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– 2017 Honda CB1100 EX Changes / Specs: Engine, Frame, Suspension on Honda’s New Vintage / Retro Styled Bike –

2017 CB1100 EX / Motorcycle Announcement Update October 4, 2016:

Honda kicked off today with a BANG and not only introduced (2) new 2017 CBR1000RR models but they also released (2) New 2017 CB1100 models! This post will be covering the CB1100 EX model and if you want to check out the CB1100 RS you can Click Here. Update 12/10/2016: Honda is bringing the CB1100EX to the USA! Release Date information is below…

2017 CB1100 EX Model updates: With its lines refreshed in exquisite detail the Honda CB1100 EX exudes even more classic style, and features new stainless steel spoke wheels, Showa suspension and LED lighting. Its evocative four-cylinder engine breathes through revised inlet and exhaust systems and is now equipped with an assist slipper clutch.

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  • Contents:
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Model overview
  • 3. Key features
  • 4. USA bound?
  • 5. Technical specifications

1. 2017 CB1100 EX Introduction

Since 1959, when they first adorned the twin-cylinder CB92 Benly, the two letters CB have always meant a great deal to Honda, and Honda owners. And they came to mean even more in 1969; the four-cylinder CB750 was a seminal moment for motorcycling as the world’s first production superbike took center stage, laying down a blueprint that still stands today

In the present day, old school has become very much new school and in 2013 Honda brought the CB1100 – already a best seller in the Japanese market – to Europe, satisfying pent-up demand from an army of riders for whom a traditionally styled air-cooled four-cylinder CB was a must-have piece of engineering craftsmanship.

2017 Retro Motorcycle Shootout Video Review from Motorcycle.com

For 2017, two versions of the CB1100 will be available. The CB1100 RS* offers a new kind of more sporting appeal, while the CB1100 EX has been imbued with extra layers of retro style and several performance upgrades.

Manufacture takes place in Honda’s Kumamoto factory, with a production process that’s been fundamentally revised to integrate technology and expert skill in order to create motorcycles rich in craftsmanship and attention to detail, plus a place in history that only comes with the passage of many decades.

Mr M. Imada, Large Project Leader (LPL) 17YM CB1100 EX

“As with past CBs, we understand the timeless pleasure that our customers get from owning and riding an air-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle. So building on the CB1100’s desirability and joy of ownership, while adding functionality and quality to deepen the sense of fulfilment, were very important elements for us to consider. With the CB1100 EX we hope many riders get to appreciate and understand a very traditional motorcycle structure.”

2. 2017 CB1100 EX Model Overview

The CB1100 EX outlines the proportion and silhouette of a true 1970s superbike. Its curvaceous fuel tank – made without seam-welded lips – evokes hand-made craftsmanship, while the single round headlight and twin instrument dials denote Hondas from a bygone age.

Adding crisp-edged modernity, the front and rear lights are now LED and new 18-inch wheels run stainless steel spokes. Offering improved suspension compliance, the 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve front fork is matched to Showa rear shocks.

The engine breathes more easily thanks to revised inlets and smaller, lighter dual mufflers. An assist slipper clutch makes for easier lever engagement and rear wheel stability on downshifts.

With its classic lines the CB1100 EX conjures memories, mixing the engine’s addictive performance and soulful sound with evocative appeal. It’s also a machine to savour and contemplate and everywhere you look; every angle and part is satisfyingly perfect.

3. 2017 CB1100 EX Key Features

3.1 Chassis

The CB1100 EX’s classic tubular steel double cradle frame holds the engine with four rigid and two rubber mounts. It features relaxed steering geometry, with rake and trail of 27°/114mm and wheelbase of 1490mm, delivering sure-footed stability with neutral handling characteristics. The ‘rider triangle’ is also relaxed and upright; seat height is 790mm and the handlebar shape has been revised to maintain a neutral position. Curb weight is 562 lbs (255kg).

To give excellent control the CB1100 EX is equipped with a Showa Dual Bending Valve (SDBV) 41mm front fork, which uses two valves to generate both compression and rebound damping force for a linear suspension feel. A new die-cast aluminum top yoke features a buffed finish and clear coat, while the bottom yoke holds the fork legs in a higher position.

Twin Showa rear shocks offer adjustable spring preload and operate through a steel swingarm, which has a clean look thanks to an under slung rear brake hose. An aluminum chain guard replaces the previous plastic design.

New 2017 Honda Motorcycles / Models Released - 2017 Honda CB1100EX / CB1100RS

The CB1100 EX features redesigned 18-inch spoke wheels, wearing 110/80 R18 and 140/70 R18 front and rear tires. Smaller aluminum hubs lace the wheel rim with 40 longer stainless steel (rather than the 48) zinc-plated spokes. Twin 296mm floating discs up front are mated to four-piston Nissin calipers, with a 256mm disc and single-piston caliper at the rear. ABS is fitted as standard.

Together with the look of the exposed engine, the shape of the fuel tank – its curves and lines – go a long way to give a naked motorcycle its character and appeal. Honda’s engineers wanted to maintain a 186 mile (300km) plus range, but were also focused on creating a truly hand-made look. The 4.4 gallon (16.8L) fuel tank they came up with does away with the seam-welded lips along both bottom edges, and pays homage both to CB history and contemporary style with a cutaway rear section that displays the cam cover to the rider. An aircraft style filler cap adds another visible touch of class.

The side panels are made of brushed aluminum with a textured ‘hairline’ finish while the seat is well padded and comfortable. Chrome seat rails add seamless lines, with no clutter, and the chrome steel rear mudguard has a more rounded cross section. Smaller die-cast aluminum hangers mount both rider and pillion footpegs, while a longer sidestand makes it easier to get the machine upright.

A chromed round front headlight (it’s now LED, with a spiral running light) crowns the front of the machine, underlined by twin horns. It’s held with aluminum stays and flanked by classic-style 70mm diameter indicators. The LED rear light, indicators and number plate mounting bracket has been minimalised for a streamlined look.

The circular speedo and rev counter are adorned in chrome; equipment includes a fuel gauge and clock, gear position indicator, fuel efficiency gauge and range computer. Ignition is now via a ‘wave’ style key.

New 2017 Honda Motorcycles / Models Released - 2017 Honda CB1100 RS / EX

Subtly blacked-out, the engine wears natural aluminum engine covers, and features a cylinder head finished in silver with a burnished aluminum cam cover and chrome end caps. The CB1100 EX will be available in Pearl Shining Yellow, Pearl Sunbeam White and Candy Prominence Red, with a super smooth finish suggestive of repeated, and fastidious, wet sanding.

3.2 Engine

Proudly at the heart of the CB1100 EX is its silky-smooth DOHC engine. Linear, instantly accessible power and torque is what this motor’s all about, and plenty of it, anywhere in the rev range. Maximum power output of 89 horsepower (66kW) arrives at 7,500rpm with peak torque figure of 67 lb/ft (91Nm) delivered @ 5,500rpm.

Air (via 2mm fins) and oil-cooled (via a 335mm 9-tier, front-mounted oil cooler), the engine revs to 8,500rpm and features a compression ratio of 9.5:1. Bore and stroke is set at 73.5mm x 67.2mm.

Drive for the twin camshafts is via central chain, and the valve included angle is 26.5° inlet and exhaust. Inlet valve diameter is 27mm, with a 2.5mm stem; exhaust 24mm with 2.5mm stem. A single secondary balancer shaft ensures smooth running.

PGM-FI and 32mm throttle body are fed through a revised, shortened air inlet tract and new air cleaner, and work with the pair of shorter (minus 70mm in length, 7% less in diameter and 5.3lbs (2.4kg) lighter than previous design) chrome plated exhaust mufflers to boost low and mid-rpm engine reaction.

Internally split into two expansion chambers, each muffler features dual hole-punched link pipes optimised for resonance and the generation of an evocative four-cylinder engine note. Both mufflers hug the machine tighter for improved ground clearance and the downpipes are double skinned to stop heat-induced discoloration.

An assist slipper clutch is now fitted. With die-cast aluminum cam and slipper cam it saves weight, reduces lever effort by 16% and minimizes rear wheel ‘hop’ through engine braking on rapid down changes. The six-speed gearbox, ­­with carefully matched ratios for gears 1-5 gives crisp response and acceleration, while 6th is an overdrive reducing fuel consumption and lowering engine rpm at highway speeds. Final drive is by 530 chain.

The CB1100 EX engine is EURO4 compliant.

4. 2017 CB1100 EX = USA Bound?

Now… To the underlying question at hand that so many of you are probably wondering about. Will the 2017 Honda CB1100 EX cross the pond and be for sale in the USA? That’s a negative. Well, atleast at this time. Honda hasn’t officially answered that question which can be a good thing. Think of it like when you asked the hottest girl out in school and you got a “maybe” haha. In all seriousness though, we’ll know within the next 60 days as to whether or not Honda will release the 2017 CB1100 EX in the US. Until then, let’s all drool over this B-E-A-UTIFUL piece of machinery Honda has built – the CB1100 EX!

UPDATE 12/10/2016:

Honda just made it ‘official’ and the 2017 CB1100 EX releasing in the USA and will be available to buy in May of 2017 per Honda’s scheduled release date on the CB1100EX. Check out the detailed 2017 CB1100 EX Model Announcement / Release for the USA by Clicking Here.

Let’s hear your thoughts… Do you want Honda to bring the 2017 CB1100EX to the US of A?

5. 2017 CB1100 EX Technical Specifications

Type Inline four-cylinder, air and oil-cooled, DOHC
Engine Displacement (cm³) 1140
Bore ´ Stroke (mm) 73.5 x 67.2
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Max. Power Output 89 HP (66kW) @ 7,500rpm (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque 67 LB/FT (91Nm) @ 5,500rpm (95/1/EC)
Oil Capacity 4.9l/4.4l
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.4 gal (16.8 liters)
Fuel Consumption
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V 11.2Ah
ACG Output 12V 21.7A/5000rpm 0.336kw
Clutch Type Wet, multiplate clutch
Transmission Type 6-speed
Final Drive Chain
Type Double steel cradle
Dimensions (L´W´H) 2,200 x 830 x 1130mm
Wheelbase 1,490mm
Caster Angle 27°
Trail 114mm
Seat Height 790mm
Ground Clearance 135mm
curb Weight 255kg
Turning radius 2.7m
Type Front 41mm conventional fork (SDBV) with adjustable spring preload
Type Rear Twin shocks with adjustable spring preload
Type Front Wire spoke
Type Rear Wire spoke
Rim Size Front  

18in x 2.50MT

Rim Size Rear 18in x 4.00MT
Tyres Front 110/80 R18
Tyres Rear 140/70 R18
ABS System Type 2 Channel
Type Front Hydraulic dual floating 296mm disks (2-channel ABS)
Type Rear Hydraulic disk (2-channel ABS)
Security System HISS
Headlight LED
Taillight LED

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.