Honda Grom vs Kawasaki Z125 Race Video | Which 125cc is Faster?

– 2016 Mini Bike Drag Race | Grom 125 vs Kawasaki Z125 –

Kawasaki couldn’t let Honda roll in the $$ all by themselves with how hot the ‘mini-bike’ motorcycle market has been since the release of the MSX125 in 2013 (Grom in 2014 for the rest of the world)

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Kawasaki decided to keep with the same displacement of the MSX / Grom and release the mini Z as a 125cc too so there would be no doubts as to who its direct competitor would be. Naturally, as with anything else… We’ve got to see which one is faster!

The jury is still out as to which one is truly faster in a ‘race’ as there are a million variables that come into play. What variables? Ride weight, rider skill, performance mods, stock vs stock, shifting without a clutch, who got the hit first etc as the list can go on and on. Since the Z125 is still barely rolling off the production line across the world, we’ll have to wait until more people get them and post up Z125 vs Grom race videos to see which one is truly faster than the other in a race. In the end, we’re talking about 125cc motorcycles that weren’t built by Honda and Kawasaki to race and or be performance bikes so this shouldn’t be something we all take too seriously… But the majority of us all have a competitive side so we’ll always try to argue and talk smack about whose bike faster.

Let’s play a little game BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO… Comment below on whether you the Grom 125 or Z125 will win and let’s see how many end up correct.

Well, after watching the Z125 vs Grom race – Were you right on which one was faster in this race?