2018 Honda ATV Model Lineup Announcement / Release Review | Update #1

– 2018 Honda ATV Models Released / Lineup Overview: Prices, Colors, Specs + More! –

The cat is out of the bag! Honda has finally announced their 2018 ATV Model Lineup! Also, for those of you looking for that 2018 Honda Side by Side / UTV Model Lineup Announcement… It’s only a matter of weeks away so keep an eye out here on my blog as well as Facebook and Twitter! Want check out videos on all of Honda’s ATV models? Check out my YouTube Channel here. Want to check out the latest 2018 Honda Motorcycle Announcement / Update #1? Click Here.

To go ahead and get it out of the way… There’s not any entirely new models from Honda for this 2018 ATV model announcement. That’s not to say that Honda won’t release an all-new ATV model for 2018 etc at a later time though.

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Alright guys, now let’s get to what you came here for and that’s the nitty-gritty details concerning Honda’s ATV models for 2018 and what to expect in the very near future at your local Honda PowerSports dealer.

Which 2018 ATV Models received changes?

  • None

Which 2018 ATV models get new colors?

  • 2018 Rubicon 500 – Orange
  • 2018 Foreman 500 – Shale Blue
  • 2018 Rancher 420 – Vapor White, Active Yellow, Orange
  • 2018 Recon 250 – Vapor White
  • 2018 TRX250X – Active Yellow

Model Key:

  • DCT – Dual Clutch Transmission  (Automatic)
  • ES – Electric Shift
  • ESP – Electric Shift Position
  • EPS – Electric Power Steering
  • * If DCT or ES aren’t mentioned in the ATV model name, it has the Manual / Foot-Shift Transmission

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2018 Honda Utility ATV Model Lineup

Now we’ll get to a breakdown of each of the 2018 Honda ATV models covering their release dates, new color options etc. At this time, pricing hasn’t been released. I will be updating this page within the next couple of weeks with pricing for each of the 2018 ATV models listed below as well as more pictures.

2018 FourTrax Recon 250

2018 Honda Recon 250 ATV Review / Specs - TRX250 FourTrax Price, Horsepower & Torque, Towing Capacity

Recognizing the importance of easy maneuverability for some users, engineers gave this model a small footprint and a light overall weight, resulting in agile, nimble handling. The model’s light weight and small footprint make it easy to maneuver through tight situations, and the longitudinal, 250-class engine still has plenty of power and torque for getting the job done or making it through challenging terrain. Electric start and Rincon-like styling are both standard. As is the case with their larger models, Honda offers Recon customers options when it comes to transmission, with a manual, foot-shift gearbox and electric, push-button ES shifting both available. The 2018 Recon 250 returns with a new color option of Vapor White as well as Olive Green.

2018 Recon 250 Model Lineup Options / Variations:

2018 FourTrax Rancher 420

2018 Honda Rancher 420 ATV Review / Specs - TRX420 FourTrax Price, Horsepower & Torque, Towing Capacity

In an age of increasing specialization, versatility can be extremely refreshing, and it’s difficult to find a better example of do-it-all effectiveness than Honda’s family of capable Rancher ATVs. With incredible versatility and value, the Rancher has been a strong performer since its 2000 introduction, helping it to become Honda’s best-selling ATV in Honda’s history. No matter what the application—whether it’s accessing a favorite deer stand, repairing a fence on the back 40, or just exploring the local OHV area with friends—there’s a Rancher that’s ideally suited. The current version is the best ever, enabling customers to choose between (6) difference model configurations: Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) or swingarm, Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) or standard gearbox, Electric Power Steering (EPS) and standard, and 4×4 or two-wheel drive. No matter what the options, Ranchers are renowned for their durability, and they’re equally capable at the jobsite and on the trail.  The 420cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine offers the sort of unrivaled reliability that keeps Rancher owners using their vehicles for many years, and appropriately, the spread of power is well suited for any situation. For the 2018 Rancher 420, two new colors have been added: Vapor White & Active Yellow.

2018 Rancher 420 Model Lineup Options / Variations:

  • 2018 Honda Rancher 420 2×4 | TRX420TM1
    • Colors: Red, Olive Green
    • Release Date: September 2017
    • Model ID: TRX420TM1J
    • Price / MSRP: TBA
    • 2018 Rancher 2×4 VS 2017 Rancher 2×4 Changes: None
  • 2018 Honda Rancher 420 4×4 | TRX420FM1
  • 2018 Honda Rancher ES 420 4×4 | TRX420FE1
    • Colors: Red, Olive Green, Phantom Camo
    • Release Date: September 2017
    • Model ID: TRX420FE1J
    • Price / MSRP: TBA
    • 2018 Rancher ES VS 2017 Rancher ES Changes: None
  • 2018 Honda Rancher 420 DCT EPS 4×4 | TRX420FA2
    • Colors: Vapor White, Red, Phantom Camo
    • Release Date: September 2017
    • Model ID: TRX420FA2J
    • Price / MSRP: TBA
    • 2018 Rancher DCT / EPS VS 2017 Rancher DCT / EPS Changes: None
  • 2018 Honda Rancher 420 DCT IRS 4×4 | TRX420FA5
  • 2018 Honda Rancher 420 DCT IRS EPS 4×4 | TRX420FA6

2018 FourTrax Foreman 500

2018 Honda Foreman 500 ATV Review / Specs - TRX500 FourTrax Price, Horsepower & Torque, Towing Capacity

The TRX500 Foreman makes its return for 2018 with some new color options. Honda also discontinued a few Foreman 500 models last year to simply your options when searching for the perfect Foreman to fit your needs. This year Honda did keep the model lineup the same and didn’t discontinue any other model variations of the Foreman. An unapologetic workaholic, Honda’s Foreman 4×4 craves long hours of faithful toiling, and as both variations of this durable ATV are equipped with swingarm rear suspension and an enclosed axle, they’re more than up to the task. Now available in Shale Blue, the reliable Foreman has a locking front differential and is powered by a fuel-injected 500-class engine, and it’s available with either a foot-shift manual transmission or push-button electric shifting and with or without power steering (EPS). Bearing in mind all this and more, the Foreman 4×4 is prepared to put in long hours, and the standard handlebar-mounted assist light can be turned on when the sun goes down for even greater trail illumination.

2018 Foreman 500 Model Lineup Options / Variations:

2018 FourTrax Rubicon 500


2018 Honda Rubicon 500 EPS ATV Review / Specs - TRX500 FourTrax Price, Horsepower & Torque Performance Info + More! (TRX500FM6 / TRX500FM6J)

The TRX500 Rubicon makes its return for 2018 with some new color options this year. Honda also discontinued a few Rubicon 500 models last year to simply your options when searching for the perfect Rubicon to fit your needs. The four-member, 500-class family of premium Foreman Rubicons is packed with powersports-category exclusives. For example, the Rubicon 4×4 EPS is the only ATV offered with a combination of a tough manual-shift transmission and independent rear suspension, and for those who’d rather not do all the shifting themselves, the other three variations come with Honda’s revolutionary DCT gearbox, a durable geared system that has dual ranges and can execute shifts seamlessly. The IRS contributes to an impressively comfortable ride, even when spending long days in the saddle, along with excellent handling over the roughest terrain. The long list of available features includes Electric Power Steering (EPS), and all models can be switched between three drivetrain settings: 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with differential lock.

2018 Rubicon 500 Model Lineup Options / Variations:

  • 2018 Honda Rubicon 500 EPS 4×4 | TRX500FM6
    • Colors: Orange, Red, Olive Green
    • Release Date: July 2017
    • Model ID: TRX500FM6J
    • Price / MSRP: $8,699
    • 2018 Rubicon EPS VS 2017 Rubicon EPS Changes: None
  • 2018 Honda Rubicon 500 DCT 4×4 | TRX500FA5
  • 2018 Honda Rubicon 500 DCT EPS 4×4 | TRX500FA6
    • Colors: Red, Olive Green
    • Release Date: July 2017
    • Model ID: TRX500FA6J
    • Price / MSRP: $9,299
    • 2018 Rubicon DCT EPS VS 2017 Rubicon DCT EPS Changes: None
  • 2018 Honda Rubicon 500 Deluxe DCT EPS | TRX500FA7

2018 FourTrax Rincon 680

2018 Honda Rincon 680 ATV Review / Specs - TRX680FA

I was kinda hoping to introduce a 2018 Rincon 1000 DCT / EPS ATV with this 2018 ATV model lineup announcement from Honda but this go-around Honda is keeping the tried-and-true and proven Rincon 680 around for another year. For customers who prefer larger ATVs, the Rincon is the biggest model in Honda’s lineup, with a powerful 675cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke engine and premium long-travel suspension, giving it unmatched comfort and ride quality. Not only does the refined Rincon boast Honda’s biggest ATV engine (a liquid-cooled 675cc single with a twin-plug cylinder head), it makes more efficient use of that power plant by mounting it longitudinally in the chassis, so that the crankshaft is aligned with the vehicle’s direction of travel. This achieves a number of benefits, including a more direct link to the rear axle. The Rincon is a premium model, with independent rear suspension and an automotive-style, belt-less three-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually if you choose to do so, proving that a luxurious user experience is possible even in the rough world of ATVs. For 2018, the Rincon has (2) color options: Red and Honda Phantom Camo.

2018 Honda Sport ATV Model Lineup

Now, let’s get to the 2018 Sport ATV / Quad model lineup from Honda…

Just in case you’re not up to speed on why there is not a 2018 Honda TRX450R or 2018 Honda TRX400X (TRX400EX) here is an explanation as to why you don’t see those models listed below:

2018 Honda TRX90X (Kids / Youth ATV)

The 2018 Honda TRX90X returns unchanged for 2018. Without a doubt, Honda’s proven TRX90X is one of the best first steps that a young rider can take on the journey toward a lifetime of off-road recreation. This air-cooled four-stroke has all the right ingredients to be the ultimate first machine: electric starting, manageable power, consistent handling, compliant suspension, and uncomplicated controls. The TRX90X used to be recommended for kids 12 and older but that age has now been dropped to being recommended for kids 10 and up.

  • 2018 Honda TRX90X
    • Colors: Red, Olive Green
    • Release Date: August 2017
    • Model ID: TRX90XJ
    • Price / MSRP: TBA
    • 2018 TRX90X VS 2017 TRX90X Changes: None

2018 Honda TRX250X Sport ATV / Quad Review & Specs - TRX90X Kids / Youth ATV Model

2018 Honda TRX250X

Introduced in 1987, the TRX250X remains a big hit with sport riders, who appreciate its wide powerband, high fun factor and legendary Honda reliability. New riders love Honda’s exclusive SportClutch™, which allows them to learn clutch control without having to worry about stalling. At the same time, long-travel suspension mean the TRX250X is appropriate for advanced riders as well. For 2018, the TRX250X is now available in a new Active Yellow color as well as Red. Honda’s TRX250X has rightfully earned its reputation as the most approachable sport ATV on the market. Merging tried-and-true off-road capabilities with commonsense Honda technology, the TRX250X is sporty, fun, reliable, and user-friendly, all while remaining remarkably affordable.

  • 2018 Honda TRX250X
    • Colors: Active Yellow, Red
    • Release Date: July 2017
    • Model ID: TRX250XJ
    • Price / MSRP: TBA
    • 2018 TRX250X VS 2017 TRX250X Changes: None

Here is a breakdown of the ATV models that you will not be seeing for 2018 that Honda discontinued last year and their explanation as to what each Honda ATV model ID means:

  • TRX500FM2
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Foreman 500 EPS 4×4 (TRX500FM2 = Foreman 500 Manual / Foot Shift with Electric Power Steering ATV)
  • TRX500FE1
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Foreman ES 500 4×4 (TRX500Fe1 = Foreman 500 Electric Shift ATV)
  • TRX500FM5
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Rubicon 500 4×4 (TRX500FM5 = Rubicon 500 Manual / Foot Shift ATV)
  • TRX500FM7
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Rubicon Deluxe 500 EPS 4×4(TRX500FM7 = Rubicon 500 Manual / Foot Shift Deluxe with Electric Power Steering ATV)
  • TRX420FA1
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Rancher 420 DCT 4×4 (TRX420FA1 = Rancher 420 Automatic / Dual-Clutch Transmission ATV)
  • TRX420FM2
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Rancher 420 EPS 4×4 (TRX420FM2 = Rancher 420 Manual / Foot Shift with Electric Power Steering ATV)
  • TRX420TE1
    • Honda will not be selling a 2017+ Rancher ES 420 2×4 (TRX420TE1 = Rancher 420 Electric Shift ATV)

Some may be asking… Where’s the 2018 Honda Side by Side / UTV & Motorcycle model lineup announcement? The next 2018 model announcement will take place within the next 30 days. Make sure to watch my blog for 2018 Honda Side by Side and motorcycle sneak peeks, spy photos, rumors etc.

2018 Honda ATV Pictures (more coming soon…)

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