2017 Honda X-ADV DCT Detailed Review of Specs | All-NEW EICMA 2016 Motorcycle News / Announcement

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– 2017 X-ADV Overview / Buyer’s Guide – HP & TQ Engine Specs, Frame & Suspension, Accessories + More on Honda’s New Automatic Adventure Motorcycle! –

2017 Honda X-ADV Review of Specs - New Adventure Automatic DCT Motorcycle / Scooter

IT is finally official! What is “IT”? That would be the 2017 X-ADV that Honda officially let the cat out of the bag today concerning its official spec sheet. If you follow my blog or any other motorcycle blog then you’ve probably already heard of this little gem that started its life out as the “City Adventure Concept” bike a little over a year ago. At the time it looked like nothing more than just a standard concept motorcycle that didn’t look it would really gain traction and make it as a production model as it was a little “out there” so-to-say. Let’s face it, the majority of the time concept bikes don’t typically make it where they’ll really roll off the production line. They are just a way for manufacturers to flex their muscles a lil bit to show what they can be and to get people excited about what could come in the future and to just overall get people talking about said manufacturer whether it be Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati etc as I’m sure you catch my drift.

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Honda has not stated “officially” as to whether or not we will be getting this gem. We may find out more on the next 2017 Motorcycle Announcement from Honda that I will be releasing and covering in depth on November 17, 2016. You can find out more details on this next 2017 model lineup update by Clicking Here.

What is the 2017 Honda X-ADV? It’s a new crossover motorcycle that doesn’t really fit into one particular category: the Honda X-ADV mixes SUV style and off-road appeal with a tough chassis, long travel suspension, four-piston radial-mount brakes and strong performance from its 745cc twin-cylinder engine driving through Honda’s famous Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission. A large underseat storage compartment, 5-way adjustable screen and Smart Key system ensure day-to-day convenience.

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X-ADV Review Contents:

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Model overview
  • 3. Key features
  • 4. Accessories
  • 5. Photo Gallery / Pictures
  • 6. Technical specifications

1. X-ADV Introduction

It’s not often in the world of motorcycling that a fresh line of thinking emerges to create a new breed of machine. But Honda specializes in innovation, and the tradition continues with the new X-ADV.

The process: consider the attributes of the average adventure-style motorcycle –great go-anywhere appeal, an upright riding position giving superb visibility and a remarkable all-round usefulness, work or play. Then regard the typical commuter; it might be a scooter or bike but it’ll be easy to manage, nimble and loaded with convenience, efficiency and useful storage space.

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Combine the two together, and something interesting emerges. The new machine will have a tough, stylish SUV image. It will be fully at home navigating the urban sprawl and will be loaded with all of the premium features that enable easy life in the big city. And it’ll have the engine power and chassis ability to inject every ride with the promise of adventure.

With styling created at Honda’s R&D centre in Rome, the Honda X-ADV is the machine the engineers have built. Like nothing else that’s come before, it outlines a new sense of two-wheeled independence, reinforcing a rider’s innate desire to cut loose, to travel and enjoy new experiences. And it captures the essence of two-wheeled freedom in an exciting new form.

Mr Kenichi Misaki, Large Project Leader (LPL) 2017 X-ADV

“Our development concept for the X-ADV was simple: ‘Go Have Fun!’ and we wanted to create a motorcycle that comes with an adventurous spirit as standard fitment. We also knew we needed the X-ADV to be truly usable as a tool to move around the city, and be full of utility and user-friendly features. And come the weekend it can be used to escape all of the daily routine, in a unique and uplifting new style.”

Honda X-ADV – Go Have Fun!

2017 Honda X-ADV Review of Specs - New Adventure Automatic DCT Motorcycle / Scooter

2. X-ADV Model Overview

With its stylish, rugged body and elevated stance the Honda X-ADV puts an off-road ready attitude and intent right out there. And the tough looks are matched to practicality; the frame has been designed to allow 21L of storage capacity under the seat. The X-ADV is also equipped with a 5-way adjustable screen, tapered aluminum handlebar, Africa Twin hand guards, Rally-style instrument display and centre stand. A Smart Key system delivers day-to-day convenience.

Long travel suspension front and rear absorbs the hits, backed up by rugged 17-inch/15-inch front and rear spoke wheels and block-pattern tires. Dual radial-mount four-piston calipers provide ample braking power with ABS control.

Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is standard equipment and for X-ADV application selects lower gear ratios for smarter response in D mode; 3 levels of S mode are available with shift patterns to allow sportier riding. Perfectly matched to DCT the X-ADV’s 745cc twin cylinder engine puts out strong low-to-mid range torque, delivering attention-getting acceleration from very low rpm. Fuel consumption for the 2017 X-ADV comes in at 65 MPG (27.9km/l).

3. X-ADV Key Features

3.1 X-ADV Styling & Equipment

The X-ADV’s styling was conceived and developed by Honda’s R&D team in Italy, to express the spirit of adventure in every design stroke. The craggy vertical line described by the front fairing combines sophistication with ruggedness. An upscale character line extends front to rear via the angled fairing and side covers. The silhouette is deliberately upright, with a short, condensed body style to further highlight the adventure look.

Commuting or touring, the X-ADV’s screen adjusts without tools through 5 positions from low to high for greater wind and weather protection. The total height difference is 136mm, with an 11° rake between the highest and lowest points. All lighting is LED, and the slim twin headlights (divided by mesh grill), compact indicators and dual lens rear light add distinct on-road presence to the X-ADV.

2017 Honda X-ADV Gauges / Speedometer - Review of Specs - New Adventure Automatic DCT Motorcycle / Scooter

A large square CRF450 Rally-style instrument display is cohesively laid out and shows all the information a rider needs around a large central digital speedo and circular tacho. The most visually checked information is sited up top in the line of sight, with everything else arranged in logical order on either side.

All engine-related warning lights are located along the bottom. A separate display, just above the aluminum off-road style taper handlebar shows status of the parking lock and indicators.

Tough plastic hand guards – the same design as used on the CRF1000L Africa Twin – deflect wind and rain on the road and protect the levers and hands from impact off-road. A shot-peened 2.5mm thick aluminum bash plate guards the X-ADV’s underside.

2017 Honda X-ADV Storage - Review of Specs - New Adventure Automatic DCT Motorcycle / Scooter

The 21L underseat luggage space accepts a full-face adventure-style helmet and is illuminated with an integral LED; its textured surface delivers uniform illumination without glare. A 12V power socket is also located under the seat. A centre stand – with tilt sensor – is fitted as standard and allows the X-ADV to be parked on an incline without fear of toppling.

The X-ADV uses a Smart Key, which lives in the rider’s pocket and does away with the need to use a key for ignition, fuel cap and seat. It has two switches: Smart function on/off and ‘answer back’, which flickers the indicators for identification from a distance

With the Smart Key present one push of the knob-type main switch powers it up and makes it possible to turn, giving the rider control of the ignition/steering lock and, via two rocker switches, the fuel cap and seat. It also illuminates when pushed – or from the answer back function of the Smart Key – with a blue light. An immobilizer is fitted as standard and a clutch mechanism in the main switch stops the handlebars unlocking by force.

Available as options are two top boxes: the 45L will take two full-face helmets, comes in four colour options and is equipped with a backrest. The smaller 35L box features aluminum-look paint and will take one full-face helmet. A rear rack, front bars, leg/foot deflector shields and floor plates are also available.

What 2017 X-ADV Color Options will there be? The X-ADV is finished in two standard and two special edition paint options:

  • Digital Silver Metallic
  • Matt Bullet Silver
  • Pearl Glare White – a Tricolor image reminiscent of the Africa Twin
  • Victory Red – reminiscent of the CRF off-road family look

3.2 X-ADV Chassis / Frame

The X-ADV uses a new tubular steel frame that enables roomy underseat storage space married to a narrow 450mm wide rear seat unit. Rake and trail is set at 27°/104mm with wheelbase of 1590mm. A 39° steering angle (and turning radius of 2.8m) makes the X-ADV maneuverable in tight traffic. Long travel suspension –153.5mm up front and 150mm from the rear – is matched to 162mm of ground clearance. The 2017 X-ADV comes in with a wet / curb weight of 524 lbs / 238 kg.

The X-ADV has a 32.3 inch / 820mm seat height and wide handlebar set at 910mm ensure an upright riding position and high eye point, giving great visibility and control and the seat’s contours allow for easy ground reach.

For handling rough terrain, the 41mm cartridge-type USD fork adjusts for spring preload and rebound damping. The spring preload adjustable rear shock is a single tube split pressure design and operates the aluminum swingarm – constructed from a machined-hollow cross member and U-shaped (in cross section) arms – through Pro-Link.

The 17-inch front wheel and 15-inch rear use stainless steel rust-resistant spokes and contribute to the X-ADV’s ability to comfortably soak up rough terrain. Block-pattern tires add to the ride quality and L-shape valve stems make checking air pressure easy. tires are sized 120/70 R17 and 160/60 R15 front and rear.

Dual radial-mount opposed four-piston calipers grip 310mm discs and work through ABS.

3.3 X-ADV Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Honda’s DCT has found ever-growing popularity on every machine it’s been fitted to, and is standard equipment on the X-ADV. The system uses two clutches: one for start-up and 1st, 3rd and 5th gears: the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th, with the mainshaft for each clutch located inside the other. Each clutch is independently controlled by its own electro-hydraulic circuit.

There are two automatic modes plus the MT mode for manual gear changes. Specifically for the X-ADV – and delivering acceleration to deal with the cut and thrust of busy traffic – standard automatic D mode selects lower ratios compared to other DCT-equipped machines.

The S mode (which shifts up and down at higher rpm than D mode for a sportier ride) offers three levels of performance to suit rider preference; each level is programmed with a progressively more aggressive response for the X-ADV. The selected level is stored, and acts as the default S mode for subsequent rides. It is also displayed on the dash.

3.4 X-ADV Engine

The X-ADV’s 745cc, liquid-cooled SOHC 8-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine is designed to deliver low down punch from low rpm up through the mid-range. Combined with the DCT’s lower ratios, it provides smart and instant acceleration both from standstill and 18 mph (30km/h). Peak power is 54 HP (40.3kW) @ 6,250rpm with maximum torque of 50 ft/lb TQ (68Nm) @ 4,750rpm.

Relatively long-stroke architecture and specially shaped combustion chambers combine with the high-inertial mass crankshaft to produce the large amounts of torque. Twin balancers counteract vibration from higher rpm inertia, refining the engine yet still allowing the distinct ‘throb’ delivered by its 270° firing order. Bore and stroke is set at 77 x 80mm.

The engine is fed via a single 36mm throttle body and PGM-FI optimizes the exact fuel/air ratio and ignition timing required for a complete and clean burn. It is EURO4 compliant with CO2 emissions of 81g/km and fuel consumption of 64 MPG (27.5km/l) (WMTC mode), providing an approximate 186 miles (300km) plus range from the 3.46 gallon (13.1L) fuel tank.

4. 2017 Honda X-ADV Accessories

I’ll have more detailed information on the Honda Genuine Accessories and Parts available soon but until then here are some pictures on what will be available on the following X-ADV items: Trunk, trunk mount, crash bars, fog lights and center stand.

5. 2-17 X-ADV Photo Gallery / Pictures

6. 2017 X-ADV Technical Specifications

Type Liquid-cooled, L2, SOHC
Engine Displacement (cm³) 745cc
No. of Valves per Cylinder 4
Bore ´ Stroke (mm) 77 x 80
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Max. Power Output 54 Horsepower (40.3kW) @ 6,250rpm
Max. Torque 50 ftl/lb (68Nm) @ 4,750rpm
Oil Capacity 4.1L
Fuel Injection PGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.46 Gallons (13.1L)
Fuel Consumption 65 MPG (27.5km/l)
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V-11.2AH
ACG Output 420W @ 5,000rpm
Clutch Type Wet multiplate Hydraulic / Wet multiplate Hydraulic Dual clutch (DCT)
Transmission Type 6-speed
Final Drive Chain
Type Steel Diamond
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2245x910x1375
Wheelbase 1,590mm
Caster Angle 27°
Trail 104mm
Seat Height 32,3 inches / 820mm
Ground Clearance 162mm
Kerb Weight 524lb / 238kg
Turning radius 2.8m
Type Front Adjustment
Type Rear Prolink with Rear Shock Preload adjustment
Rim Size Front 17 inch
Rim Size Rear 15 inch
Tires Front 120/70 R17
Tires Rear 160/60 R15
ABS System Type 2 Channel
Instruments Digital
Headlight LED
Taillight LED

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.

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