2015 Honda Fury 1300 Black / Gray (VT13CXF)

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This Black / Gray color option on the 2015 Honda Fury 1300 Chopper / Cruiser looks 1,000 times in person than it does in the “stock” pictures from Honda with the plain white background. Lately, the only way to truly appreciate the colors Honda has been putting out on cruisers you’ve got to snap some “real” pictures or see them in person.

The Gray frame mixed in with the Black Gloss paint on this Fury and Bronze wheels really pops. What do you think? Want to see more pictures of this color scheme on the 2015 Fury?

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2015 Honda Fury 1300 Cruiser / Chopper Motorcycle Pictures, Pricing info - Black / Gray Fury VT1300 - VT13CXF

If you’ve ever been in the market to purchase a Honda Fury 1300… Now is the time to buy! Honda just did a permanent price reduction on them dropping the MSRP / Price on the 2015 and prior Fury VT1300 models from $13,390 down to only $9,999! Add in dealer discounts and Bonus Bucks from there to bring the price down even more and these bikes are a steal.

If you’re a Honda Fury fan make sure to check out the Candy Red 2015 Honda Fury here.

What’s your favorite Honda Fury color?

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