2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Maintenance / Service Schedule | SXS1000M3 / SXS1000M5

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– Pioneer 1000 Oil Change / Filter Part #’s + Owner’s Manual Maintenance Schedule –

As we’re getting closer and closer to the shipping / release date of the 2016 Pioneer 1000 & 1000-5 I see more and more people searching for detailed information. One of the key items I haven’t seen posted up is the details regarding servicing and maintaining their new 1000 cc SxS from Honda, so I figured I would shed some light on this topic.

Below, is the maintenance schedule for the 2016 Pioneer 1000 straight out of the owners / service manual. It covers all of the details on oil change intervals for your Pioneer 1000 and at how many hours / miles as well as valve inspections and many many other things that are of the utmost importance if you want to keep your Pioneer 1000 as reliable as it should be. After all, that’s why we all love the brand Honda – right? If you take care of them they are without a shadow of doubt the most reliable machines on the planet whether it be a UTV, ATV, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower, Generator etc. I’ll quit talking now and get to what you’re here to see…

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The image file is massive at 3 megabytes so it might take a second to load. I didn’t shrink the file size down so that way you can blow it up and read the small details.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Maintenance | Oil Change / Valve Inspection / Oil Filter / DCT Transmission Fluid

Let’s go over a few details on the schedule above and compare the Pioneer 1000 vs Pioneer 700 & Pioneer 500 and their maintenance / service schedules.

Pioneer 1000 / 1000-5 Oil Changes:

  • Every 200 Hours or 1200 Miles

Pioneer 700 / 700-4 / 500 Oil Changes:

  • Every 100 Hours or 600 Miles

That’s just a small comparison as Honda had this Pioneer 1000 twin-cylinder engine dialed in as other maintenance items have been extended when compared to other models in the Honda SxS / UTV / Side by Side ATV model lineup.

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OEM Honda Powersports Parts Discount Code - Motorcycles, ATV, SxS, UTV, Scooters, Side by Side

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  1. Thanks about oil change on 1000-5 the dealer did not tell said 500 1000-5 was the same where is the best place to order Honda oil filter other than dealers thanks alot

    Joe banks /
    • You’re more than welcome Joe. Thank you for saying “thanks”… That’s why I try to post as much info as possible as sadly a lot of dealers are passing along incorrect information to customers which is a shame.

      * I updated the post above with direct links the cheapest price I can find for the Pioneer 1000 engine oil filter and the DCT transmission filter too. Both are OEM Honda filters too which is definitely the best route to go. Hope that helps.

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