2017 Honda CBR350RR & CBR250RR = New CBR Model Lineup?

– New 2017 Honda CBR Rumors of CBR350RR / CBR250RR Supersport Bike Motorcycle –

Honda has created quite the buzz with their new “Light Weight Super Sports Concept” CBR sportbike they announced a couple of weeks ago. This new small cc CBR has got everyone excited thinking that Honda will once again dominate this market across the world, like they used to. The CBR250R & CBR300R are great bikes but they have been neutered in the power and suspension department to better help them meet a price point that attracts new and entry-level riders. This Light Weight Super Sports Concept bike is scheduled to be on display with many other concept motorcycles at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month.

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UPDATE Part 2 | July, 2016

OFFICIAL 2017 Honda CBR250RR Announcement / Release – CLICK HERE

UPDATE | July, 2016

2017 CBR250RR Engine / Exhaust Sound Clip Video

The first video below has a little bit of text that floats across the screen and then BAM you hear the CBR250RR engine fire up and come to life. At first, I was slightly disappointed by the sound of the parallel-twin 250 class engine… BUT! That was until they really start to twist it up and the lil engine-that-could comes to life at what sounds like it is exceeding 12,000+ RPM.

What do you guys think? Will the 2017 CBR250RR have enough horsepower to compete in 2017 against the KTM RC390? R3 / R25? GSX-R250?

2017 CBR250RR Promotional Video

The next 2017 CBR250RR doesn’t really have anything special to note like the first video with the exhaust / engine sound-clip from the 1/4 liter CBR for 2017 but it doesn’t have some quick beauty-shots of the bike. They purposely cut away really quickly so you can’t see too much detail.

UPDATE | June, 2016 – The first leaked picture of the 2017 Honda CBR250RR in what looks to be production form.2017 Honda CBR / CBR250RR Sport Bike Motorcycle - Light Weight Super Sports Concept Motorcycle

UPDATE | May, 2016 – The June 2016 cover of Young Machine showing off the possible All-New 2017 CBR250RR…2017 - 2018 Honda CBR / CBR250RR Sport Bike / Motorcycle Pictures & News - Rumors / Spy Photos of New Models

UPDATE | March, 2016 – Cover of Young Machine showing a 2017 CBR1000RR rendering as well as the possible new 2017 CBR250RR again.

Leaked 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Sport Bike / Motorcycle Pictures - CBR 1000 RR / CBR1000 RR - 1000RR

UPDATE | February, 2016 – Check out the cover of Young Machine magazine with the possible all new 2017 Honda CB250R, R25R, GSXR250 and Ninja 250 gracing the cover as well as the talks of a Supercharged 2017 Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR.


UPDATE | Video with Honda designer going over specs / details on the possible 2017 CBR250RR known as the “Light Weight Super Sports Concept”

2017 CBR250RR Walk-Around Video 

Official Honda Light Weight Super Sports Concept Promotional Video / Commercial (CBR250RR)


UPDATE – October 28, 2015. The Honda CBR “Lightweight Super Sports Concept” had its official unveiling. Here are some pictures from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show…

Concept 2017 Honda CBR250RR SportBike Motorcycle | CBR350RR CBR300RR

With Yamaha’s new R25 / R3, Kawasaki’s new Ninja 300, KTM RC390 and Duke have stepped it up in the power department and proven customers will still spend big bucks for a true performance bike even with its engine size in the quarter liter range.

Young Machine magazine overseas has once again got some information they believe to be true that Honda will in fact be releasing a CBR350RR for the USA & European markets while the Asian markets etc will receive a smaller engine variant dubbed the CBR250RR.


When is Honda supposed to be releasing the information on this possible new 2016 / 2017 CBR250RR & CBR300RR? Supposedly, we will know more as Honda rolls these new CBR models across the stage at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. If not there, I’d bet money it’ll be in November for the EICMA show.

There’s rumors floating around that the 2017 CBR1000RR & 2017 CBR600RR will also get some of these aesthetic changes among other tweaks.

How will Honda work this out to where the new CBR350R doesn’t affect the CBR500R sales? The CBR350RR is rumored to come in around the 40 horsepower mark so it would only be a few shy of its larger 500 cc brother. If Honda does indeed plan on releasing something to out them back up front and ahead of the KTM RC390, Yamaha R3, Ninja 300 etc then it’s going to have to click off somewhere around that 40 HP mark.

Concept 2017 Honda CBR250RR Repsol SportBike Motorcycle | CBR350RR CBR300RR

You can read more on my previous 2016 / 2017 CBR250RR or CBR300RR blog post here from about a week ago. The small gallery of pictures above are an example of what that previous post covered as far as information goes on this new CBR model that may be in the works.

Whichever route Honda goes whether it be a CBR250RR / CBR300RR or CBR350RR it looks like things are fixing to get extremely interesting in the small cc true supersport bike class…

What do you want to see out of Honda for this new small cc CBR sport bike from Honda? 40+ horsepower? What weight would you like to see it come in under?


  • D. Paul League

    The quicker Honda has the 350 twin available, the quicker Kawasaki will respond with a 375 and so on. The gearing is too low on the R3 to stop “so called entry level” riders from riding over 120 mph. I’ve started off in third gear more than once, which I should not be able to do. I’m sure the next generation of light supersports will have enough power for idiots to stop calling them starter bikes. Hey fool, a starter bike is a 125cc bike!!

    • I like your thinking! You hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I cringe when I hear guys say a 600 cc supersport bike like the CBR600RR is a “beginners bike” and that they or they buddy needs a 1000 cc CBR1000RR etc so they aren’t bored with the power or “outgrow” it too quickly. I have to bite my tongue. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to say “Let’s take you on that CBR1000RR and I’ll hop on my CBR600RR, we can go to the mtn or come do a track day with me and let’s see how much of a beginner this 600 is as it checks out in you”. Heck, even offer to put them on a CBR and I’ll take my Grom to the mtn and show them how it’s done but on the Grom it’d need to be going down the mtn at least lol. It’s a shame how a lot of people view sizing when it comes to bikes and think they “need” this or that because their friend says so or that they won’t be “cool” if it can’t do 180 MPH at the flip of a switch.

      Reminds me of my favorite quote “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow”.

      Thanks for checking out the site and posting up too!

    • Mani vannan

      Well said…about the starter bike…..

      • Thanks Mani! Thanks for checking out the blog and for posting up too.

  • Sean Cleary

    Bring back the 250 4cyl supersports. I’ll upgrade from my r3 to it in a heartbeat. Small bikes are awesome, now we just need to bring back the genuine supersport characteristics.

    I’m guessing about a $7000 USD msrp for the class in general, right in between the 2cyl 300’s and the 600cc class on price.

  • Roberto Commander

    Its April 2017 and still no word on them bringing this beautiful motorcycle to the U.S.. I would import one if I had the money.

    • Al Weir

      Its August 2017 and STILL no word…. they say patience is a virtue, I’m not fully convinced. 🙂