2019 Honda PCX Electric & Hybrid Scooters Coming to the USA? | Tokyo Motor Show Motorcycle News

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– 2017 Tokyo Motor Show News = New 2019 Honda Scooter Models on the Way… –

It’s October and aside from it being a bad time of the year due to it getting cold and cutting down on our riding time, it’s an awesome time of the year as October always equals Tokyo Motor Show time and that means cool new motorcycles and scooters being released from Honda! I’ll be posting updates hourly from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show that you can check out by Clicking Here.

We started off things at one end of the spectrum with the 2018 Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour being announced and now we step down to some of the smaller models from Honda and also going against the grain with Electric and Hybrid scooters. These are planned production models and not just “concept” scooters granted they are only going to be sold on the other side of the pond at first. What do you guys think though, do you think a 2019 Honda PCX Electric scooter and 2018 Honda PCX Hybrid scooter would sell well here in the USA?

    • The PCX ELECTRIC is an electric scooter outfitted with Honda’s unique high-output electric motor aiming for a more harmonious mobility performance in urban traffic, and a removable Honda Mobile Power Pack. While sharing the same basic design as the PCX Hybrid, this all-electric bike’s design emphasizes the EV components, and with a dedicated rear hugger fender around the motor, pursues a clean, advanced image. The predominantly white color scheme with blue and black accents makes for a clean, sophisticated look, coordinated neatly with the coloring of the Honda’s proprietary Honda Mobile Power Pack. The Honda PCX Electric is scheduled to start releasing and go on sale in 2018 in the Asia region including Japan.

  • Honda PCX HYBRID
    • Honda developed the world’s first hybrid motorcycle, the PCX Hybrid equipped with Honda’s proprietary hybrid system, to deliver a new joy of mobility. A high-output battery and ACG starter motor assisting the engine realize high-torque in a compact package no larger than the conventional PCX. In addition to balancing agile throttle response and high performance with outstanding convenience, this model takes the PCX’s distinctively suave, flowing lines to a new advanced style with more emphasis on beauty and strength. The calming two-tone of dark blue and dark silver complements the bright blue accents on the hybrid logo emblem, lights and seat, giving the PCX HYBRID a premium hybrid feel. The Honda PCX Hybrid is scheduled to release and go on sale in 2018 in the Asia region including Japan.
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  1. If there was one for sale near me
    in US, I’d buy it today.

    reb /
    • I’d sell my current Ninjette to have one; most of my travel is relatively short distance and in 55 and under speed zones. Either the E-PCX or hybrid would do nicely.

      Wererat / (in reply to reb)

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