2016 Honda CB650F Review of Specs | Naked Sport Bike StreetFighter

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– 2016 Honda CBR StreetFighter / Naked Sport Bike | CB650F –

Say hello to the super-cool 2016 CB650F from Honda! If you’re in the good ole’ USA, you may not of heard about this little gem as Honda has not brought it to our shores just yet. What is the CB650F? Take the CBR650F and strip it down and you’ve got a new middleweight naked sport bike with streetfighter style, a four-cylinder engine tuned for high torque and all-round excitement plus a well balanced high-quality chassis and optional ABS too.

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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Model overview
  • 3 Key features
  • 4 Accessories
  • 5 Technical specifications

1. Introduction

The four-cylinder CB range has a proud history dating back to 1969 and the ground-breaking CB750. Within that history, Honda’s middleweights have always found starring roles, thanks to the poise and usability produced by their combination of low mass and strong engine performance.

In recent years, the trend has been toward ever-larger capacity mid-sized machines. Honda has decided on a different direction, and for 2014 will produce a true four-cylinder middleweight that offers high style and specification, an easy-to-use all-round fun riding experience and real value for money.

16YM CB650F

The CB650F turns the page on the CB600F Hornet and, sharing no common parts, starts a fresh chapter. Brand new from the wheels up – conceived and developed by a young team of Honda engineers – the concept behind its performance is completely different. It’s been designed from the outset to put the rider fully in tune with the machine and offer arresting style, identity and attitude.

Teishiro Goto, Large Project Leader CB650F:

“The CB650F captures the joy of winding roads and is also great around town. It is sporty but makes no compromise to rider lifestyle – and is a real pleasure to look at. More and more of our customers, novice or veteran, are drawn to this distinctive identity and riding feel and it gives me great pleasure to welcome them to Honda’s new CB family.”

CB650F –  ‘Street Fighting Steel’

2. Model Overview

The DOHC 649cc four-cylinder engine powering the CB650F is completely new and engineered to deliver high torque and response through the low-to-mid rpm range, especially below 4,000 RPM.

The development team included many engineers in their twenties, selected to produce a bike with a focus on the younger customer. They decided early on that chasing peak power at redline was off the agenda. On a naked machine, strong acceleration from a standing start, low/mid-range torque and mid-gear roll-on throttle response were targeted as the essential elements.

Crisp pick-up above 6,000 RPM and – for the sake of reduced running costs – economical cruising at highway speeds was also a focus. The engine has also been designed to look good, with no external plumbing obscuring its lines. Sitting relatively far forward in the chassis for optimal weight distribution, the engine is truly at the heart of the machine.

16YM CB650F

The CB650F’s steel twin-spar frame has a tuned rigidity balance along with cast pivot plates and aluminum swingarm. The rear shock works directly on the swingarm and is matched to a 41mm telescopic front fork; the wheels are a new six-spoke design. Twin 320mm front and a single 240mm rear disc deliver the stopping power with 2-channel ABS fitted as an option.

Available as an option will be a 46.9 horsepower (35kW) output version for A2 licence holders, featuring ABS as standard. If you’re not familiar with the term “A2 license”. Europe and other countries around the world have a tiered license setup to where you can jump on a 200 horsepower supersport bike as your first bike at the age of 16 – like you can here in the USA.

Crisp, aggressive lines and angular silhouette give the CB650F real visual appeal while the low centre of gravity, slim feel, upright riding position and wide handlebars give excellent control.

3. Key Features

3.1 Engine

2016 CB650F Horsepower Rating: 86 HP at 11,000 RPM (64kW).

2016 CB650F Torque: 46 lb-ft of torque at 8000 RPM (63Nm).

The CB650F’s liquid-cooled engine uses compact internal architecture, stacked six-speed gearbox and starter/clutch layout with the four cylinders canted forward 30°. The DOHC 16-valve cylinder head employs direct cam actuation and cam timing that equals strong torque performance and drivability below 4,000 RPM.

Bore and stroke is set at 67mm x 46mm. Optimisation of con-rod length has decreased the side-force on each piston and ‘breathing’ holes in the crankcase walls between the journals reduce pumping losses as RPM rises. The pistons were developed with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and asymmetric skirts minimise bore contact and reduce friction. Ferrous spines on the outer surface of the cylinder sleeves reduce oil consumption (and friction) with improved heat transfer.

A silent SV cam chain reduces frictional losses by using a Vanadium coating on its pins and the water pump – designed with CAE study of water flow – is compact, light and efficient.

The engine is smooth at all rpm, with distinct inline four-cylinder character and resonance.

16YM CB650F

Internal water channeling from cylinder head to cylinders does away with a great deal of the exterior hoses normally required and the motor shows off its minimal, elegant beauty and functional style. The layout of the oil filter (behind the engine) and oil cooler (front left) plus internal oilways further enhance the visual appeal and has enabled use of an evocative right side-swept 4-2-1 exhaust.

With strong echoes of the original Honda 1974 CB400 / 4 the design employs optimised downpipe length and diameter, plus patented internal plates regulating airflow to improve torque. The ‘wafer’ design stubby underslung muffler – with 400-cell catalyser – contributes to mass centralization.

PGM-FI fuel injection is fed through a down-flow airbox and narrow 30mm high-velocity funnels, with intake gas flow routed in as straight a line as possible. It operates with information from four separate throttle body sensors on 32mm throttle bores for crisp and accurate throttle response. Careful siting, position and angle of the throttle bodies allow a narrow frame width, improving manageability for the rider.

To deliver good fuel economy at constant throttle (cruising at higher speeds) short valve overlap timing works with a specific ignition map; fuel consumption of 21km/l (WMTC mode) gives over 350km range.

3.2 Chassis

The steel diamond frame uses twin 64mm x 30mm elliptical spars. Its rigidity balance has been specifically tuned – it’s much stiffer around the headstock and more ‘flexible’ in the spar sections – to deliver the desired handling characteristics and level of rider feedback. Rake is set at 25.5° with trail of 101mm and wheelbase of 1,450mm. Curb weight is 206kg (ABS: 208kg).

The swingarm pivot plate is forged then welded together, while the gravity die-cast aluminum swingarm features a curvaceous shape that arcs over the muffler on the right. Adjustable for 7-stage spring preload the single-tube monoshock operates directly on the swingarm. Both the rear shock and 41mm telescopic fork (with 120mm stroke) have been developed to work directly with the frame’s performance dynamics to provide supple, neutral control in all conditions.

Cast aluminum six-spoke wheels wear 120/70-17 and 180/55-17 front and rear radial tires. The wave brake rotor discs use the same manufacturing technique as the twin-cylinder NC750 series: the 240mm rear is formed within a 320mm front, saving material (and ultimately cost) to the customer. The two-piston front calipers and single-piston rear provide plenty of stopping power, with 2-channel ABS an option.

A ‘Mass Forward’ stance with minimal front and rear overhang gives the CB650F its muscular appearance, hunched and ready for action. The short fuel tank, shroud covers and sharp nose fairing add dramatic presence as does the stubby, shrink-wrapped upswept tail unit. Hinged at the back, the tank allows easy access to the cylinder head for maintenance. Both taillight and front position lights are LED and the headlight uses the distinctive ‘CB’ V-shape.

16YM CB650F

The riding position is naturally upright and slightly forward, placing the rider close to the bike’s centre of gravity. High, wide tubular handlebars give leverage and pillions get an ample seat and strap for security. Seat height is 810mm and the narrow middle profile helps ground reach.

The dash comprises twin large digital screens. On the left are the rev-counter and speedometer; on the right are a fuel gauge, clock, odometer and the warning lights. Both sides are lit by a white back light. A compact  ‘wave’ design ignition key offers improved security and reduced chance of breakage.

Engine: Specification, Units: mm (in)
Cylinder arrangement: 4 cylinders in-line, inclined 30° from vertical
Bore and stroke: 67.0 x 46.0 mm (2.64 x 1.81 in)
Displacement: 649 cm³ (39.6 cu-in)
Cylinder compression at rpm: 1,500 kPa (15.3 kgf/cm2, 218 psi) at 300 rpm
Standard: 0.010 – 0.045 (0.0004 – 0.0018)
Service Limit: 0.10 (0.004)
Intake: 0.20 ± 0.03 (0.008 ± 0.001)
Exhaust: 0.28 ± 0.03 (0.011 ± 0.001)
Recommended engine oil/classification/viscosity: Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil/API: SG or higher, JASO T 903 standard: MA/SAE 1
Oil capacity after draining/engine oil filter change: 2.9 liters (3.1 US qt)
Oil pressure at oil pressure switch: 490 kPa (5.0 kgf/cm², 71 psi) at 5000 rpm/80°C (176°F)
Final Drive: Specification
C/S sprocket: 15
Rear sprocket: 42
Drive chain size (x) links: 525 x 118
Drive chain slack: 25 – 35 (1.0 – 1.4)
Cooling System: Specification
Recommended antifreeze/concentration: Pro Honda HP Coolant/1:1 (mixture with distilled w
Coolant capacity,radiator and engine: 2.5 liters (2.6 US qt, 2.2 Imp qt)
Fuel System: Specification
Type/throttle bore: 32 mm (1.3 in)
Carburtetor/throttle body ID #: 49 State Type: GQ8GC / 50 State Type: GQ8GB
Idle speed (+/- 100 rpm): 1,250 ± 100 rpm
Fuel pressure at idle: 343 kPa (3.5 kgf/cm2, 50 psi)
Starter valve vacuum difference: N/A
Throttle grip/lever free play: 2 – 6 mm (0.08 – 0.24 in)
Suspension: Specification
Recommended fork fluid: Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-47 (10W)
Fork fluid capacity/and level: 505 ± 2.5 cm3 (17.1 ± 0.08 US oz)
Tires: Specification
Front  Size: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Cold tire pressure: 250 kPa (2.50 kgf/cm², 36 psi)
Rear  Size: 180/55ZR17M/C (73W)
Cold tire pressure: 290 kPa (2.90 kgf/cm², 42 psi)
Battery/Charging System: Specification
Charging system type: Triple phase output alternator
BatteryCapacity/Model: 12 V – 8.6 Ah / FTZ10S, Y
Fully charged: 13.0 – 13.2 V
Needs charging: Below 12.4 V
Normal: 0.9 A/5 – 10 h
Quick: 4.5 A/1 h
Regulated voltage at rpm: Measured BV < Measured CV < 15.5 V at 5000 rpm
Alternator charging coil resistance: 0.1 – 1.0 O
Lighting Equipment: Specification
Hi: 12 V – 60W
Lo: 12 V – 55 W
Brake/tail light: LED
Front turn signal/running light bulb: 12 V – 21/5 W
Rear turn signal light bulb: 12 V – 21 W
Ignition System: Specification
Ignition system type: Full transistorized ignition
Ignition timing (F mark): 5° BTDC at idle speed
Standard – NGK: CR9EH-9
Spark plug gap: 0.80 – 0.90 mm (0.031 – 0.035 in)
Ignition coil peak voltage: 100 V minimum
Ignition pulse generator peak voltage: 0.7 V minimum
Torque value: Specification, Unit: N.m (kgf.m, lbf.ft)
Front axle bolt/nut: 59 (6.0, 44)
Front axle holder/pinchbolt/nut: 22 (2.2, 16)
Rear axle nut: 98 (10.0, 72)

2016 CB650F Colors:

  • Matte Black Metallic / Candy Red (USA)
  • Pearl Metalloid White
  • Graphite Black
  • Matt Gunpowder Black & Red
  • Matt Gunpowder Black & White

4. Accessories

2016 CB650F Accessories:

  • 35L top box
  • Seat bag
  • Rear carrier
  • Carbon Fiber-look hugger
  • Carbon Fiber-look under cowl
  • Carbon Fiber-look seat cowl
  • Carbon Fiber-look front mudguard
  • Carbon Fiber-look fly screen
  • Crankcase protectors
  • Heated grips
  • Paddock stand
  • Alarm

Do you think the Honda CB650F is enough to compare against the naked sport bikes on the market from Yamaha with their MT bikes and the offerings from Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati etc?

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5. 2016 CB650F Technical Specifications

Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke   16-valve DOHC inline-4
Displacement 649cm3
Bore ´   Stroke 67 x 46mm
Compression Ratio 11.4:1
Max. Power Output 64kW @ 11,000min-1   (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque 63Nm @ 8,000min-1   (95/1/EC)
Oil Capacity 3.5L
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel   injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 17.3L
Fuel Consumption 21km/litre
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V/8.6AH
ACG Output 343W
Clutch Type Wet, multiplate with   coil springs
Transmission Type 6-speed
Final Drive #525 O-ring sealed chain
Type Steel diamond
Dimensions (L´W´H) 2,110mm x 775mm x   1,120mm
Wheelbase 1,450mm
Caster Angle 25.5°
Trail 101mm
Seat Height 810mm
Ground Clearance 150mm
Curb Weight 206kg (ABS: 208kg)
Type Front 41mm conventional telescopic fork

120mm stroke

Type Rear Monoshock damper with   adjustable preload, 43.5mm stroke
Type Front Hollow-section 6-spoke cast aluminum
Type Rear Hollow-section 6-spoke cast aluminum
Rim Size Front 17M/C x MT3.5
Rim Size Rear 17M/C x MT5.5
Tires Front 120/70-ZR17M/C (58W)
Tires Rear 180/55-ZR17M/C (73W)
ABS System Type 2-channel
Type Front 320 x 5.0mm dual   hydraulic disc with dual-piston calipers and sintered metal pads
Type Rear 240 x 5mm hydraulic disc   with single-piston caliper and resin mold pads
Instruments Digital speedometer, digital bar graph   tachometer, dual trip meter, digital bar graph fuel gauge, digital clock
Security System HISS
Headlight 12V, 55W x 1 (low)/55W x 1 (high)
Taillight LED
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  1. The only thing that stops me buying this bike and the 500F is that for some reason Honda have not included the gear position on the dash.
    For me it’s going to be the Yamaha MT range.
    Sorry Honda you lost a customer!!

    H. Grewal /
    • If you were leaning towards the Honda, I wouldn’t let something that small stop you as you can buy a gear position indicator for less than $30. Plus with so many options on them these days you can get one that looks like it came from the factory that way. Either way though it’s hard to make a ‘bad’ decision as Yamaha hit a home run with the current MT models.

      Thanks for checking out my blog and for posting up too. Appreciate it!

      • Finally decided. It’s the Yamah MT03.

        H. Grewal / (in reply to HondaPro Kevin)
        • Nice choice! Can’t go wrong with the MT03… Yamaha has a hit on their hands with their new MT series. Have you picked it up yet? If so, have any pics of her to share?

    • That’s awesome! Congrats on quite the awesome 1st bike! You picked the best color scheme too!

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