2019 Honda Recon ES 250 ATV Review / Specs & Features | TRX250TE (Electric Shift)

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– Detailed 2019 Recon ES 250cc ATV Buyer’s Guide: Price, HP & TQ, Features + More! –

I’m back with another 2019 Honda ATV post today! This time-around we’re going to be going over the Electric Shift (ES) Recon 250 (TRX250TE). Honda’s slowly starting to trickle out their 2019 ATV model lineup information and that means we’re going to do a detailed breakdown on all of the models, just like we have done in the past for all Honda four-wheeler models. Want to browse through my archive of ATV reviews from the last few years? Click Here.

Honda has made (2) different model variations of the FourTrax Recon for many years now and the same holds true for the 2019 FourTrax Recon too.  On this page, we’re going to go over the 2019 Honda Recon ES 250 (ES = Electric Shift). Honda also still continues to make the Recon 250 Manual-Shift  version for 2019 and you can check it out by Clicking Here. The Recon is the last of the just plain and simple ‘old-school’ ATV models that hasn’t went with all of the newer technology out there like fuel-injection and water-cooled and ultra-complex dual-clutch transmissions with power steering etc. If you don’t want any of that technology and don’t need four-wheel drive then this might be the four-wheeler for you – depending on your size and what kind of performance you’d like out of your machine. Don’t be fooled by the 250cc engine size though thinking that it is incredibly slow as when you compare power-to-weight figures between Honda’s 2018 ATV model lineup you’ll see that the Recon ES will hold it’s own against the Rancher 420 and Foreman / Rubicon 500 models when it comes to a flat-out drag race.

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2019 Honda Four-Wheeler Model Lineup – Click Here

2019 Honda Recon ES 250 VS 2018 Recon ES Changes? The only change for 2019 comes in the way of color options. Honda has pulled the Vapor White that they had last year and are now going back to just Red and Olive (green). Other than that though the 2019 Recon 250 remains the same machine.

Bigger isn’t always better, but it is usually more expensive and that is why the Honda Recon is still a popular choice still to this day.

Why? You see the Recon is a powerful, versatile, rugged ATV with a smaller footprint. Its compact size helps you maneuver through tighter trails some larger ATVs would struggle with. But we’ve equipped this two-wheel-drive workhorse with a specially designed a 250–class engine, engineered for plenty of low-rpm torque and power. And the Recon is even available in two different models: one features our conventional foot-shift ATV transmission (TRX250TM), while the Recon ES (TRX250TE) offers Honda’s Electric Shift Program (ESP), allowing you to up-shift and down-shift using two handlebar-mounted buttons. Take your pick – with a Honda Recon, you can’t go wrong.

2019 Honda Recon ES 250 ATV Review / Specs: Price, Colors, Release Date, HP & TQ Performance Info + More! (TRX250TE / TRX250TEK)

2019 Honda FourTrax Recon 250 ATV Review / Specs: Price, Colors, Release Date, HP & TQ Performance Info + More! (TRX250TM / TRX250TMK)

  • 2019 Honda Recon ES 250 ATV Horsepower / Torque / MPG / Performance Info:
    • 2019 Recon ES 250 HP – 15.6 at 6,500 RPM
    • 2019 Recon ES 250 TQ – 13.7 lb / ft at 5,000 RPM
    • 2019 Recon ES 250 Horsepower-to-Weight Ratio – (15.6 HP / 434 lb) = .036 horsepower per pound
    • 2019 Recon ES 250 MPG – 29.4 Miles Per Gallon (12.5 km/l)
  • 2019 Honda Recon 250 Models / Options / Model ID Codes:
    • 2019 Recon 250 (Manual / Foot-Shift) TRX250TMK
    • 2019 Recon ES 250 (Electric Shift) TRX250TEK
  • What do those ATV model ID codes mean above?
    • TRX = Generic term for ATV
    • 250 = Engine Size
    • T = Two-wheel drive
    • M = Manual Shift
    • E = Electric Shift
    • K = 2019
      • Example TRX250TEK: TRX = ATV / 250 = Engine Size / T = Two-wheel drive / E = Electric Shift / K = 2019
  • 2019 Honda Recon ES 250 Prices / MSRP:
    • 2019 Recon 250 TRX250TM Price – $4,099
      • 2019 Recon VS 2018 Recon Price Difference: $0
    • 2019 Recon ES 250 TRX250TE Price – $4,349
      • 2019 Recon ES VS 2018 Recon ES Price Difference: $0
  • 2019 Recon ES 250 Color Options: Red, Olive Green

Common TRX250 Recon ES Questions:

  • Is there a 2019 4×4 Recon 250 ES?
    • No, the Recon is only available in two-wheel drive / 2×4.
  • Does the Recon 250 ES have a throttle limiter similar to what the TRX90X has?
    • No? The Recon doesn’t have a throttle limiter nor does Honda have one.


2019 Honda Recon ES 250 ATV Review / Specs | Four-Wheeler Buyer's Guide: Price, Colors, Dimensions + More! | TRX250 / TRX250TE / TRX250TEK

Honda Recon 250 Innovations

Effortless Electric Starting

There’s no stopping the Honda Recon—at least when it comes to starting. Turn a key, push a button, and you’re off, even in cold weather. A backup recoil starting system (think lawn mower) provides added confidence. The Recon 250 is now the only ATV for 2018 aside from the Rincon 680 that still has a backup pull-start.

New Reverse Mechanism and Parking Brake

The Recon has a newer reverse mechanism that was recently changed over the previous generation Recon models you might be used to. Need to back up to load your ATV or get out of a tight spot on the trail? The Recon sports a new reverse lever that’s designed to be easier to use. The new parking-brake lever is simpler and more intuitive so gone are the days where you have to rub your belly in a circle with one hand while you pat your head with the other hand while sticking your tongue out and winking with your left eye – all at the time same just to engage reverse!

Electric Shift (ES) / Push-Button Shifting (Electric Shift Program = ESP)

Shifting between gears should always be this easy. With Honda’s available unique ESP system (ES models only), up-shifting and downshifting is as simple and fast as pushing one of two handlebar-mounted buttons up and down. ESP is also a bonus when riding in heavy or mud/snow-covered boots. (ES = Electric Shift | ESP = Electric Shift Program).

2019 Honda Recon ES (Electric Shift) 250 ATV Review / Specs - HP Performance Rating / Prices - TRX250TE

Don’t want ES / Electric Shift?

For 2019, Honda still offers the Recon 250 with a standard Manual-Transmission for those that still want to shift gears with your foot. There is still no clutch.

Uniquely Designed Floorboards

Both the Recon and Recon ES have uniquely designed floorboards, which allow the rider’s feet to grip the footrests while helping keep mud and debris away.

2019 Honda Recon 250 ATV Review / Specs | TRX250TM FourTrax 250cc Four Wheeler Buyer's Guide

Shaft Drive

Clean, efficient, proven, low-maintenance. Shaft drive is the perfect choice for a machine like this, and for riders who pile on the miles. You never have to worry about lubrication or adjustment out on the trail. And an added plus: it helps keep your ATV cleaner, too.

Semi-Dry-Sump Engine Design

Compact and lighter-weight, the Recon’s semi-dry-sump and overhead valve designs create an engine that’s not only shorter from top to bottom, but one that enhances handling by lowering the center of gravity while also allowing for better ground clearance.

Longitudinal Engine Layout

By orienting the crankshaft front to back in the chassis in our ATV and side-by-side engines, we route the flow of power straight to the wheels without any unnecessary right-angle detours, reducing powertrain friction and putting more grunt to the ground.

LED Taillight and Brakelight

The Recon has a LED taillight and brakelight for durable, long-lasting lighting.

Steel Cargo Racks

Front and rear steel cargo racks allow payloads of 33 and 66 pounds, respectively.

2019 Honda Recon ES 250 ATV Review / Specs | TRX250TE FourTrax 250cc Four Wheeler Buyer's Guide: Cargo & Towing Capacity

2019 Honda Recon ES 250 Overview of Features 

  • – The TRX250TE Recon ES 250 features the high-performance cylinder head from the TRX250X for increased performance.
  • – The TRX250TE Recon ES has uniquely designed floorboards, which allow the rider’s feet to grip the footrests while helping keep away mud and debris.
  • – The TRX250TE Recon ES features a gear indicator in addition to the Neutral and Reverse lights provided on the Recon.
  • – LED taillight and brakelight for durable, long-lasting lighting.
  • – Ergonomically designed seating and control layouts provide a comfortable operating position for a wide range of rider sizes.
  • – Large cargo racks front and rear allow payloads of 33 and 66 pounds, respectively.
  • – Dual-headlight system with 25-watt lights.
  • – Durable, comfortable, easy-to-use controls.
  • – Transferable one-year limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.
  • – Assembled in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

2019 Recon ES Engine / Drivetrain

  • – Lightweight OHV air-cooled 229cc engine is longitudinally mounted to allow direct driveshaft alignment to rear wheels for fewer frictional losses.
  • – Semi-Dry-Sump Engine Design: Compact and lighter-weight, the Recon’s semi-dry-sump and overhead valve designs create an engine that’s not only shorter from top to bottom, but one that enhances handling by lowering the center of gravity while also increasing ground clearance.
  • – Overhead-valve design offers a wide, easy-to-use powerband and compact engine dimensions.
  • – The muffler is constructed of stainless steel.
  • – CD ignition system with electronic advance features an rpm limiter for added durability.
  • – Five-speed transmission with Reverse and automatic clutch on the TRX250TE/TM – Powerful 110-watt AC generator.
  • – USDA-qualified spark arrester/muffler is constructed of stainless steel.
  • – Powerful 110-watt AC generator.

2019 Recon ES Chassis / Suspension

  • – Plush front and rear suspension for comfortable all-day riding.
  • – Lightweight double-cradle steel chassis.
  • – Maintenance-free shaft drive routes power directly from the longitudinally mounted engine without inefficient directional changes.
  • – Independent double-wishbone front suspension gives 129,5mm of travel.
  • – Steel swingarm and single rear shock absorber give 124,5mm of travel.
  • – Dual sealed front hydraulic drum brakes and sealed mechanical rear drum.

2019 Recon ES 250 Genuine Accessories

  • – Flag Kit
  • – Trailer Hitch

2019 Recon ES 250 Pictures / Photo Gallery

2019 Honda Recon ES Specifications
Model Recon ES
Engine Type 229cc air-cooled OHV longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore x Stroke 68.5mm x 62.2mm
Induction 22mm carburetor
Ignition CD w/ electronic advance
Starter Electric with auxiliary recoil
Clutch Automatic
Transmission ESP 5-speed + Reverse 5-speed + Reverse
Driveline Direct rear driveshaft
Front Independent double-wishbone; 5.1 in. travel
Rear Swingarm w/ single shock; 4.9 in. travel
Front Dual sealed hydraulic drum
Rear Single sealed mechanical drum
Front 22×7-11
Rear 22×10-9
Length 75.0 in.
Width 40.7 in.
Height 42.1 in.
Seat Height 31.2 in.
Ground Clearance 6.0 in.
Wheelbase 44.5 in.
Turning Radius 8.5 ft.
Fuel Capacity 2.4 gal. incl. 0.6 gal. Reserve
Colors Red, Olive Green
Curb Weight* 441 lbs. 434 lbs.

*Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride

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