2023 Honda Metropolitan Review / Specs | 49cc Scooter Buyer’s Guide

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– 2023 Honda Metropolitan 49cc Scooter Review: Changes Explained, Specs, Price, Colors, Features, Engine + More! | (NCW50) (Giorno)

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs: Price, MPG, Colors + More!

Over the years, the Honda Metropolitan (Giorno in other corners of the world) has achieved the status of classic scooter—and rightfully so, as fun styling along with a 49cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine have kept this little icon on the favorites list. There’s a locking, 22 liter under-seat storage area large enough to stow a helmet and also an inner storage bin that can hold a 1-liter bottle, plus a larger convenience hook to secure a bag. With easy-to-operate features, affordable price and operating costs, plus loads of Honda quality and reliability, the Metropolitan turns short hops into big fun. Best of all, with a price tag of $2,599 it makes it affordable and within each of just about anyone in search of an affordable and cost-cutting mode of transportation.

2023 Honda Metropolitan Changes? Did Honda change anything on the 2023 Metropolitan VS 2022 Metropolitan? Yes, however there weren’t any mechanical changes. The only changes to the 2023 Metropolitan come in the way of new color options and pricing. For 2023, we Blue Metallic and Matte Armored Green Metallic color options replacing Pearl Soft Beige and Coastal Blue from last year. When it comes to the pricing change for the 2023 Metropolitan, it sees a $100 price increase, bringing it up to $2,599 for this 2023 scooter option from Honda.  Mechanically, the 2016 through 2023 Metropolitan models are the same as that’s when Honda did their last round of changes and updates on the Metropolitan scooter. 

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It’s time to jump in on the 2023 Honda Metropolitan and go over all of the nitty-gritty details behind this 50cc scooter. Well, technically the Metropolitan is a 49cc scooter but a lot of times they are generically referred to as a “50 cc”. First up, let’s go over some quick facts about the 2023 Metropolitan from Honda. These are a few of the key points of information that people look for when doing research on a certain scooter that they’re interested in buying below.

Quick 2023 Metropolitan Info (for those in a hurry):

  • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Model Options / Variations:
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan (just one model configuration)
  • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Pricing:
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Price / MSRP: $2,599
  • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Performance Info:
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Horsepower: 4.4 HP @ 8,000 RPM
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Torque: 3.0 ft/lb TQ @ 7,500 RPM
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Top Speed: 40-42 MPH
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan MPG: 117 Miles Per Gallon
  • Misc 2023 Honda Metropolitan Specs:
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Weight: 179 lbs (curb weight)
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Seat Height: 28.3 inches
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Fuel Tank Size / Capacity: 1.2 gallons
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Fuel Range Per Tank: 140 miles (approximately) 
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Announcement Date: May 2022
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Release Date: June 2022
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan VS 2022 Metropolitan Price Increase: +$100
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Changes VS 2022 Metropolitan: Yes, explained above
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Model ID: NCW50
    • 2023 Honda Metropolitan Colors: Matte Armored Green Metallic, Blue Metallic (some pictures below will be of different colors to highlight certain aspects of the scooter)

2023 Metropolitan Review Contents:

    • Metropolitan Engine / Drivetrain
    • Metropolitan Chassis / Suspension
      • Additional Metropolitan Features
    • Metropolitan Accessories
    • Metropolitan Pictures / Photo Gallery
    • Technical Specifications

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs: Price, MPG, Colors + More!

If you haven’t already checked it out, take a look at the other 49cc scooter from Honda for 2023 – The Ruckus by Clicking Here. The Ruckus and Metropolitan are very similar when it comes to some features but also very different in many aspects too. The part where they are the closest would be when it comes to overall performance, they have very similar horsepower numbers which means that they also have similar top speed and average speed numbers and they are only within 3 MPG of each other too. The Ruckus is a little behind though when it comes to some technology as the Metropolitan is fuel-injected where the Ruckus has still has a carburetor. You can check out more info though on what sets the 2023 Ruckus VS Metropolitan by Clicking Here.

Metropolitan Engine / Drivetrain

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs: Price, MPG, Colors + More!

  • Lightweight 49cc four-stroke OHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder 2-valve engine (engine code: AF74E) provides ample power for in-town riding.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) delivers excellent throttle response over a wide variety of riding conditions.

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs: Price, MPG, Colors + More!

  • Maintenance-free solid-state CD ignition system.
  • Simple push-button electric starter.
  • Starter system utilizes the engine’s brushless alternator (ACG) for starting, eliminating the need for a separate starter motor. This simple design requires no maintenance and lowers overall weight for even better fuel economy.
  • Solid-state ECU provides control for ignition timing, alternator regulator, ACG/starter and electric fuel pump.
  • Lightweight, maintenance-free, magnetically driven water pump eliminates the need for mechanical seals.
  • Compact engine-mounted radiator has aluminum fins for optimal cooling in all riding conditions.

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs | 49 / 50 cc Automatic Motorcycle, Scooter Buyer's Guide

  • Electromagnetic fuel pump is located in the fuel tank under the Metropolitan’s floor and contributes to the excellent storage space under the seat.
  • Automatic cam-chain tensioner requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Ultra-quiet exhaust system.
  • Automatic Honda V-Matic belt-drive transmission provides spirited acceleration and requires virtually no maintenance.

Metropolitan Chassis / Suspension

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs | 49 / 50 cc Automatic Motorcycle, Scooter Buyer's Guide

  • Two-piece, die-cast-aluminum chassis provides an optimum balance of light weight and rigidity for excellent handling.
  • Twin-downtube fork front provides 1.9 inches of plush travel for a well-controlled ride.
  • Single-side aluminum swingarm with single-shock rear suspension has 2.6 inches of travel for a compliant, comfortable ride.
  • Front and rear drum brakes offer predictable, powerful stopping power.
  • The Metropolitan’s CBS brakes (CBS = Combined Brake System) provide added control when slowing or stopping. Rider application of the front-brake lever activates the front brake in conventional fashion. Application of the rear-brake lever mounted on the left handlebar, activates the rear-brake and the front brake together; when only the rear brake lever is used, a proportioning mechanism gradually applies the front brake.
  • High-grip, high-mileage tires.

Additional Metropolitan Features

  • Well-padded seat boasts a low 28.3-inch seat height for added confidence at stops.
  • Underseat storage compartment with 22-liter capacity holds groceries or a full-face helmet.

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Review / Specs | 49 / 50 cc Automatic Motorcycle, Scooter Buyer's Guide

2023 Honda Metropolitan 49cc Scooter Review / Specs | Buyer's Guide

  • Instrumentation includes analog speedometer, odometer, analog fuel gauge and indicator lights for coolant temperature and low/high beams.

2023 Honda Metropolitan 49cc Scooter Review / Specs | Buyer's Guide

  • Audible turn-signal indicator.
  • Parking brake.
  • Key-operated ignition lock has an integrated trunk-release switch. By pushing in the key, the rider can easily unlock the spacious storage compartment under the main seat.

2023 Honda Metropolitan Scooter Security | Review / Specs

  • Centerstand locking lever located inside the underseat storage compartment discourages unauthorized use.
  • Rear hand grip.
  • Helmet holder locks helmet in place under seat.
  • Shopping-bag holder.
  • Backup kickstarter.
  • Twin-filament headlight with 35-watt low / high beam provides ample nighttime illumination.
  • Maintenance-free battery.
  • Fuel-cap design allows easy removal.
  • Handlebar switches and controls use internationally approved ISO graphic symbols.
  • Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

Metropolitan Accessories

Here are your accessory options for the 2023 Honda Metropolitan scooter with discount codes to help you save some money on those accessories and multiple places to buy from so you can make sure you’re getting the best price possible.

2023 Metropolitan Videos


2023 Metropolitan Pictures / Photo Gallery

Technical 2023 Honda Metropolitan Specs

2022 Honda Metropolitan Specifications
Model NCW50
Type 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train OHC two-valve
Bore x Stroke 39.5 mm x 40.3 mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Induction 19mm FI
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission Automatic V-matic
Clutch Automatic centrifugal
Final Drive Belt
Front 26 mm telescopic fork; 2.72 in. travel
Rear Single shock; 2.36 in. travel
Front Single 95 mm mechanical drum
Rear Single 110 mm mechanical drum
Front 80/100-10
Rear 80/100-10
Rake (Caster Angle) 26º 30′
Trail 76 mm (3.0 in.)
Length 65.0 in.
Width 26.4 in.
Height 40.7 in.
Seat Height 28.3 in.
Ground Clearance 4.1 in.
Wheelbase 46.5 in.
Fuel Capacity 1.2 gal.
Color Blue Metallic, Matte Armored Green Metallic
Curb Weight* 179 lbs.

* Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride. Meets current EPA standards. Specifications subject to change.

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