2016 Honda Africa Twin Adventure App = New Toy to Play With!

2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Adventure Motorcycle / Bike / Dual Sport CRF 1000

Honda has brought some more cool stuff to the table on the All New 2016 Africa Twin! This time around they built an app for both Android based phones and iPhones too.

The app uses CGI, advanced 3D modelling and augmented reality to allow you to use your smartphone to take a close-up look at all versions of the Africa Twin (standard, ABS and DCT) in the four colors available (Red / Black / White, Tri-color, Digital Silver Metallic and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic). Using the rear camera on your device then allows you to take your newly-created virtual Africa Twin anywhere in your own environment – your garage, living room, desktop, etc.

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You can use the app to:

  • View the Africa Twin virtually from any angle and at any size
  • Change the model type and color, to check the differences and choose your preference
  • Look at key features by swiping at the bottom of the screen
  • “Place” the Africa Twin in your own environment by clicking the on-screen eye icon as you point your device
  • Resize your virtual Africa Twin, capture the image and share it through social media

The app is already in use at Honda dealerships across Europe as a new way of allowing customers to see all the different versions of the all-new Africa Twin. It will hopefully be put to use with dealers in the USA too once we get closer to the actual release date for it on our side of the pond. That doesn’t mean you have to wait to play with the new app though, information is below on where to download for your smartphone.

The app can be found on IOS and Android at the following links, or by searching for “Africa Twin” in the appropriate app store: