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The Honda Grom, also known as the MSX 125 in other parts of the country took the world by storm in early 2013. When Honda originally released the MSX / Grom there were no talks of it heading to the USA. Many of us that follow models from other parts of the country prayed to the Honda “Gods” that they would bless us with this awesome little 125 cc motorcycle. We got luck and in May of 2013 Honda announced they were bringing the MSX125 to the USA under the model-name “Grom 125”.  We’ve been a Honda motorcycle dealer here at Honda of Chattanooga since 1962 and in 50 years we had never seen so much excitement over a single motorcycle! It was crazy! We had pre-order deposits backed up for 3+ months. I got lucky and had my name on one of the first Grom shipments in August of 2013 and to this day it’s still the most fun bike I own or have owned in the past. I’m getting a little sidetracked…

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》》2016 Honda MSX / Grom Announcement with Changes – CLICK HERE 《《

How could Honda make the Honda Grom 125 / MSX125 even cooler than it already is? Make a custom Honda Grom Scrambler! The interesting thing that has baffled quite a bit of people is that Honda threw a 50 cc engine in the Grom Scrambler Concept One and the Concept Two. It may just be me but they remind me even more of the vintage Honda Mini Trail 50 / Mini Trail 70 bikes. Why did Honda build these custom Groms? The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is at the end of this month and Honda has pull out all of the stops with some awesome concept / prototype motorcycles, cars, personal mobility devices and any other toy you could imagine that has to do with technology. Want to see some of these other items that will be on display for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show? You can check out my post here going over all of the concept models, production models etc that Honda will be showcasing like the Light Weight Super Sports Concept (CBR250RR), 2016 CBR500R, CB1100 Concept, CB1100 Custom Concept, Wander Stand and more!

Check out the attention to detail on some of the custom additions to these Concept Grom Scramblers as Honda really pulled out all the stops on these and didn’t skimp on one part of the bike.

UPDATE / EDIT: Here’s a few of the Honda Grom Scrambler concept / prototype sketch drawings before Honda actually built the bikes.

Opinions? Will the Honda Grom 50 Scrambler make it into production for the 2016 Honda motorcycle model lineup? What do you think about the (2) Grom Scramblers? Which Grom Scrambler is your favorite?

Fast forward (original post from 2015) and we’re into the 2019 Motorcycles and still no Honda Grom Scrambler models to buy. Sadly. The New 2019 Honda Monkey 125 does have a couple styling traits that were pulled from the concept Scrambler models. 

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