Honda CRF250 Rally Edging Closer to Production – 2017 the Big Year? – Osaka Motorcycle Show

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2017 Honda CRF250 Rally Coming Soon?

Could we be getting closer to actually seeing the CRF250 Rally released as a production bike for 2017?

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Here’s my thoughts on why we may see the CRF250 Rally motorcycle in 2017 or 2018 as a production based bike. When Honda originally unveiled the CRF250 Rally over a year ago, it was introduced as a “Concept” motorcycle. Fast forward to the 2016 Osaka Motorcycle show going on right now and Honda is now referring to the CRF250 Rally as a “Prototype”. Typically, a prototype model will be closer to making it into production than what a concept model would be. Since the CRF250 Rally isn’t that far-fetched from it’s sibling, the CRF250L, hopefully that means we’ll see the CRF250 Rally released as a true production motorcycle for 2017 later on this year at either EICMA or the Tokyo Motor Show etc.

Also, Honda recently trademarked the name “CRF250 Rally”… If they didn’t plan on introducing the CRF250 Rally into their model lineup for the future then they sure are burning up a lot of time for nothing more than just a “concept / prototype” motorcycle.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see the CRF250 Rally make it into production?

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