Honda CBR300R & CB300F Stop Sale / Recall – Potentially Defective Crankshaft

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– 2015 – 2016 CBR300R & 2015 – 2016 CB300F Motorcycle Recall –

Honda just announced a STOP SALE NOTICE of model year 2015 through 2016 CBR300R and CB300F motorcycles to repair a potentially defective crankshaft on affected motorcycles.

What could happen if your crankshaft fails? If the connecting rod bearing retainer breaks, the engine may stall and/or not restart. An engine that stalls while riding increases the risk of a crash.

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Effective immediately, dealers can not sell any 2015 through 2016 CBR300R and CB300F motorcycles until it has been repaired according to this Service Bulletin.

Affected Units:

  • 2015 CBR300R – All
  • 2016 CBR300R – All
  • 2015 CB300F – All
  • 2016 CB300F – All

American Honda will be mailing notification letters to owners of affected CBR300R & CB300F motorcycles by late August, 2016.

Where can you find out more information about Honda Motorcycle Recalls etc? Honda PowerSports Recall Information – Click Here

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Honda CBR300R / CB300F Recall - Stop Sale Notice / Crankshaft Engine Problems

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  1. so… if you still ride your bike and are aware of this recall and this happens to you, will Honda still cover it under warranty ?

    Rho /
  2. the American Honda corporate head quarter hired some ex- DMV workers. if you can’t ride it due to great risk how will you take it to a dealership to get it fix? who’s going to pay for my time and the towing cost? who’s going to pay me for deflated value of my bike and 1000’s of other similar to my story? just dropping off a dead battery they want to waste 24 hours to get it checked to honor the warranty, meaning I have to fight through traffic 30 minutes each trip( that’s 2 hours) to get a new battery( maybe?) if they honor it?. Honda quality have gone to SH*$ another class action law suit is what they need so they’ll learn.

    Alex /
  3. its no only in USA its happens to the cbr250r in latin american, the crankshaft is the same in cbr250 models in latin american, the only sad here the warranty is by 1 year, and its parts is so expensive around 705 US dollars, don´t buy honda again, here in colombia the buissness company of honda it called FANALCA.S.A and if you need a part you have to way around 1 month, one thin FANALCA S.A don´t do recall and don´t stop of sale, they don´t care 🙁

    Nelson Serrano /

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