Video | Here’s why the 2019 Honda TALON 1000R is worth $20,999… (Review of Specs / Features etc)

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– 2019 Honda TALON 1000 R Video Review of Specs / Features + Quick Drive | Honda’s first Sport 1000 cc SxS / Side by Side / UTV –


This video is for the people that want an in-depth look at the TALON 1000R from every corner while going over some of the specs and features that make the TALON what it is with an exhaust clip thrown in there too so you can see how it sounds – stock. I could only cram so much information into that video though so if you would like even more information and details regarding the R&D and more that went into the TALON 1000 models… Check out these links: TALON 1000R Review / Specs / R&D – Click Here | TALON 1000R Chassis Testing / R&D Interviews – Click Here | TALON 1000R Accessory Lineup – Click Here. Plus there’s a few more links below if you guys would like to them out on the TALON 1000 R / X models.