New Custom Honda CB1000R ‘Neo Daemon’ / Neo Sports Café | Naked CBR Sport Bike (Glemseck 101)

– Custom 2018 Honda CB1000R Naked CBR SportBike Build Pictures! (NEO DAEMON / Neo Sports Café Motorcycle)

2019 Honda CB1000R Custom Naked CBR Sport Bike / StreetFighter Motorcycle | CBR1000RR / CBR 1000 RR | 1000cc Neo Sports Café Concept SportBike

Say hello to another custom rendition of the All-New Honda CB1000R! This one, dubbed the CB1000R ‘Neo Daemon’ takes it in another direction from the custom CB1000R built by Honda Racing that I posted a couple of days ago here.

There’s not a lot of information to go off of at the moment when it comes to the nitty-gritty details behind this custom CB1000R build other than a few details: It was developed and built in Germany by Jens Kratschmar, with a printed reflective vinyl wrap, exotic enamel-coated white exhaust and new handlebars, levers, brake lines, indicators and tires. This custom CB1000R nameplate, Neo Daemon, uses the term “Neo” as the newly changed-up CB1000R started life out as the Neo Sports Café concept motorcycle.

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Opinions? What do you guys think about this custom CB1000R build? Anything you would have done differently to really make it pop or set it apart? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this build. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disrespecting it by any means and do appreciate the hard work and effort to put this together but it doesn’t really float my boat. The wrap colors just don’t do it for me nor does the white exhaust. The one upside to the white exhaust paired up with the white background though is that it partly hides the big cat on the underbelly. 

Would you guys rather have this CB1000R Neo Daemon or the custom CB1000R built by Honda Racing that I posted a couple of days ago here? Personally… I’d take the Honda Racing CB1000R any day of the week!