2020 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade Spy Photos / Video show BIG CHANGES + CBR1000RR-R Model + Release Date Update!

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– First 2020 Honda CBR1000RR / CBR1000RR-R Pictures & Video show NEW CHANGES! + Announcement Date on 11/4/2019! –

2020 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade Changes with leaked pictures and video!

We’re closer than ever to seeing the final production version of the newly changed-up 2020 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade! Thanks to the photographer @N_Mode_Log we now have pictures of the 2020 CBR1000RR and video as well below. What do we know from these pictures? A lot and not so much, all at the same time. They are track testing the 2020 CBR1000RR for next year’s race series so what exactly is going to carry over to the production version is unknown and they’ve tried to hide the bodywork with camouflage like they do with new cars when they are testing them at tracks or driving around – so we can’t guess exactly what it is and see all of the detailed body lines etc. We know the 2020 CBR1000RR doesn’t have a V4 engine, it is sticking with the inline-four variant. The big question will be how much horsepower can Honda squeeze out of this new 2020 CBR1000RR engine? If they don’t hit the 190 HP mark, it’s going to be hard to compete against the competition’s 1000cc superbike… We know from past blog posts here regarding patent documents that showed Honda was hard at work on active aero and you can see from the pictures, those features carried over from the patents to what we’re seeing on track.

I love how they’re going back to the older CBR600RR design (might be a little biased since I own one) with the intake tract split right in the middle of the headlights. The overall design looks killer from what we can see through the camo but we really need to see some paint, some color on those plastics to get an idea on how sexy the new 2020 CBR1000RR will be or if it’s going to be the red-headed step-child in the looks department.

Udate 10/30/2019: pWe will have a new 2020 CBR1000RR-R as Honda just filed a trademark application today with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Could Honda be replacing the 2020 CBR1000RR SP model name for the CBR1000RR-R as the step-up from the base model 2020 CBR1000RR? That’s what it seems is on the table. Could the track test videos and pictures be of the base model 2020 CBR1000RR with an inline-four engine and the 2020 CBR1000RR-R get a V4 engine? Ohhhh man!

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When will we see the 2020 CBR1000RR Fireblade released? Honda will not be announcing the 2020 CBR1000RR at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Honda will be announcing and unveiling the all-new 2020 CBR1000RR at EICMA on November 4th. I’ll have more details the closer we get…

What do you guys think about the 2020 CBR1000RR in track trim? What electronic features and bells / whistles etc would you guys like to see Honda throw at the production version of the 2020 CBR1000RR for you to pull the trigger and buy one?

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