New 2019 Honda Super Cub 125 is Releasing in the USA! | You heard it here first… Concept Model to Production!

– New Retro Vintage Super Cub 125 cc Scooter / Motorcycle model from Honda just Announced! –

2019 Honda Super Cub 125 Concept Scooter / Motorcycle

It’s official and you heard it here first! Honda is bringing back the number-one-selling motorcycle / scooter in the world. Ever! Back to our side of the pond with new technology and will now be sold in the USA again for the 2019 model year.

☆ Update | 2019 Honda Super Cub 125 ABS Review / Specs & Buyer’s Guide – Click Here

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2019 Honda Super Cub 125 Review / Specs | USA Buyer's Guide: Price, Release Date, Colors, MPG + More! | Motorcycle / Scooter

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2019 Honda Monkey 125 Review: Specs, Price, Colors, MPG, HP & TQ Performance Info + More on Honda's new 125cc Vintage / Retro styled Mini Trail Bike!

If you don’t follow motorcycle news, it’s easy to skim right past this 125cc version of the Super Cub concept that was unveiled back in 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show and returned for the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show too. You can read up more on it by Clicking Here for my original article on the Super Cub Concept (C125) from 2015 and then you can Click Here for the article from 2017.

This information hasn’t been “officially” released from Honda so some of the nitty-gritty details are lacking at the moment (UPDATE: All details are now posted at the link above regarding the 2019 Super Cub price, release date, colors and more). This post is basically just to let you guys know that it is 100% coming to the USA. I’ll be able to release those detailed specs on the 2019 Super Cub from Honda in June of 2018 (UPDATE: I released all details in the link above on June 7).

Another good oldie too that you guys may like that’s making a comeback too is the Honda Monkey which is basically a newer and larger Mini Trail from way back in the day. You heard it here first, it’s releasing in the USA too for 2019! You can Click Here for my detailed 2019 Monkey 125 Review. Here’s my original post covering it as a concept motorcycle, if you’d like to check it out Click Here.

What do you guys think about these two bikes making a return for 2019 from Honda? Are you excited about possibly adding the new 2019 Monkey 125 or 2019 Super Cub 125 to your garage? Personally, I’m excited about it and I’m thinking that I’ll probably have to buy one of the Monkey 125 models to add to my stable next to my favorite bike of all time – my Honda Grom. As always, this isn’t just a place for me to talk about things so post up below what you think about these two new models for 2019.