2017 Honda TRX450R / TRX400X Race & Sport ATV Models Discontinued

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Will Honda build a ‘new’ and updated TRX450R with fuel injection and similar upgrades from the CRF450R? This has been a question asked many times over the last few years. Moreso since Honda decided not to build a 2015 TRX450R. You can see my thoughts on Honda possibly building a 2016 TRX450R here. Honda never made an official announcement when it came to the 2015 & 2016 TRX450R or TRX400X, they just didn’t build models those years.

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Today, March 19th, Honda has officially put the nail in the coffin at the possibility and hope all of us ATV enthusiasts had of a newly upgraded and changed 2017 TRX450R. This update also included notes that they will not build a 2017 TRX400X (previously known as TRX400EX).

To me, this update is not a surprise and has been a long time coming. I had hopes though that this wouldn’t happen as I’ve had my fair share of sport models from Honda over the years. They may not be the ‘fastest’ or have the most horsepower but when it came to reliability – they are unmatched.

2017 Honda TRX450R Race / Sport ATV Quad Model - TRX 450 R


Why is Honda not going to build a 2017 TRX450R & TRX400X? It’s simple. Honda is in the business to make money. They aren’t there to build us toys just for the fun of it as they have to turn a profit. It doesn’t make smart business sense to dump millions into R&D to build the baddest Race / Sport ATV our there with the TRX450R if that corner of the market has went to crap so-to-say. The ATV market is losing shares to the UTV / Side by Side / SxS market day after day and has been for quite sometime now. The manufacturers are going to go where the $$ money is and at this time it’s not in the very small Sport / Race Quad market. Honda did add in the release that they will re-evaluate the market in the future which could mean a return if the market shifts in popularity again etc.

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What Sport & Race ATV / Quad models will Honda build for 2017? We won’t have a ‘race’ model like the TRX450R. The 2017 TRX250X will now be the sole sport ATV model aside from the TRX90X but it’s not really a ‘sport’ model since it’s a kids ATV.

My opinion on it all… I’m sad to see Honda not continue in this market segment but I can 100% understand why they are doing so as I’ve seen first hand what has happened to the Sport / Race ATV model segment over the last decade. Could there be an upside to this announcement? Possibly… Are they clearing out models so they can introduce an All-New 2017 Honda Sport Side by Side / UTV / SxS? Only time will tell but Honda is planning to quote “expand the current side by side model lineup”

What do you guys think?

2017 Honda TRX400X Race / Sport ATV Quad Model - TRX 400 X / TRX400EX


2017 Honda TRX450R Race / Sport ATV Quad Model - TRX 450 R

TRX450R Tri-Color

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  1. Where are you seeing the note on the 450/400EX being discontinued? Not seeing that anywhere.

    Matt /
  2. Disappointed with Honda discontinuing the 400ex the machine that changed the ATV world the machine that is
    bullet proof and hands down the best ATV ever made.still
    a loyal Honda fan but Wth Honda. Bring back the TRX.

    Dal Grady /
  3. No problem just buy a YFZ or a Raptor. If you want a utility quad and only need 38 horsepower then Honda has you covered with the Rincon 680.

    Wile E. Coyote /
  4. Anyone upset about Honda dying, know that it’s their own fault. Head on over to Yamaha. YFZ and Raptors will guide you to success. ; ]

  5. I have raced Honda Atvs for 23 years and I can say that I have 4 championships on Honda ATVs in 277 race starts about 46 wins Honda has the best stuff thats why I ride red. after I herd that Honda was getting out of the ATV market I was laughing saying yea right but it appears to be true. so what I want to know is WHY. we still have 130 Honda ATVS racing every weekend just in our little series I do support UTVS I think its a good addition to our sport but its just plain wrong to drop atvs but keep Dirt bikes and UTVs if they were smart and value their customers that still ride atvs they would make enough of the 400X and 450R ATVS for the racers that are still pounding mx tracks and in woods racing like I do dont get me wrong I under stand Money but how many times we have seen business deals go south because they choose money other then their customers. just stating the facts.

    Travis Bates /

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