneer 1000 LE (Limited Edition) as of 4/18/2018
    • All 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 as of 4/18/2018
    • All 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe as of 4/18/2018
    • All 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 LE (Limited Edition) as of 4/18/2018

Want to check your VIN # for recalls? Honda has a special section of their website set aside for recall information that you can go to by Clicking Here. Give it a little time before you run your VIN though as it may not be updated with the latest information at the time of posting this on April 19th, 2018.

Honda will be releasing more information about this recall to your local dealer. If you have any questions at all, they’ll be able to help you or post up your questions below and I’ll try my best to answer any questions you may have.

What is a Stop Sale? A stop sale keeps a dealer from selling any new and or used model that is affected to an individual until the problem has been fixed. 

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When will the replacement parts be available? TBA.

How will owners find out about this recall? American Honda intends to mail customer letters as early as possible, subject to regulatory agency approval.

Customer Notification: American Honda is going to be sending a letter to all owners of affected Pioneer 1000 & Pioneer 1000-5 models informing you that your Pioneer is under recall to add a heat shield between the muffler’s inner cover and the plastic muffler protector. The letter will also inform you that driving your Pioneer with an engine misfire can create excessive heat within the muffler that could potentially melt or ignite the muffler protector. It will also outline the abnormal conditions that can lead to your Pioneer 1000’s engine developing a misfire, such as water working its way into the fuel system, failed fuel injector or a failed ignition component are just a few of the things that can lead to it. Long story short, the letter that you will receive if you are a current Pioneer 1000 or Pioneer 1000-5 owner will go over all of the nitty-gritty details on how and why Honda is issuing this safety recall / stop sale and that you need to bring your Pioneer into your local dealership for them to fix this issue and stop it from ever arising should your engine develop a misfire. Honda has yet to release what this official letter will say, once they have done that, I’ll update this post with that information.

Questions? Post your questions below and I’ll try my best to knock them out, pending there is answer available at this time.

  • Gary Greene

    I bought a 2016 Pioneer 1000 leftover. last week. I’ve been waiting over a week for delivery. Went back to the dealer today, which, of course, didn’t call me to advise of any delays, and they told me about this recall. Said the unit was ‘ready to go’, except for this, which proved to be untrue after I asked to see it. It was still covered in plastic and dust and had clearly not been touched. Now they claim they’re expecting the recall part by this weekend, which is 2 days away. I have trouble believing that, given they had lied to me 5 minutes earlier. Do you have any info on parts availability?

    • Bob Mal

      In Southern Nevada yesterday, dealer told me they have many new units of which they can no longer sell untill this new recall fix is completed. Also stated they cannot order needed parts unitll each unit is sold, huh? I’m doubting replacements are available yet, atleast in numbers. Unless I’m hugely mistaken, Big Honda USA has got them by their bearings! Oh, reason I visited them was to inquire about the clutch fix on my 2017 1000-5 D. If I took it to them for clutch it would be confiscated due to this new recall. I have had misfires, occasional and momentary ‘dead’ ignition when key is turned to start, even (rarely) a flooded like starting condition. As much as the wife and I love this machine, I’m beginning to wonder if a Honda SXS was best choice. Our old 07 Rhino 660 just continues to prrr!

      • What he told you is accurate, at this time… Honda is making units that are “sold” as priority so a handful of dealers can’t hoard all of the parts and then you have those smaller dealers that can’t sell a unit for an extended amount of time etc. That is only for the initial roll-out though, once things start going full-steam ahead then they’ll have them readily available like the other clutch and cabin comfort improvement kits so dealers can order them to knock out all units in inventory so there is no delay when someone says “I want to buy this, right now”. I hate to hear about the issues you’ve had so far, as generic as that sounds, I promise it’s not bud. Have you had a chance to bring it in and have it checked out yet or were you waiting to bring it in and have the issues looked at when you had the updates knocked out?

    • I hate to step on any dealer’s toes but they should have informed you last week about this as the information has been out to dealers since I posted this on 4/28/2018. If they would have ordered the parts at that time, they would have already arrived and you could be enjoying your new Pioneer 1000 already. Once they provide Honda with the information that this unit is sold, the parts will be shipped out and depending on their location and the warehouse the parts come out of, we’re only talking about a 2-3 day process and that’s from start to finish – to the point where you could take the unit home. So far we have done multiple units with this latest update and have yet to have an issue with getting the parts needed, within a couple of days. Like I said, I don’t want to step on any toes but if they push it back any more than they already have, personally, I wouldn’t be the happiest camper. Hope the info is of some help bud.

  • Bob Mal

    Thanks Kevin for your prompt reply. You are a very stand up person. In reply, we are fairly rural with a couple hour + drive time to a competant servicing dealer. I would only take it in with appointment and reasonable pickup time stated, for all work in need. That said, too often a near new vehicle (utv, bike, rv etc.) sets in a dealers lot in hot sun and elements with little concern to individual owner’s investment or ‘down time,’ the way the owner cares for and maintains his/hers equipment or should subsequent equipment damage occur during this wait. Manufacturer’s back orders are inevitable at times. Lets not exacerbate the issue by Honda USA mandating that we owners drop off these units at a dealer so parts may be ordererd, and then suffer the above stated consequences. Respectfully.

  • Rick Furneaux

    I bought a 2016 pioneer 1000-5 deluxe last September that’s still under warranty. It has just over 80 miles on it and has never seen a mud hole or tail yet. The other day i was taking the garbage down to the end of the driveway and my machine would not stay running for more than 5 feet. Dropped it off at the dealer and they are saying it’s not covered under the warranty. They fixed the recall for the muffler heat shield but say the injectors are bad and need replaced and that is not covered under the warranty?? I read your article about the issues they are having with these machines and injectors were mentioned in it but I never received a letter from Honda. Any suggestions you have to help me out?? Thanks in advance.

  • Gloria Angi Angi

    Hello there I have a side by side 5 deluxe 1000 pioneer Honda and I live on a island I cannot go to a dealer it’s thousand miles away. What am I supposed to do I only had this only a month the swing arm already broke down.

  • amonzo Osborne

    I’ve gotten a miss fire and hot exhaust do you know what this could be.