Video | 2022 Honda Grom Kenda KD1 Tire Install + Mountain Ride Review = DAMAGE!

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– NEW 2022 Honda Grom Wheel Removal + Kenda Tire Install + Mountain Ride Review –

Honda Grom 125 Kenda KD1 Tire Review + First Ride / Install

Today, we remove our wheels on the 2022 Honda Grom and install a set of Kenda KD1 tires and then head to the mountains for a ride to review just how well these tires stack up against the Michelin Power Pure and stock Vee Rubber tires. Even though it was pretty chilly out, it didn’t take long to get some heat in them in our short mountain run on the Grom and these are lightyears ahead of the crappy Vee Rubber tires, inspiring a lot more confidence in how well they hold a line. Let’s get to it in the video below and see what these are all about…


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OEM Honda Powersports Parts Discount Code - Motorcycles, ATV, SxS, UTV, Scooters, Side by Side