New 2021 Honda Cross Cub 110 Limited Edition Motorcycle Released!

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– New 2021 Honda Cross Cub 110 Motorcycles Released! –

Do you like Honda’s new CT125 but it has too much horsepower for you? The new 2022 Grom not your style? You need to slow yourself down a little? Check out this Cross Cub 110! But if the 110 is still a lot to handle, you have the Cross Cub 50 below too haha!

2021 Honda Cross Cub 110 Motorcycle / Mini Bike

Honda first introduced the Cross Cub 110 motorcycle / mini bike at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and then it hit the production line overseas in 2018. They made a couple of slight changes to it in 2020 and here we are for 2021 with Honda mixing it up a little bit.

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You have this new Puco Blue color (above) on the 2021 Cross Cub 110 and it’s limited to only 2,000 units! Surprisingly the price stays the same whether you go for one of the standard color options or the limited run color. How much does the 2021 Cross Cub 110 cost? Only 341,000 yen!

Now, you can’t do a straight conversion on bikes like this and it be accurate to what it would actually sell for in the USA but for giggles – let’s do it anyways. If you convert 341,000 yen to USD then that would put you around $3,100. For example, the 2021 Honda CT125 has an MSRP of $3,899.

Can you buy the 2021 Honda Cross Cub 110 in the USA? Sadly, nope.

2021 Honda Cross Cub 110 Motorcycle / Mini Bike

Does Honda plan to release the Cross Cub 110 in the USA for their 2022 motorcycle model lineup? I can’t say with 100% certainty at the moment but I’m 99.99% sure we will not be seeing the Honda Cross Cub in the USA for 2022.

What do you guys think about the Cross Cub 110 compared to the CT125? Which would you pick if the Cross Cub was sold here in the USA? 

Here’s the even smaller, Cross Cub 50 motorcycle:

How do you explain the Cross Cub 110? Here’s Honda’s official description:

The CROSS CUB 110 pursues a leg shield-less active style with the “Cross Over Cub Styling” theme. The styling emphasizes a tougher, more leisure-oriented image, with an LED headlight and specially-designed headlight guard, steel front fender, front and rear black rims, and fatter tires with a deeper tread pattern. The handlebars have also been reshaped for a more upright riding posture that allows for better visibility, while the unique seat cushion is thicker for greater comfort over long distances. With bold crossover styling that looks as good in town as off-road, and the ability to accommodate two riders, the Cross Cub makes an exciting new addition to the Cub lineup.

Here’s a few more new Honda mini bikes that have recently been released to check out:

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