Video: 2022 Honda Foreman 520 VS Rubicon ATV Model Lineup Differences Explained | TRX520 Buyer’s Guide

– 2022 ATV Buyer’s Guide: Foreman VS Rubicon TRX520 ATV Differences Explained | Which is better? –

2022 Honda Foreman 520 VS Rubicon TRX520 ATV Differences Explained | Model Lineup Buyer's Guide / FourTrax

Today, we take a look at the newly announced 2022 Honda FourTrax Foreman and Rubicon ATV models and explain the differences as well as break down what features you can and can not get on certain TRX520 models. It can be rather confusing trying to figure out what the 2022 Foreman models have that the Rubicon doesn’t and vice versa. Plus when you add in the model ID for Honda’s ATV models like the 2022 TRX520FM1, TRX520FM2, TRX520FE2 or the 2022 TRX520FM6, TRX520FA5, TRX520FA6 and TRX520FA7 which is why we dive into all of that and more. Let’s not forget the confusing Honda ATV letters like DCT, ES, EPS, ESP etc that we also break down below…

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Here’s a list of the models covered in the video above:

  • 2022 Honda Foreman 520 Models Explained
    • 2022 Honda Foreman (TRX520FM1)
    • 2022 Honda Foreman EPS (TRX520FM2) 
    • 2022 Honda Foreman EP EPS (TRX520FE2)
  • 2022 Honda Rubicon 520 Models Explained
    • 2022 Honda Rubicon EPS (TRX520FM6) 
    • 2022 Honda Rubicon DCT (TRX520FA5)
    • 2022 Honda Rubicon DCT / EPS (TRX520FA6) 
    • 2022 Honda Rubicon Deluxe DCT / EPS (TRX520FA7)

And just in case you missed the last 2022 Honda Sport & Utility ATV Model Lineup Announcement, here’s a video recapping all of the new model info: