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– Honda Monkey 125 Concept heading to production as a 2019 Motorcycle? –

Honda brought their A-game this year to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show! They are doing a good job with tugging at my wallet too with all of these motorcycles that I keep telling myself that I “need”. Desperately. If you’re reading this and located in the USA and don’t follow a lot of motorcycles from over in Japan etc then you may not be 100% familiar with the term “Monkey” in correlation with a bike. Monkey bike was a name given by Honda some of their small motorcycles starting in the early 1960’s, the first Honda Monkey was the 1961 Z100. Later Monkeys were designated Z50, such as the Z50A, J, M, R and many others. It turned into just a name for small bikes to actually being turned into an actual model name throughout the years. We have always gotten the shaft though, putting it politely haha, when it comes to getting some of the coolest small Monkey bikes here in the USA that were actually street-legal like they are in other countries around the world. Don’t forget to check out my Hourly Updates at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show by Clicking Here.

UPDATE April 24th: New 2019 Honda Monkey 125 has been officially released as a production bike for the USA! –

2019 Honda Monkey 125 Review: Specs, Price, Colors, MPG, HP & TQ Performance Info + More on Honda's new 125cc Vintage / Retro styled Mini Trail Bike!


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It’s wishful thinking but it would be awesome to see Honda give the Monkey 125 Concept a shot and release it in the USA for 2019. The 2018 model year is already too late which is why I mention 2019 considering that this is still a ‘concept’. The Grom 125 wasn’t supposed to be released here in the USA as it was originally pumped out in other areas across the glob for 2013 and then after seeing how big of a hit it was, Honda decided to bring the MSX 125 to the USA and call it the Grom that I’m sure you’re aware of. Who knows, maybe we’ll lucky and Honda will give the Monkey a chance in the USA and pair it up with the 125cc engine out of the Grom since they’ve already got a million of those puppies laying around. Anyways, enough of my rambling though and let’s get to the little bit of info Honda has given us regarding the Monkey 125 Concept and its pictures…

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Would you buy a 2019 Honda Monkey 125 here in the USA for around the same price as the Honda Grom? Or do you think it should come in at a cheaper price-point? What price would it take for you to buy?

  • Monkey 125
    • The Monkey 125 is a leisure model that encapsulates the attraction of a bike, its playful spirit that is typically Honda, and a modernized design. The uniquely short and tall Monkey’s stance, its exaggerated styling with the use of wadding sheets. A 125cc horizontal, single-cylinder engine was installed to the signature body of the Honda Monkey with a sense of intentional deformation which comes from the short & tall body proportion unique to the Monkey series. Serious equipment such as inverted-fork front suspension, front and rear disk brakes, and steel fenders give the Monkey the feel of a full-scale bike, while keeping its unique charm and zippy, friendly feel. Modern touches give the Monkey even more charm, such as LED lights and a fun , graphical digital meter. Adopting unique features such as LED lights and digital meters, the Monkey 125 explores the new appeal of the Honda Monkey model.

Honda Monkey 125 Concept Video

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