Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Recall on Center Stand Accessory | 2016-2017

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– Honda Africa Twin / CRF1000L Centerstand Accessory Problems = Recall –

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I get a lot of traffic from people looking for information on Honda’s Africa Twin 1000, also known as the CRF1000L, so I wanted to post this latest recall up so you guys can pass the information along to anyone that currently has one installed on their bike and or has been thinking about buying one of the center stands for their own Africa Twin. * This recall does not involve the 2018 Africa Twin CRF1000L or 2018 Adventure Sports Africa Twin CRF1000L2. The details are rather limited at this time but here’s what information I do have to share…

Accessory Safety Recall: Honda is  launching a safety recall on the Honda Genuine Accessory Centerstand for all 2016 – 2017 Africa Twin / CRF1000L (including DCT models) motorcycles for a potential defect that may allow the center stand to detach from the motorcycle. A detached centerstand increases the risk of a crash and can create a road hard to other people on the roads or may cause a motorcycle parked on the centerstand to fall over.

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  • Key Note: This is an accessory recall only. Africa Twin models that do not have the recalled centerstand installed are not affected.
  • Effective Immediately: Dealers must not sell or install the affected accessory centerstand.
  • Affected Part Number: # 08M70-MJP-G50 – Centerstand (2016-2017 CRF1000L / LD).

I will update this page with more information as it’s released…

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  1. I just had my recall fixed. It’s a C-clip on the centerstand. $1 part and a 15 min job. I know Honda have to describe the worst case scenario, but you would have to have 3 or 4 very unlucky sequence failures for it the stand to drop off the bike. Still, peace of mind.

    Christian Thwaites /
  2. I’ve been reading of fork issues, namely the anodizing wearing off and causing ‘striction’, or the inability of the forks to properly respond to road input.
    This is a very serious matter, and is a major out of pocket repair for something that should never happen.
    Some are reporting it in just a few thousand miles of use in off road conditions.
    Where is Honda on this matter?

    Alan /

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