NEW Custom 2022 Honda Grom 125 Freddie Spencer Limited Edition Motorcycles!

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– NEW Custom 2022 Honda Grom 125 FS Special Edition Released! –

Custom 2022 Honda Grom 125 Freddie Spencer Special Edition Mini Bike

Now, this is a cool one! Check out this limited production 2022 Honda Grom 125 Freddie Spencer edition motorcycle…

This 2022 Grom motorcycle news is out of Japan so please excuse the rather limited information. What do we know? YF Design who is behind a lot of custom motorcycle helmet designs for some big time racers, designed the graphics you see painted on this Grom. 

Apparently, there are two versions. There are 50 silver versions (like this one pictured) and then 50 versions with orange and red stripes on a black base instead of this light and dark blue combo. All of the changes are cosmetic, no performance modifications were done to this 2022 Grom. 

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2022 Honda Grom 125 FS Limited Edition Motorcycle | Freddie Spencer Replica 125cc Mini Bike

They are set to go on sale in Japan on June 10, 2021. 

One more cool note, 50 out of 100 will get an HRC carbon fiber tank pad for their new 2022 Grom!

Your opinions? / My thoughts…

Personally, I’m all for it. The more cool and custom special / limited edition Groms they can build – the better! I just wish it happened more in the USA as overseas they get all the cool stuff, multiple special editions of the Grom etc and we get nothing. Well, we did get an SP that has a special color scheme for 2022 so they are moving in the right direction but we need more of these to mix in with the “standard” colors offered on the new 2022 Grom. What do you guys think though? Do you like this Freddie Spencer-themed Grom? Do you think Honda should build more special and limited edition versions of the Grom for 2022 and beyond? Let me know down in the comment section below…

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