200+ Custom Honda Grom 125 / MSX125 Pictures – Photo Gallery

– Modified 2013 / 2014 / 2015 Grom & MSX 125 Pictures –

Looking for some custom Honda Grom / MSX125 pictures to get some ideas on aftermarket modifications, parts, etc? This post will be updated weekly with new pictures so make sure to check back as I upload more and more pictures.

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It’s amazing how quickly the Grom & MSX 125 have exploded all across the world when it comes to modifying them. The endless amounts of money that are spent on some of these blow my mind even though I’ve dumped a few bucks on my personal Grom. It’s nothing to see turbo kits, single-sided swingarms, stretch kits, lowering kits and more for your Grom 125 / MSX125.

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