2022 Honda Foreman 520 4×4 ATV Review | TRX520 Model Lineup Explained

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– Detailed 2022 Honda Foreman 520 ATV Review & Buyer’s Guide: Model Lineup Differences Explained + More! –

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Today, we’re going to break down the 2022 Honda Foreman 520 4×4 ATV and explain all of the different model variations you have on this four-wheeler in 2022 which include the following models:

  • 2022 Honda FourTrax Foreman 520 4×4 (TRX520FM1)
  • 2022 Honda FourTrax Foreman 520 EPS 4×4 (TRX520FM2)
  • 2022 Honda FourTrax Foreman 520 ES EPS 4×4 (TRX520FE2)

This page will cover what all of those letters means in Honda’s Foreman ATV model names with ES (Electric Shift), EPS (Electric Power Steering) and more. It used to be even more confusing for most people as you had four different Foreman model variations and then six different model variations of the Foreman Rubicon to choose from. Speaking of the Foreman Rubicon, for the sake of keeping things simple and easy to understand we’re going to call the Foreman Rubicon just “Rubicon” as they are technically two worlds apart from each other when it comes to the nitty-gritty specs whereas they used to be a lot more similar than they are different. Are you familiar with the differences when comparing the 2022 Honda Foreman VS Rubicon? If not, check out my Detailed 2022 Rubicon VS Foreman Model Differences Breakdown by Clicking Here or by checking out the video below. This page won’t have a lot of Rubicon info as that will mainly be covered on another page dedicated to the Rubicon 520 but I will be highlighting certain things on the Rubicon below as well. 

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The Foreman 520 is considered Honda’s do-it-all workhorse ATV that recently received a brand new chassis with more suspension travel, electronic diff. lock, adjustable spring preload front and rear plus improved durability. 

Not planning on using your Foreman as the ultimate workhorse? That’s fine as she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hitting the trails and mountains for some recreational fun or even the mud pits for those that are into that type of riding with switchable 2/4wd and a front differential lock that all previous generation Foreman models before 2014 didn’t have. Each is built with the quality, technology and reliability that only Honda can inject and last for years, providing unstoppable service ­in all conditions – which I’m sure is one of the main reasons why we all love Honda. Is the 2022 Foreman 500 perfect? Nope. Could it be better with some changes thrown at it? Yes. Cough cough disc brakes in the rear (if you’re listening Honda haha) as well as some other slight tweaks like more horsepower but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still an awesome package.

Now let’s dive into all of the details on the 2022 Honda Foreman 520 ATV…

  • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 Release Date: Fall 2021
  • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 Model Lineup Options / Prices:
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 – $7,499 (TRX520FM1)
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 EPS – $8,199 (TRX520FM2)
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 ES EPS – $8,449 (TRX520FE2)
      • * Phantom Camo adds $500 to the prices listed above
  • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 Colors:
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 Colors – Red, Olive, Phantom Camo
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 EPS Colors – Red, Olive, Phantom Camo
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 ES EPS Colors – Harvest Beige, Red, Phantom Camo
  • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 Models Explained:
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 (TRX520FM1) = Manual shift Transmission + Straight axle 
    • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 EPS (TRX520FM2) = Manual Shift Transmission + Straight axle + EPS
    • 2022 Honda Foreman EP EPS (TRX520FE2) = Electric Shift Transmission + Straight Axle + EPS

Now when it comes to deciphering what features a Foreman has by the model ID or by what letters are in its model name, here’s a quick breakdown on how to determine what it has if you have the ID similar to “TRX520FE2” as an example or if you know what letters are listed in its model name…

2022 Honda Foreman ATV Model ID / Code Key:

  • TRX – Generic prefix for all Honda ATV Sport / Utility 2WD & 4WD models
  • 520 – 520 cc engine
  • F – Four Wheel Drive
  • M – Manual Shift (This has a semi automatic transmission which means no clutch but you shift with your foot so it’s commonly referred to as “foot-shift”)
  • E – Electric Shift (Some people refer to this as an “Automatic”)
  • 1 – No Power Steering / EPS
  • 2 – Power Steering / EPS
  • N – 2022 Model Year
  • EPS – Electric Power Steering
  • ESP – Electric Shift Program (Normally referred to as ES)
  • ES – Electric Shift
  • FourTrax – Honda uses this as a generic model name for all of their utility ATV models in the lineup. Some confuse FourTrax as a certain model from Honda or that it means 4×4 but that is not the case as even 2×4 models use FourTrax.


Now lets put the key above to use… What is a TRX520FM2N? It is a 520 Foreman Manual Shift with Electric Power Steering and is a 2022 model. TRX = ATV / 520 = 520cc / F = Four Wheel Drive / M = Electric Shift / 2 = EPS with straight axle / N = 2022.

2022 Honda Foreman Transmission Options

With Honda’s 2022 Honda Foreman 520 ATV models you have (2) different transmission options to choose from:

  • Manual Shift (also referred to as foot shift) | TRX520FM1 / TRX520FM2
  • ES = Electric Shift (also referred to as ESP for Electric Shift Program) | TRX520FE2

In deciding which transmission you want for your Foreman, the big thing is deciding on whether or not you want to change gears by clicking up and down with your left foot because you want the least amount of electronics on your ATV as possible or if you want to be spoiled a little bit. If you opt for the manual shift transmission, there is no clutch to use as it has a semi-automatic clutch so you just click up and down through the gears without having to do anything else other than letting off the throttle in-between shifting. 

Then on the Foreman ES, you are dropping that manual shift transmission for the Electric Shift transmission. Technically they are the same transmissions but you have a solenoid working its way through the gears so keep in mind you are adding more electronics to your ATV. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily but there are a lot of people that prefer to have their ATV as simple as possible so there’s less to go wrong years down the road. Honda has pretty much perfected the ES system over the last couple of decades but there is always a chance something can go wrong and thankfully in the event that something does happen, you have a back-up manual shifter included with the tool kit so you can manually click through the transmission should something happen out on the trails. With the ES transmission, it’s super simple to use – all you have to do is click the UP and DOWN arrows on the left side of the handlebar to change through the gears while letting off the throttle but keep in mind… the ES transmission on the Foreman is NOT a fully automatic transmission. If you want a fully automatic transmission on your Honda ATV, you will need to look at one of the Rubicon DCT or Rancher DCT models.

One benefit that the Foreman ES does offer you over the manual shift Foreman is that you get Honda’s latest reverse system to where you just pull the red lever and click the DOWN arrow and you’re instantly in reverse. Whereas on the manual transmission model, you will need to pull the red lever followed by the brake lever and then click down with the foot-shifter until you hit reverse. Either way, reverse is super easy to operate but it’s naturally a little easier on the ES.


2022 Honda Foreman Steering Options

On the 2022 Honda Foreman 520 you have (2) different steering options to choose from:

  • Manual Steering | TRX520FM1
  • EPS = Electric Power Steering | TRX520FM2 / TRX520FE2 (EPS system pictured below)

2022 Honda Foreman Suspension Options

With the Foreman, technically you only have a solid rear axle to choose from BUT with the Foreman Rubicon you do swap out that solid rear axle to independent rear suspension (IRS):

  • SRA / Solid Rear Axle | TRX520FM1 / TRX520FM2 / TRX520FE2
  • IRS / Independent Rear Suspension | The only way to get IRS in the TRX520 class is by hopping up to the following Rubicon platforms TRX520FM6 / TRX520FA5 / TRX520FA6 / TRX520FA7

2022 Honda Foreman Features Overview

2022 Honda Foreman Engine & Drivetrain:

  • 518cc engine with updated mapping provides strong power and torque where it’s used most—in the low end and midrange—for quick acceleration, strong ascending and excellent hauling and towing.
  • Electric Shift-equipped Foreman models have a simple reverse-gear mechanism that makes shifting to reverse a one-lever, fully electric operation that is quick and easy for all hand sizes. This process is particularly helpful for work such as plowing snow, when constant shifting between forward and reverse is required.
  • Electric Shift-equipped Foreman models have a shift map that monitors engine rpm in real time during shifting, not just prior to the shift, to deliver smooth transitions from gear to gear.
  • The programmed fuel injection system provides clean, responsive power delivery and great fuel efficiency.
  • Though larger in displacement, the engine is still compact, with a low height that helps centralize mass for optimum handling, and a narrow width that allows for a comfortable rider compartment.
  • Honda TraxLok® 2WD/4WD allows both 2WD and 4WD riding with the flip of an electronic switch; 4WD with locking front differential, also engaged electronically, maximizes traction over very rough terrain.
  • Speed Override mode in TraxLok 2WD/4WD delivers improved performance in deep mud and other extreme terrain, by allowing faster wheel speed with front differential locked.
  • 848 lb. towing capacity.
  • Strong AC generator produces enough power to run electrical accessories.
  • California models comply with Green Sticker requirements for year-round legal use at public off-road riding areas.

2022 Honda Foreman 520 4x4 ATV Review

2022 Honda Foreman Chassis & Suspension

  • Double-cradle steel frame engineered for optimal balance of stiffness, compliance and torsional rigidity for precise handling and a comfortable ride. 
  • Independent double-wishbone front suspension provides 7.28 inches of axle travel.
  • Swingarm-style rear suspension is great for towing, as tongue weight rests directly on the sprung swingarm. It also minimizes body roll and achieves a low center of gravity. Suspension geometry yields 7.28 inches of axle travel and 7.5 inches of ground clearance.
  • Adjustable spring preload settings on all shocks to allow suspension adjustment to match riding style or loads carried.
  • Dual 190 mm front disc brakes and a single 170 mm rear disc brake provide strong stopping power.
  • Fully serviceable axle bearings and front suspension ball joints, and fully enclosed solid rear axle.
  • Rubber mounting of engine and exhaust system minimize vibration and deliver a high-quality chassis feel.
  • Available Electric Power Steering for minimal steering effort (especially beneficial when front differential is locked), adjusting for vehicle speed and the steering force being exerted by the rider. EPS also reduces kickback through the handlebar.
  • Ergonomics engineered for a riding position that allows ideal rider mobility, control, comfort and safety. 
  • Contoured, comfortable seat for long days of work or play.
  • Handlebar-mounted shifting and drive-mode controls are positioned for easy reach and provide positive tactile feedback, even with gloves.
  • Guards extend the full length of the lower suspension arms for full coverage of the driveshaft and outboard CV joints.
  • LCD multifunction display is easy to read and provides information on up to 13 functions.
  • A 50-watt assist light operates independently of the headlights for additional illumination when needed, but with the ability to be switched off, for example to prevent reflection off of front cargo.
  • Convenient, simple-to-set parking brake.
  • Heavy-duty trailer hitch rated for up to 848-pound towing capacity.
  • On EPS models, three-point mounting delivers precise steering.

2022 Honda Foreman Storage & Convenience:

  • Front and rear cargo racks accept Honda Pro Connect accessories for smooth integration.
  • Full line of Pro Connect accessories designed for precise fit, simple attachment with quick-connection latch system, and integrated function.
  • A 1.9 liter utility box with weatherproof cover is designed to keep sundries like phone, map and camera within easy access from the riding position (when stopped), complementing the utility box that is placed within easy reach on the left front fender.

2022 Honda Foreman 520 Conclusion:

There is a lot to take in as you have all of the Foreman and Rubicon models that are very similar to each other but also very different in many ways, and then the differences between each of the Foremans or each of the Rubicons etc. Some things are easy to overlook but that’s where it’s nice to have someone show you all of the little nitty-gritty differences between them and if you’d like a helping hand in really dialing in which Honda ATV you should buy – I might be able to help. Check out PowersportsHelp.com or you can click right over here to my Honda Powersports Buying Advice page.

Discount Honda Foreman Accessories:

Looking for discount prices on OEM Honda Foreman 520 accessories and parts? You’ve came to the right place! Now keep in mind, this isn’t Honda’s entire accessory list for the Foreman 520 as the items below are just the items that I was able to find discounts on to pass along to you guys.

2022 Honda Foreman Videos





2022 Honda Foreman TRX520 Specifications

2022 Honda Foreman 4×4

Model Foreman 4×4 ES EPS
Foreman 4×4 EPS

Foreman 4×4



518cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke

Valve Train

OHV; two valves per cylinder

Bore x Stroke

96.0 mm x 71.5 mm

Compression Ratio



Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 36 mm throttle body


Full-transistorized w/ electronic advance




 Direct front and rear driveshafts w/ TraxLok® and locking front differential


Manual ESP push-button; 5-speed +

Manual foot-shift; 5-speed + Reverse





Independent double-wishbone; 7.3 in. travel


Swingarm w/ single shock; 7.3 in. travel



Dual hydraulic calipers w/ 190 mm discs


Single sealed 160 mm mechanical drum



25 x 8-12


25 x 10-12



82.8 in.


47.4 in.


48.0 in.

Seat Height

34.2 in.

Ground Clearance

7.5 in.


50.0 in.

Turning Radius

10.5 ft.

Towing Capacity

848 lbs.

Payload Capacity

88 lbs. F / 176 lbs. R

Fuel Capacity

3.9 gal. incl. 1.3-gal. Reserve

Curb Weight*

637 lbs.

649 lbs.

636 lbs.


Colors Honda Phantom Camo®, Harvest Beige;

Honda Phantom Camo, Red, Olive

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