Video | Comparison Review of 2019 Honda Super Cub VS Monkey VS Grom 125 cc Motorcycles

– 2019 Honda 125 cc Motorcycle Comparison Video Review: Grom VS Monkey VS Super Cub –

The all-new 2019 Honda Super Cub 125 and Monkey 125 models are hard to find together at one dealership to compare them against each other and even more-so to find the entire trio with the Grom 125 included. These (3) new 125cc motorcycles from Honda for 2019 is what they claim to be their “miniMOTO” motorcycle lineup. Because of the limited availability at this time, I had a chance to get all three bikes together in one video and thought I would do a quick walk-around and comparison review of specs etc in a video. If you’d like to learn even more about each individual model in the video above, here’s a few links: