Video: First Honda TALON 1000 Flip / Rollover with my Mom?! | PSA: Always wear a helmet, accidental wrecks happen…

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– A little too much fun in the Honda TALON 1000X… Can end badly. Quickly! Safety first! –


So… My mom stopped by for a quick visit and I thought to myself “she loves bringing out her inner hooligan every now and then too” so I should take her for a quick spin in the all-new Honda Talon 1000 sport side by side. Then it clicked, I remembered that I still had a GoPro camera laying around so I threw it at her and said record yourself and then we have what you see in the video above. Thanks again to the coolest mom on the planet, all smiles no matter what I threw at her lol!

On a side note, always wear a helmet – don’t be dumb like me. You can flip, rollover and wreck your Honda Talon 1000 or any other side by side quickly and next thing you know your head is banging up against the roll bar etc without any protection. Be safe out there guys! 2020 Honda Talon 1000 R&D Info + more: Check out everything you need to know about the Honda Talon 1000 model lineup by Clicking Here.

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