2015 Honda CBR Sport Bike / Motorcycle Horsepower Chart

2015 Honda Sport Bike / Motorcycle Horsepower Chart 

2015 Sport Bike Motorcycle Horsepower Chart Dyno Numbers Grom CBR300R CBR500R CB500F CBR650F CBR6000RR CBR1000RR CB1000R CB1100

One of the questions I get asked the most on a daily basis is “How much horsepower does this CBR have?” etc. The majority of motorcycle manufacturers don’t advertise their horsepower ratings / numbers. They do however put the horsepower rating on certain documents that are sent to the dealer.

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When reading the numbers below, keep in mind this is what Honda stamps on each models MSO / MCO. What is an MSO / MCO? Please see bottom of page for explanation.


2015 CB300F – 30.4 Horsepower

2015 CBR300R  – 30.4 Horsepower

2015 CB500F – 49.6 Horsepower

2015 CBR500R – 49.6 Horsepower

2015 CBR650F – 86 Horsepower

2015 CBR600RR – 113 Horsepower

2015 CB1000R – 125 Horsepower

2015 CBR1000RR – 168 Horsepower

Special / Limited Edition 2015 CBR1000RR SP Repsol Sport Bike Model 1000 RR

Going back to what I mentioned up top about the MSO / MCO for each motorcycle. MSO = Manufacturers Statement of Origin / MCO = Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. This is what Honda sends to the dealer for each model with the VIN listed as well as other pertinent information on that specific unit. This is the only place where Honda mentions the horsepower rating as well for each and every single motorcycle, ATV, SXS, scooter etc. This document is what will turn into your title when you purchase that unit.


Keep in mind thsee horsepower ratings will be different from what you may see if you’re looking for 2015 Honda CBR dyno numbers. You have different styles of dyno machines that will read differently and there are a lot of factors that go into those details but that is another 10 page novel on its own haha. Not only do you have different variables in dyno styles but then you also have the difference between measuring horsepower at the crank / flywheel versus true WHP (Wheel horsepower).

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