NEW 2017 Honda CBR250RR Sport Bike Videos! CBR Motorcycle News

Get a towel ready… 2017 CBR Acceleration Video / Sound Clip!

It’s been a good couple of days for any Honda enthusiast as yesterday they just announced some new 2017 side by side model information and now we have a New 2017 Honda CBR250RR video that was just released! Actually, make that (2) new CBR250RR videos! The CBR250RR was originally introduced last year at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and was dubbed the “Light Weight Super Sports Concept” bike as a concept motorcycle.

A couple of weeks ago, a leaked photo of this lil gem of a CBR made its way on the internet! 2017 CBR250RR Leaked Picture – Click Here.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff since I’ve recapped a little on what the CBR250RR is etc…

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2017 CBR250RR Engine / Exhaust Sound Clip Video

The first video below has a little bit of text that floats across the screen and then BAM you hear the CBR250RR engine fire up and come to life. At first, I was slightly disappointed by the sound of the parallel-twin 250 class engine… BUT! That was until they really start to twist it up and the lil engine-that-could comes to life at what sounds like it is exceeding 12,000+ RPM.

What do you guys think? Will the 2017 CBR250RR have enough horsepower to compete in 2017 against the KTM RC390? R3 / R25? GSX-R250?

2017 CBR250RR Promotional Video

The next 2017 CBR250RR doesn’t really have anything special to note like the first video with the exhaust / engine sound-clip from the 1/4 liter CBR for 2017 but it doesn’t have some quick beauty-shots of the bike. They purposely cut away really quickly so you can’t see too much detail.