Video: 2022 Honda ADV 150 Review: Specs, Changes, Features and more! | Scooter Buyer’s Guide

– 2022 Honda ADV 150 Scooter Review / Comparison VS PCX 160 | Which scooter is better? –

2022 Honda ADV 150 Scooter Review + Comparison VS PCX 160 | The best scooter you can buy for 2022!

Today, we take a look at the new 2022 Honda ADV 150 scooter and review the changes for the year, we also go over the ADV150’s features and specs while comparing it against the very popular PCX 160 scooter from Honda. The PCX used to be called the PCX125, then the PCX150 and now Honda calls it the PCX here in the states but its engine bump in 2021 means it is larger than a 150 so it’s also called the PCX160 too. How does this more on-road focused PCX scooter compare against the 2022 ADV 150 that’s a little more rugged and can also take you off-road too? Let’s find out below…


So, what do you guys think about the 2022 ADV150 scooter from Honda? If you had to pick, the 2022 Honda ADV 150 VS the PCX 160… which would you choose? Personally, I’m going for the ADV 150 any day of the week! Want to learn even more about the 2022 Honda ADV150? Check out my written 2022 Scooter Buyer’s Guide for the ADV 150 by Clicking Here or on the image below for a direct link.

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2022 Honda ADV 150 Scooter Review / Specs + NEW Changes Explained | 2022 Honda Scooters Model Lineup

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