2015 Honda CB1000R Review / Specs | Naked Sport Bike Overview

2015 CB1000R | Naked Honda Sport Bike / StreetFighter with CBR1000RR engine


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The stunning CB1000R packs exhilarating liter-class Super Sports performance into a compact and muscular-looking form that looks fast even standing still. It delivers breathtaking acceleration, light, responsive handling and invigorating thrills at every twist of its throttle. This is combined with smooth, easy control and nimble handling that’s just as enjoyable along winding roads as it is on city streets.

2015 Honda CB1000R Performance Numbers:

  • 2015 CB1000R Horsepower – 125 HP @ 10,000 RPM
    • 92 kW @ 10,000 RPM
  • 2015 CB1000R Torque – 73 lb/ft TQ @ 7,750 RPM
    • 99 Nm @ 7,750 RPM

Main features

  • – Thick aluminium handlebar for enhanced look and feel.
  • – Unique front light array features a triangular multi-reflector headlight integrated into a compact bikini cowl, and a 7-bulb LED position light.
  • – Compact, lightweight 998cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected inline-4 engine is tuned for dynamic low-to midrange performance.
  • – Magnesium cylinder head and ACG covers reduce engine weight.
  • – Angular, ‘mass forward’ design is emphasized by a short compact tail and positions rider forward for a sporty ride.
  • – Advanced gravity die-cast aluminium Mono-Backbone frame contributes to agile, sporty handling.
  • – Semi-under-slung stainless steel exhaust system lowers center of gravity and adds to light, responsive handling as well as delivering an exhilarating sound.
  • – Attractive 17″ wheels feature eye-catching swept 4-spoke design.
  • – Swift-handling, fully adjustable 43mm inverted front fork and cast aluminium Monoshock Pro-Arm swingarm contribute to precise control.
  • – Wide, high-performance Super Sports-class radial tires deliver responsive high-speed cornering control.
  • – Lightweight 310mm floating front disc brakes with radial-mount 4-piston calipers and 256mm dual-piston caliper rear disc brake create a powerful stopping force.
  • – Combined-ABS with 3-piston front brake calipers and advanced Anti lock Brake System for extra assurance in all braking situations.


The CB1000R has a compact and dynamic form with a distinctive ‘mass-forward’ orientation that projects a ‘ready to pounce’ image. Its frontal design is characterized by a compact bikini cowl surrounding a brilliant three-corner shaped multi-reflector headlight. Underneath, a distinctive LED position lamp gives it an unmistakable presence on the road. Behind the cowl a high-tech, fully digital meter panel provides three large LCD readouts of all operating information. The tachometer features an instant multi-segment readout of engine speed, displayed in a wide, sweeping bar that extends across the top of the display.

The short, slim seat and tail cowl take obvious design cues from the CBR1000RR Fireblade and the powerful RC212V MotoGP racer. The seat is roomy and tapers towards the front, integrating smoothly with the side covers for a compact profile and comfortable riding position. The sleek, up-swept tail cowl, supported by a strong and rigid cast aluminium rail, provides room for a passenger and integrates an attention-getting LED tail-light.

The lightweight form is matched by sharply sculpted bodywork. Mechanical parts like its magnesium head and ACG covers and natural finish aluminium pivot plates create a high-tech look of purposeful performance, accentuated by the eye-catching array of nickel-plated bolts that surround the engine’s side covers. Stylish 17″ swept 4-spoke wheels place a strong accent on the CB1000R’s exciting performance potential.

Remarkably, the CB1000R looks and feels more like a compact mid-sized sportsbike than the full-bodied liter-class performer it really is. Its compact dimensions and easy reach to both the ground and its controls are outstanding in this class of Naked road machines. Its form locates the rider closer to the steering head for a riding position that shifts the CB1000R’s balance of weight slightly forward onto its front tire, achieving a greater feeling of crisply responsive control.


The CB1000R features a compact 998cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected inline-four engine originally derived from the World Superbike Championship-winning 2007 CBR1000RR Fireblade. It is tuned to deliver sharp acceleration and full-bodied torque from the lower reaches of its rev range as well as breathtaking and smoothly linear power further up the powerband. Features such as an IACV (intake air control valve) keep excessive torque reaction and jerky low-speed performance to a minimum, ensuring smooth, enjoyable operation. The light-action hydraulic clutch takes full advantage of the engine’s strong low-end torque and can be engaged at engine speeds of less than 2,000rpm without fear of engine stalling. The combination of optimized power-to-weight ratio and a wide powerband means that the CB1000R is capable of dynamic and satisfying thrusts of acceleration from anywhere in its powerband.

Optimized mass centralization is key to the CB1000R’s quick, neutral handling, and is greatly enhanced by a low-slung system that concentrates most of its weight directly under the engine.

This results in significantly quicker response to steering inputs. The exhaust design also allows maximum cornering clearance It includes a built-in oxygen sensor and 300-cell catalyser element that combine with the engine’s advanced fuel injection system to ensure low emissions while maintaining strong and smooth performance.


The CB1000R is built on a Mono-Backbone gravity die-cast (GDC) aluminium frame that holds the engine as a stressed member in a rigid diamond configuration. Strong, rigid and lightweight it adds to the motorcycle’s sharp, smooth handling and instant response to changes of direction.

The overall design places a strong emphasis on optimal mass centralization. Heavier components, notably the engine, main frame sections and exhaust system, are positioned as close as possible to the machine’s rolling center of mass while those sections located farther away from its center are designed to be as lightweight as possible.

Like the CBR1000RR Fireblade, the CB1000R features a sturdy and responsive 43mm inverted HMAS cartridge-type front fork that delivers superbly responsive handling through tight corners. Providing 120mm of smoothly damped wheel travel, its fork tubes are also fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping, allowing customized control over riding performance. At the rear, an adjustable Monoshock damper and single-sided cast aluminium Pro-Arm swingarm provide 128mm of smoothly damped travel for assured handling balanced with compliant comfort.

Super Sports-class wheels, tires and brakes enhance the bike’s agile control and easy handling. The standard version combines a pair of radial-mount four-piston front calipers with a compact dual-piston caliper slowing a 256mm disc at the rear, creating smooth, responsive braking control. The CB1000R has Combined-ABS configuration that couples the balanced braking control of a Combined Brake System with the extra reassurance of an ABS.

2016 Honda CB1000R Accessories / Parts

Honda Access Europe has created an extensive range of accessories, specially designed to match the stunning styling and performance of the CB1000R. These include:

  • – An Averto alarm kit
  • – Stylish titanium-look accessories including:
  • – A side cover set
  • – An under tray kit
  • – A meter visor kit
  • – An oil filter cover kit
  • – A radiator shroud kit
  • – A rear brake air guide kit
  • – Color-matched clutch cover ornament kits
  • – Color-matched crankcase cover ornament sets
  • – Color-matched seat cowls
  • – Wheel sticker sets
  • – A crankcase ring set
  • – A matt black meter visor kit
  • – A matt black radiator shroud kit
  • – A carbon-fiber hugger
  • – A carbon-fiber swingarm protector
  • – A carbon-fiber front mudguard
  • – Color coordinated Alcantara rider and passenger seats
  • – 3D CB1000R logo sets
  • – A magnetic tank bag
  • – A cargo net
  • – A maintenance stand
  • – A U-lock
  • – Indoor and outdoor motorcycle covers
  • – A fuel filler pad kit
  • – Heated grips

2015 CB1000R Technical Specifications

2015 CB1000R Specifications 
Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4
Displacement 998cc
Bore ´ Stroke 75 ´ 56.5mm
Compression Ratio 11.2 : 1
Max. Power Output 125 HP / 92kW @ 10,000rpm
Max. Torque 73 TQ / 99Nm @ 7,750rpm
Oil Capacity 3.6L
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 17L (including 4-litre LCD-indicated reserve)
Fuel Consumption 17 km/l (48mpg) (WMTC Mode)
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V/8.6AH
ACG Output 340W
Clutch Type Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Transmission Type 6-speed
Final Drive #530 O-ring sealed chain
Type Mono-backbone; cast aluminium
Dimensions (L´W´H) 2,105mm ´ 805mm ´ 1,095mm
Wheelbase 1,445mm
Caster Angle 25°
Trail 98.7mm
Seat Height 825mm
Ground Clearance 130mm
Kerb Weight 222kg (F: 108kg; R: 114kg)
Type Front 43mm inverted HMAS cartridge-type telescopic fork with stepless preload, compression and rebound adjustment, 120mm cushion stroke
Type Rear Monoshock with gas-charged HMAS damper featuring 10-step preload and stepless rebound damping adjustment, 128mm axle travel
Type Front Hollow-section 4-spoke cast aluminium
Type Rear U-section 4-spoke cast aluminium
Rim Size Front 17M/C ´ MT3.5
Rim Size Rear 17M/C ´ MT5.5
Tyres Front 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W)
Tyres Rear 180/55 ZR17M/C (73W)
ABS System Type Combined-ABS
Type Front 310 x 4.5mm dual hydraulic disc with Combined 3-piston calipers, floating rotors and sintered metal pads
Type Rear 256 x 5mm hydraulic disc with dual-piston caliper and sintered metal pads
Headlight 12V; 55W (low) / 60W (high)

2015 CB1000R Specifications
Publication Order Numbers: Specification
Service Manual: 61MFN03
Owner’s Manual: 31MFNM10
Engine: Specification, Units: mm (in)
Cylinder arrangement: 4 cylinders in-line, inclined 27° from vertical
Bore and stroke: 75.0 x 56.5 mm (2.95 x 2.22 in)
Displacement: 998 cm³ (60.9 cu-in)
Cylinder compression at rpm: 1,500 kPa (15.3 kgf/cm², 218 psi) at 300 rpm
Standard: 0.020 – 0.055 (0.0008 – 0.0022)
Service Limit: 0.10 (0.004)
Intake: 0.16 ± 0.03 (0.006 ± 0.001)
Exhaust: 0.32 ± 0.03 (0.013 ± 0.001)
Recommended engine oil/classification/viscosity: Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil/API: SG or higher, JASO T 903 standard: MA/SAE 1
Oil capacity after draining/engine oil filter change: 3.0 liter (3.2 US qt, 2.6 lmp qt)
Oil pressure at oil pressure switch: 510 kPa (5.2 kgf/cm², 74 psi) at 6,000 rpm/(80°C/176°F)
Final Drive: Specification
C/S sprocket: 16
Rear sprocket: 44
Drive chain size (x) links: 530 x 116
Cooling System: Specification
Recommended antifreeze/concentration: Ethylene glycol antifreeze/1:1 w/distilled water
Coolant capacity,radiator and engine: 3.0 liter (3.2 US qt, 2.6 lmp qt)
Fuel System: Specification
Type/throttle bore: PGM-FI/36 mm (1.4 in)
Carburtetor/throttle body ID #: PGM-FI/36 mm (1.4 in)
Idle speed (+/- 100 rpm): 1,200 ± 100 rpm
Fuel pressure at idle: 343 kPa (3.5 kgf/cm², 50 psi)
Starter valve vacuum difference: N/A
Throttle grip/lever free play: 2 – 4 mm (0.08 – 0.16 in)
Suspension: Specification
Recommended fork fluid: Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-47 (10W) or equivale
Fork fluid capacity/and level: 511 ± 2.5 cm³ (17.3 ± 0.08 US oz) 91 mm (3.6 in)
Tires: Specification
Front  Size: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Cold tire pressure: 250 kPa (2.50 kgf/cm², 36 psi)
Rear  Size: 180/55ZR17M/C (73W)
Cold tire pressure: 290 kPa (2.90 kgf/cm², 42 psi)
Battery/Charging System: Specification
Charging system type: Triple phase output alternator
BatteryCapacity/Model: 12 V – 8.6 Ah/YTZ10S
Fully charged: 13.0 – 13.2 V
Needs charging: Below 12.3 V
Normal: 0.9 A/5 – 10 h
Quick: 4.5 A/1 h
Regulated voltage at rpm: Measured BV < Measured CV < 15.5 V @ 5000 rpm
Alternator charging coil resistance: 0.1 – 1.0 O
Lighting Equipment: Specification
Hi: 12 V – 60 W
Lo: 12 V – 55 W
Brake/tail light: LED
Front turn signal/running light bulb: 12 V – 21/5 W x 2
Rear turn signal light bulb: 12 V – 21 W x 2
Ignition System: Specification
Ignition system type: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with el
Ignition timing (F mark): 5° BTDC at idle
Standard – NGK: IMR9E-9HES
Spark plug gap: 0.80 – 0.90 mm (0.031 – 0.035 in)
Ignition coil peak voltage: 100 V minimum
Ignition pulse generator peak voltage: 0.7 V minimum
Alternator exciter coil peak voltage: N/A
Torque value: Specification, Unit: N.m (kgf.m, lbf.ft)
Front axle bolt/nut: 59 (6.0, 44)
Front axle holder/pinchbolt/nut: 22 (2.2, 16)
Rear axle nut: 201 (20.5, 148)
Crankcase: 30 (3.1, 22)
Cylinder head cover bolt: 10 (1.0, 7)