Video: 2022 Honda Rancher 420 ATV Model Lineup Differences Explained | TRX420 Buyer’s Guide

– 2022 ATV Buyer’s Guide: Rancher TRX420 ATV Differences Explained | Which is better? –

2022 Honda Rancher 420 ATV Model Differences Explained | TRX420 Lineup Buyer's Guide

Are you confused by Honda’s (8) different 2022 Rancher 420 ATV models in the lineup? Trust me, you’re not alone! 

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Today, we review the new 2022 Honda FourTrax Rancher 420 ATV model lineup and explain the differences between them and more! It can be extremely confusing with the different 2022 Rancher TRX420 ATV models like the: FourTrax Rancher 2×4 (TRX420TM1), Rancher ES 2×4 (TRX420TE1), Rancher 4×4 (TRX420FM1), Rancher EPS 4×4 (TRX420FM2), Rancher DCT EPS 4×4 (TRX420FA2), Rancher DCT IRS 4×4 (TRX420FA5) and last but least, the Rancher DCT IRS EPS 4×4 (TRX420FA6) model. So I figured I would make these 2022 Honda ATV Buyer’s Guides to break down some of the differences between the 2022 Honda Rancher ATV models and hopefully make it easier on you while you do your research on which 2022 four-wheeler to buy. The letters Honda uses in their 2022 ATV model names can be confusing too so that’s why we also explain what DCT, EPS, ESP, ES and more means below…


Here’s a list of the models covered in the video above:

  • 2022 Rancher 2×4 Models Explained
    • 2022 Honda Rancher 2×4 (TRX420TM1)
    • 2022 Honda Rancher ES 2×4 (TRX420TE1)
  • 2022 Rancher 4×4 Models Explained
    • 2022 Honda Rancher 4×4 (TRX420FM1)
    • 2022 Honda Rancher EPS 4×4 (TRX420FM2)
    • 2022 Honda Rancher ES 4×4 (TRX420FE1)
    • 2022 Honda Rancher DCT EPS 4×4 (TRX420FA2)
    • 2022 Honda Rancher DCT IRS (TRX420FA5)
    • 2022 Honda Rancher DCT IRS EPS (TRX420FA6)

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