Video: 2022 Honda Grom Yoshimura Exhaust Install / Review + Sound Comparison Tests & BURNOUTS!

– 2022 Grom Yoshimura Exhaust Install / Review + Sound Test Comparisons! –

2022 Honda Grom 125 Yoshimura Exhaust Install / Review | Performance Mods to Increase Top Speed

Today, we install a new exhaust on our 2022 Honda Grom SP! What exhaust did we go with to improve the performance of our 2022 Grom 125? The best in the business, Yoshimura and more specifically we went with the Yoshimura RS-9T full exhaust on the Grom! We’ll be testing out how much of an increase in our top speed and overall performance of this exhaust on the 2022 Grom in more videos to come! …and we’ll also be doing some more aggressive engine modifications to this 2022 Grom so we can really see what kind of top speed we can squeeze out of her!

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In the video below, we show you how easy it is to install the Yoshimura exhaust on the 2022 Grom and we also do some extensive sound tests so you can compare the stock exhaust on the 2022 Grom VS an aftermarket exhaust like this Yoshimura. I did some on-board clips so you can get an idea as to what the Yoshimura exhaust sounds like on the 2022 Grom plus some fly by shots, some Grom burnouts and more. Plus we go over some of the fitment problems we’re having with trying to fit the SNB Product belly pan fairing from with this particular exhaust as the Yoshimura RS-9T has a loop in it that can create some problems when it comes to fitting an aftermarket plastic / fairing set. 


Special thanks to the businesses helping bring this build together:

In case you missed one of my last videos, here’s where we start installing some aftermarket plastics / fairings on the 2022 Honda Grom to see how well they fit etc…


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