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| Possible 2017 CB1100 Production Bike for the USA? |

2016 Honda CB1100 Concept Review - Motorcycles - CB Cafe Racer / Vintage Retro Style Bike CB 1100

Say hello to another concept motorcycle that Honda will have on display for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. This B-E-A-UTIFUL yellow Honda CB1100 is referred to as “CB1100 Concept”. It’s going to be paired up with the black “CB1100 Custom Concept” that you can find more info and pictures of here.

To the naked eye the CB1100 Concept may look identical to the previous production version of the CB1100 (*Keep in mind, we didn’t receive spoke wheels like other countries). Take a closer look at the pictures and you’ll see quite a few pieces that were tweaked to fine-tune this vintage / retro style motorcycle and make it look even more gorgeous than ever! It’s too late for it to be announced as a 2016 model but could this be an addition to the 2017 Honda motorcycle model lineup?

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What do you guys think? Would you like to see this exact concept model CB1100 make it as a 2017 CB1100 production bike for the USA?

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  1. Yes ……. love it …. would definitely buy one …….. the most attractive version I’ve seen …… and the chrome spoked wheels make a big difference !!!

    rrecroc /
  2. As recroc noted, this is one beautiful bike and I would most definitely buy this bike if it were in the US. The only change I would like to see is matching color side covers. And yes, the spoked wheels look old school, as they say, and are awesome.

    Ron /
  3. I had an opportunity to buy the 2014 dual exhaust 6 speed Red and blew the chance. I regret it. Can anyone tellme if this bike will be for sale

    Tim Trageser /
  4. Wrong tank- does not match the styling of the rest of the bike but is ok on the “type 2” concept. Also, would prefer the cylinder and head to be the same color. The cb1100ex has very nice lines but not offered in the U.S. I would have liked to have seen Honda follow the end of Nighthawk 750 production with something like this but they didn’t and I became a Triumph customer for traditional styling and modest performance.

    jt /
  5. I Would like to see this exact concept model CB1100 make it as a 2017 CB1100 production bike for the “India” !

    Pramod Gawade /

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