2019 Honda TALON 1000 R / X Clutch Warning! + Engine / Transmission Changes…

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– 2019 TALON 1000R / 1000X Clutch Overheating Temperature Warning! –

Let’s talk clutches… Specifically the TALON 1000 and Pioneer 1000 DCT clutches. Since the TALON is considered a “true” sport side by side unlike the utility Pioneer 1000 lineup, does that mean there will be more of a warning before the clutches get too hot, before anything negative happens so-to-say? Yes! 

A new clutch temperature warning indicator has been added to the TALON 1000 gauge cluster / meter (another one of those fun words that’s called 1,000 different things) and that’s on both the 1000R and 1000X models. This indicator light (shown below) will flash to alert you if the clutch gets too hot. A few examples of what could cause the clutch to overheat are: slow speed rock crawling, using the accelerator to hold the vehicle on an incline, a stuck vehicle and the wheels are not turning, and attempting to pull an immovable object.

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Honda Talon 1000 Clutch Warning Information | Sport SxS / Side by Side / UTV | TALON 1000R / TALON 1000X

If the Clutch Temperature Warning Indicator flashes, the driver should immediately shift into Neutral or Park, but continue to allow the engine to idle. While idling, the engine will continue to pump cooling oil to the clutch. When the clutch is cool enough to allow safe operation of the vehicle, the warning indicator light will turn off. Hopefully we’ll see this thrown onto the 2020 Pioneer 1000 model lineup… What do you guys think?

// TALON 1000 VS Pioneer 1000 Engine & Transmission Differences…

Since we’re on the topic of TALON 1000 VS Pioneer 1000 differences etc, let’s jump into a few quick differences between them as it’s still a gray area in a lot of places online etc from what I’m seeing. Honda did take the same reliable engine from the Pioneer 1000 to use as a base for the TALON 1000 models with a few changes thrown in the mix to stand up to the demand and abuse that sport SxS models receive, including:

  • Piston / crankshaft from Africa Twin CRF1000L
  • Redesigned camshaft and throttle body
  • New PGM-FI
  • Larger fuel injectors
  • New piston oil jet that delivers four simultaneous streams of oil under each piston
  • Improved DCT durability due to increased cooling oil flow to the clutches
  • Four shear-type engine mounts to reduce engine vibration to the cabin and engine pitching during aggressive driving.

If you’d like to check out the custom TALON 1000R pictured above with 35″ tires, you can check out more on it by Clicking Here. Hope the info is of some help guys! As always, thanks for reading…

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