2017 Honda CB1100 Concept Soon to be a Reality? New Pictures

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve seen where Honda is dragging the CB1100 and its multiple variations to more and more motorcycle shows. They have also introduced more and more Concept versions of this vintage / retro style CB… Could this be a sign? A possible hint that the CB1100 will make a comeback to the model lineup for 2017?

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Only time will tell…

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Until then, here’s some new pictures of the first red CB1100 Concept that Honda has released. Originally, this concept was released in yellow and it can be seen here.

What do you think? Do you want to see Honda bring this to production for 2017?

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  1. Leave the motor silver body all red add 4 exhausts they would have a winner. Love the spokes

    d michael richey /
  2. I would like to see a Yellow CB1100, shaft-driven with a better seat. The gas tank doesn’t need all the curves; as long as it can hold 5gl. with a reserve. Also include a 6th gear, 100+ hp with great pulling powers. If they want to make one in cherry black or purple, I can buy two. A shaft-drive would make this bike the ultimate commuter ride.

    ddraper32309 /
  3. I would like to see a return of the CB 350/CB125. Great realible motor cycles they were as well as excellent “beginner” bikes. The CB350 was also beyond a “beginner” bike in both design, function and performance (and very attractive too). And yeah Honda should bring bacjk the “kick starter” on all of their bikes as well. just saying

    WhiteRabitt /
  4. Well i do not like the engine in 2 colours.

    I hope some day Honda make a new CB1100 Four….

    Leave the motor silver body, and add 4 exhausts they would have a winner. Love the spokes

    Miguel /
  5. I love it. Looks beautiful and comfy.

    jmmgarza /
  6. CB 1100 2017 Leave the engine plain ally colour with polished outer cases. Would like the bulbous indicators on both models. like to see power about 100 hp. Otherwise its a lovely machine, especially in red, side panels as well. Cant wait to see one. George Tyler

    Graham Taylor /
  7. well i keep my opinion…i do not like any of those models… if honda make the new 1100 FOUR in the old fashion way with 4 exhaust…i will buy one for sure

    Miguel /
    • I agree, and if they also put on the original gas tank and side covers as I have seen in some of the Japanies bikes I’ve seen with the expensive aftermarket add on kits then we can say that the cb 1100 truly looks like its older brother the cb 750 ! And worthy of me and many more out there waiting at the dealers to purchase one !!!

      James / (in reply to Miguel)
  8. Is there any chance, any chance whatsoever, that Honda will make a DCT version of this? It is a gorgeous bike, but I’m too used to riding a DCT to otherwise want to change bikes.

    Woody /
  9. Chain drive … Yikes… Get in the real world.. My reason for saying NEVER.

    Norm baril /

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