NEW 2019 Honda CRF250F Review of Specs / Features + Changes Explained! | 250 cc CRF Dirt Bike Replacing CRF230F – EICMA 2018

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– NEW 2019 CRF250F Trail / Dirt Bike Buyer’s Guide Review + Specs | CRF250F VS CRF230F = BIG Changes! –

2019 Honda CRF Dirt Bikes / Trail Bikes | Off-Road Motorcycles: CRF250F, CRF125F, CRF110F, CRF50F

Fuel injection is here for the masses! It’s finally here for the New 2019 CRF250F, a ‘regular’ run-of-the-mill dirt bike (trail bike) so you don’t have to jump into one of the race dirt bike like the CRF250R, CRF250RX, CRF450R, CRF450RX, CRF450X etc which means you don’t have to spend $8,000+ to get that technology. Thanks to Honda R&D for getting it ironed out and bringing the price down so much on technology like that as it turns out to be a win win for the rest of the model lineup Honda offers as they’ve even added fuel-injection to the CRF110F for 2019 too!

If you follow Honda’s entire line of CRF-F, CRF-R, CRF-RX and CRF-X dirt bikes then you would know that the CRF-F models like the CRF230F were usually last on the totem pole. Last in pecking order when compared against the other more performance orientated CRF dirt bikes from Honda and technically with good reason. The more changes and technology that they throw on a bike, the higher the price tag creeps to offset the R&D costs and that’s not what the CRF-F line of trail bikes from Honda is all about, they are about affordable fun. Something you can get into without breaking the bank. It’s a double-edged sword when you really think about it, please one group of people by throwing tech at a bike and then you upset another group of people because that bike’s price increased. That’s where I’ve got to give Honda props, when it comes to the CRF250F, they could have thrown every thing at it and drive its price up to $6,000’ish etc but they didn’t. They made tweaks in the right places, where the CRF230F really needed improvements at, with a sprinkle of new technology and all while only increasing the price-point $250 when you compare the CRF250F VS CRF230F.

Remember my blog post a little while back saying that we needed a 2019 / 2020 CRF250F and CRF450F? If not, Click Here. In that post I discussed the rather large hole in Honda’s massive CRF dirt bike lineup and how we needed something to bridge the gap between the regular CRF-F dirt bikes and the performance-orientated CRF models that pack an R, RX, or X at the end of their name. Something to bridge that gap when it comes to both performance and price tags. In my opinion, it is a problem and thankfully Honda is starting to address it. I won’t dive too deep into that topic on this page as your’e here to read about the CRF250F, so if you want to read more on my thoughts about the gap in models etc – Click Here.

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Now, let’s get to what you guys are really here for and that’s for more details on the new CRF250 F trail bike…

Key 2019 CRF250F Info (for those in a hurry):

  • 2019 CRF250F Price / MSRP: $4,599
  • 2019 CRF250F Release Date: February 2019
  • 2019 CRF250F Colors: Red
  • 2019 CRF250F Horsepower: 22.8 HP

    • CRF230F Horsepower: 19.0 HP
  • 2019 CRF250F Torque: TBA
  • 2019 CRF250F Fuel Tank Size: 1.6 gallons
  • 2019 CRF250F Seat Height: 34.8 inches
  • 2019 CRF250F Weight: 265 lbs (curb)
  • 2019 CRF250F Ground Clearance: 11.3 inches
  • 2019 CRF250F VS 2018 CRF250F Price / MSRP Increase: There wasn’t a 2018 CRF250F to compare it against when it comes to the price difference so we’ll stack it up against the CRF230F. The 2019 CRF250F VS CRF230F price increase comes in at +$250.
  • 2019 CRF250F VS CRF230F Changes / Differences: Yes, I break down the details more in-depth below.  

CRF250F Introduction

The flagship of the CRF Trail line, the new CRF250F has Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection and a SOHC long-stroke, air-cooled engine for a linear power delivery. Meanwhile, the secure chassis is a great platform for learning while also providing capability that many riders will never outgrow. The engine boasts 22cc more displacement than the outgoing CRF230F, while the new chassis has 12mm more rear-wheel travel and 5mm taller seat foam; however, the 34.8 inch seat height is only .2 inches higher. The 1.6 gallon steel fuel tank contains an internal fuel pump with a reserve level sensor; a bar-mounted “low fuel” indicator light means no more reaching down to switch the tank’s petcock to reserve. More power, intuitive handling, race-bike technology and styling, and Honda’s legendary reliability ensure that this starter bike will also be a keeper bike.

NEW 2019 Honda CRF250F Review / Specs + New Changes! | 2019 CRF230F Replacement

  • 2019 CRF250F VS CRF230F Changes / Updates Overview:
    • CRF250F engine gets a performance bump with a horsepower rating of 22.8 HP VS the CRF230F at 19.0 HP.
    • All-new 250cc overhead-cam engine.
    • All-new Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection systems delivers more linear power and easy start-up whether bike has been sitting or is hot on the trail.
    • All-new tubular steel frame for a stable, nimble chassis.
    • CRF Performance Line philosophy of mass centralization applied to vehicle packaging.
    • New 41mm fork, plus Pro-Link rear-suspension system with single shock.
    • Front and rear hydraulic brakes with petal-style rotors for improved heat dissipation.
    • Handlebar-mounted low-fuel and “key on” indicator lights.
    • CRF Performance Line-inspired muffler with compact positioning.
    • CRF Performance Line-inspired bodywork and graphics.

CRF250F Model Overview


Increased displacement, more power and better stability enhance the confidence-inspiring nature of the all-new flagship of the CRF Recreational Line and bring performance gains that also make this a great platform for advanced riders. The CRF250F brings an all-new 250cc four-valve engine with Keihin electronic fuel injection for increased power, and it is now 50-state off-road legal.

Hot or cold, stored in the garage or stopped on the bad line up a challenging hill, the CRF250F’s EFI and electric starter fire up the engine with the touch of a button, and there are no carburetor circuits to clog with fuel residue if the bike sits for extended periods. The new, 1.6 gallon fuel tank enables good range and is protected between the frame spars in the event of a fall, and the integrated fuel pump includes a low-fuel sensor with a handlebar-mounted indicator. Add it all up, and the all-new CRF250F is more bike, for more riders.

NEW 2019 Honda CRF250F Review / Specs + New Changes! | 2019 CRF230F Replacement

2019 Honda CRF250F Review / Specs: Price, HP & TQ Performance Info, Release Date, Seat Height, Suspension + More!

Its tubular steel frame brings improved handling—a benefit that will be appreciated by all riders. More torque and a linear power delivery mean new riders can learn at lower, less intimidating rpm, and advanced off-roaders can utilize the strong torque in technical sections. The smooth low-end power blends seamlessly into a stronger midrange and top end, and the increase in torque at all rpm results in fewer shifts so that riders can focus more on trail challenges. The mass-centralization philosophy of the CRF Performance Line is carried over to this trail model, with the muffler positioned closer to the center of mass. The result is a lighter feel, intuitive responsiveness, and confidence-inspiring handling, especially on corner entrances.

The Pro-Link® rear suspension system puts the smooth power to the ground, and the Showa 41mm fork works with the new frame’s steering geometry to provide maximum front-wheel traction. Braking is handled with new petal-style rotors for improved modulation, heat transfer and mud clearing, and the CRF Performance Line-inspired aggressive, compact bodywork allows improved rider/machine interface.

Overview of Features

CRF250F Engine / Drivetrain:

2019 Honda CRF250F Engine Specs Review: Horsepower & Torque Performance Info + More!

  • Fuel Injection
    • Fuel injection means the CRF250F starts right up, even in cold weather. Compared to a carbureted bike, it also helps reduce emissions and enhance performance and fuel efficiency. And say goodbye to clogged pilot jets when you put this bike away for storage.
  • Electric Starter
    • Turn the key, push the button, and let’s go riding! Electric starting is a big help on cold mornings, or if you need to restart out on the trail. Honda’s proven system makes riding just that much more fun.
  • Single-Cylinder Engine
    • A single is the perfect choice for a bike like the CRF250F. It’s light, simple, fuel-efficient, and features plenty of power and torque in all areas, along with smooth power delivery—ideal for a wide range of rider experience.
  • Counterbalanced Engine
    • Because it features a counterbalancer, the CRF250F’s engine is a smooth runner. You get the narrow overall width and power advantages of a single along with the smoothness of a multi-cylinder bike.
  • Clean-Running Engine
    • Another benefit of fitting the CRF250F with fuel injection? Now it even meets California’s stringent CARB emissions standards for off-road motorcycles—good news for everyone.
  • Transmission
    • Five-speed gearbox is well matched to the broad power spread.

How does the 2019 CRF250F stack up against the other 2019 CRF dirt bike models in the engine performance department? Here’s horsepower numbers on each of the CRF models:

  • 2019 CRF50F HP – 3.1
  • 2019 CRF110F HP – TBA
  • 2019 CRF125F / B HP – TBA
  • 2019 CRF150R HP – 23.5
  • 2019 CRF230F HP – 19.0
  • 2019 CRF250F HP – 22.8
  • 2019 CRF250RX HP – 43.5
  • 2019 CRF250R HP – 43 
  • 2019 CRF450X HP – 44.3
  • 2019 CRF450R HP – 60.8
  • 2019 CRF450RX HP – 60.8
  • 2019 CRF450L HP – 41.7
    • * The rest of the 2019 CRF model lineup list will be updated with official numbers on they are released.

CRF250F Chassis / Suspension:

NEW 2019 Honda CRF250F Review / Specs + New Changes! | 2019 CRF230F Replacement

  • 21-inch Front & 18-inch Rear Wheel
    • A 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel give you a wide selection of tire choices for trail riding.
  • Petal-Disc Front Brake
    • Check out that front brake rotor—the petal-disc design is right off the competitive MX circuit. It’s light, runs cooler, and also helps reduce unsprung weight.
  • Rear Disc Brake
    • Drum brake in the rear? Not the new CRF250F. We gave it a disc rear, just like the front. You get crisp, balanced, powerful braking at both ends.
  • 41mm Showa Fork
    • The telescopic Showa fork features large 41mm sliders. That makes it strong and helps add to the CRF250F’s excellent handling.
  • Pro-Link® Rear Suspension
    • Thanks to Honda’s single-shock Pro-Link® rear suspension and Showa® damper, the CRF250F delivers excellent comfort, traction and handling, while also improving rider confidence. The rear suspension features 9.0 inches of travel.
  • Strong, Light Twin-Spar Frame
    • The new CRF250F gets an all-new frame too: a tubular-steel twin-spar design that’s both light and tough.
  • Low Seat Height
    • CRF250F packs a 34.8 inch seat height.Thankfully Honda didn’t go crazy with this part of the bike so you don’t have to be a giant to sit comfortably. 
  • Comfortable Seating Position
    • With a long, motocross-style seat, you can move forward and back, left and right with ease, helping you navigate changing terrain in comfort.
  • MX Styling
    • Honda’s CRF450R and CRF250R are two of the hottest motocross bikes on the circuit. And they’re some of the coolest looking. We gave the new CRF250F plenty of that racing DNA when it comes to style. This is one bike you’ll be proud to ride!

CRF250F Pictures / Photo Gallery

CRF250F Specifications

2019 CRF250F Technical Specifications
Model CRF250F
Type 250cc air-cooled 15º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train SOHC; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke 71.0mm x 63.0mm
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Induction Fuel-injection system; 34mm throttle bore
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Push-button electric starter
Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed return; manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive Chain; 13T/50T
Front 41mm conventional telescopic coil-spring fork; 8.5 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link system w/ single shock; 9.1 in. travel
Front Hydraulic; single 240mm disc
Rear Hydraulic; single 220mm disc
Front 80/100-21 w/ tube
Rear 100/100-18 w/ tube
Rake (Caster Angle) 26°5’
Trail 102mm
Length 83.0 in.
Width 31.4 in.
Height 46.7 in.
Ground Clearance 11.3 in.
Seat Height 34.8 in.
Wheelbase 55.9 in.
Fuel Capacity 1.6 gal.
Color Red
Curb Weight* 265 lbs.

* Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride Specifications subject to change.

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