Video: 2021 Honda CRF450RL Review of Specs / Features + New CRF450L Changes and more…

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– NEW 2021 Honda CRF450RL Video | Review of Specs, Features, CRF450L Changes, Start-up with exhaust + more! –

Today we take a walk-around the 2021-2022 CRF450RL dual-sport motorcycle and go over some of the details about this bike and what makes it special etc:

2022 Honda CRF450RL Review / Specs | CRF 450 Dual Sport Motorcycle

Why am I saying 2021 – 2022 CRF450RL? Because the 2022 CRF450RL is identical to that of the 2021 and Honda even kept the price the same too – surprisingly. If you’d like more information than what’s in the video, here’s my detailed breakdown of all the nitty-gritty 2022 CRF450RL specs and info that you need to know below:

Speaking of 2022 motorcycles, check out the latest video on some new 2022 Honda motorcycle news that hasn’t been announced officially just yet:

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