Honda CRF250 Rally Edging Closer to Production – 2017 the Big Year? – Osaka Motorcycle Show

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2017 Honda CRF250 Rally Coming Soon?

Could we be getting closer to actually seeing the CRF250 Rally released as a production bike for 2017?

Here’s my thoughts on why we may see the CRF250 Rally motorcycle in 2017 or 2018 as a production based bike. When Honda originally unveiled the CRF250 Rally over a year ago, it was introduced as a “Concept” motorcycle. Fast forward to the 2016 Osaka Motorcycle show going on right now and Honda is now referring to the CRF250 Rally as a “Prototype”. Typically, a prototype model will be closer to making it into production than what a concept model would be. Since the CRF250 Rally isn’t that far-fetched from it’s sibling, the CRF250L, hopefully that means we’ll see the CRF250 Rally released as a true production motorcycle for 2017 later on this year at either EICMA or the Tokyo Motor Show etc.

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Also, Honda recently trademarked the name “CRF250 Rally”… If they didn’t plan on introducing the CRF250 Rally into their model lineup for the future then they sure are burning up a lot of time for nothing more than just a “concept / prototype” motorcycle.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see the CRF250 Rally make it into production?

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