2019 Honda TALON 1000R on 35″ Tires + 20″ Wheels | Does it need a Lift Kit to fit…?

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– First Pictures: 2019 Honda TALON 1000R Sport SxS on larger 35″ Tires! –

Custom 2019 Honda Talon 1000 / 1000R on 20" Wheels & 35" Mud Tires | No Lift Kit EFX MotoHavok Tires

Well, well, well… The All-New 2019 TALON 1000 model lineup hasn’t been released for a week yet and we have people testing the limits of Honda’s entry to the sport SxS / Side by Side market with seeing if the TALON 1000 can fit larger 35″ mud tires wrapped around 20″ wheels without any other modifications to the suspension. Did it work? Yes, they just bolted them straight on! We can thank Jason and the guys at Honda of Covington Powersports for making it happen too and you can check out their Facebook page here for a video of it in action too! Take a look at her below…

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