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– 2016 Honda Pioneer Side by Side ATV / UTV Performance Comparison + Race Videos –

Are you worried the Pioneer 500 horsepower rating won’t be enough to make you happy? Worried the horsepower rating on the Pioneer 700 still won’t be enough to satisfy your need for speed? If those two don’t hit the sweet spot on your performance needs out of a side by side, maybe you need the Pioneer 1000. One thing to keep in mind though is that with the increase in horsepower, you’re also adding some weight to the scale which will affect how fast a machine can “feel”. That’s why I’ll touch on the power-to-weight details below for each Pioneer.

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2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Ride Pictures - Review of Specs - SxS / UTV / Side by Side ATV - SXS1000 - SXS1000M5 Deluxe

Not everyone needs and or wants something that has 1000 cc engine and will throw them back when they hit the gas pedal. Some are more than pleased by the power output of the smaller cc UTV / SxS models like the 500 cc Pioneer. Honda has never been one to advertise horsepower ratings for their models whether it be a 186 mph sport bike or a 250 cc small ATV. This can make shopping for a new toy rather difficult, especially if you don’t get the chance to test drive it before purchasing.

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Honda Pioneer 700-4

We can’t exactly go off of 0-60 mph times on the Pioneer SxS or 1/4 mile times etc as some of the models won’t reach 60 mph to get a comparison between them. In all technicality it would be a hypothetical comparison. We can, however, compare their Power to Weight Ratios by taking their horsepower rating and dividing it by the horsepower each of the Pioneer 500, 700, 1000 models make. That will give you something more to compare when it comes to performance figures as having more HP doesn’t necessarily means it’s going to be faster because it could be packing an extra 700 pounds. You’ll see what I’m referring to below in the comparison chart where the Pioneer 500 makes 7.7 horsepower less than the Pioneer 700 but has a better power to weight ratio.

2016 Honda Side by Side Models UTV SXS Pioneer 4x4 ATV

Honda Pioneer 500

That is why I’m putting this list together with all the 2016 Pioneer models from Honda and their HP rating with power to weight ratios too. I haven’t seen anyone put a list together showing all three models so I figured I would try to help out with your search for information on either the Pioneer 500, 700, 700-4, 1000, 1000-5.

2016 Honda Pioneer 500 Horsepower 28.7 HP

Pioneer 500 Horsepower to Weight Ratio ( 28.7 HP / 1,010 lb ) = .028 horsepower per pound

Pioneer 500 Top Speed: 39-40 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

2016 Honda Pioneer 700 Horsepower 36.4 HP

Pioneer 700 Horsepower to Weight Ratio ( 36.4 HP / 1,261 lb ) = .029 horsepower per pound

Pioneer 700 Top Speed: 45 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

2016 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Horsepower 36.4 HP

Pioneer 700-4 Horsepower to Weight Ratio ( 36.4 HP / 1,396 lb ) = .026 horsepower per pound 45 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

Pioneer 700-4 Top Speed: 45 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Horsepower 72 HP

Pioneer 1000 Horsepower to Weight Ratio ( 72 HP / 1,596 lb ) = .041 horsepower per pound

Pioneer 1000 Top Speed: 67 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Horsepower 72 HP

Pioneer 1000-5 Horsepower to Weight Ratio ( 72 HP / 1,687 lb ) = .043 horsepower per pound

Pioneer 1000-5 Top Speed: 67 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

  • All weights listed above are using Honda’s curb weight which means the weights include all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel. When comparing the weights between other manufacturers on their SxS / UTV models make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not curb versus dry etc. Also keep in mind the Pioneer 1000, 700, 500 top speeds are with stock tires, wheels, gearing. It can fluctuate depending on load, elevation, etc.

Honda Pioneer 1000 vs 700 Drag Race Video (Thanks to HondaSxS.com)

It’s obvious who would win if the Pioneer 1000 and Pioneer 700 race by comparing their horsepower / weight numbers. The video above thanks to Richard at HondaSxS Club now shows how bad the Pioneer 1000 runs off and leave the Pioneer 700 in a race. The Pioneer 1000 is now officially the fastest UTV / Utility Vehicle Honda has ever built.

Who would win in a Pioneer 700 vs Pioneer 500 race? Their HP / LB ratio puts them very close together. I think it’d be an interesting race from 0-40 mph. Any speeds over that and the Pioneer 500 will be hitting its rev limiter. 

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