2020 = Electric Powered Honda Pioneer Side by Side Models? | CES 2018 UTV / SxS News

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– 2020 Honda Side by Side / UTV / SxS Concept? (Electric Powered / Street Legal) –

Honda wanted to put on a show at CES 2018 (CES = Consumer Electronics Show) and boy ohhhh boy did they not disappoint! If you haven’t already checked it out, check out my last blog post showcasing what Honda originally stated that would be on display at this year’s CES by Clicking Here. It covers (4) new robots and also a weird-looking electric-powered ATV too.

Now, let’s get to why you clicked on this page and that’s for information regarding the electric Honda Pioneer you see pictured which utilizes the Pioneer 500 frame etc but instead of being powered by the 500cc engine that it normally packs, Honda decided to throw one of their new swappable Mobile Power Packs in it! Honda is keeping information extremely limited (go figure) but here’s the information they are giving us at this time:

Compact Electric Mobility Powered by Swappable Mobile Power Pack

The Honda Mobile Power Pack Vehicle Concept is a compact electric two-seater four-wheel drive powered by Honda’s Mobile Power Pack. Low environmental impact and economical operation make it suitable for various purposes such as urban transportation, small cargo delivery and outdoor leisure activities.

Here’s some quick info on the “Honda Mobile Power Pack”:

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Portable, Swappable Battery Rechargeable with Renewable Energy

The Honda Mobile Power Pack is a portable and swappable battery that stores electricity generated by renewable energy, for use as a power source for small-sized electric mobility, or for the household. By providing electricity where and when it is needed, the Honda Mobile Power Pack aims to realize low-carbon and efficient energy user and utilization.

This isn’t the first time that Honda has used this new  mobile power pack technology either, they put it to use in an electric-powered scooter based off of the Honda PCX150 not too long ago and you can check it out by Clicking Here. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be the last either with more and more manufacturers pushing towards “clean” power and using electric and hybrid technology wherever possible. I’m betting we’ll see more motorcycles in the near future for 2019 / 2020 from Honda utilize this technology.

Opinions? What do you guys think about the idea of this technology being brought into the off-road Side by Side / ATV / UTV / SxS world in the near future? 2019 is out of the question but it could possibly be put to use in 2020 and beyond… Would you be willing to give up your internal-combustion engine for a setup like this considering it could be put to use in more than one way? | Personally, I would have to pass. I’m not against the technology by any means and I can see how it could be very beneficial in some cases and uses but when it comes to my personal toys – I couldn’t go electric. Even if it was cheaper, I would miss hearing the sound of an engine – entirely too much. There’s just something about an engine screaming at high RPMs that I don’t want to see go bye bye. I could ramble on and on about the nitty-gritty details on my opinion regarding the entire topic but I’ll save you guys from having to read that ‘novel’ haha.

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