New 2016 Honda NAVI 110cc Scooter = The Grom’s smaller brother?

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– 2016 Honda NAVI | All New Scooter / Automatic Motorcycle –

2016 Honda NAVI Review / Specs - New Motorcycle / Bike / Scooter 110 cc

Today, February 4th, 2016: Honda made the announcement on a few new motorcycles / scooter models at the 2016 Auto Expo. One in particular stood out to me…

Pictured above, what do you see at first glance? If you’re familiar with Honda’s motorcycles since 2014 then your first guess would be the Honda Grom. Is this the newly updated & changed 2016 Honda Grom / MSX that people across the world have been hoping for? A Honda Grom MSX with a 150cc engine? Nope. A production version of the Honda Grom Scrambler models with a 50cc engine like the Grom Concept One and Grom Concept Two announced at the Tokyo Motor Show a couple months ago? Nope. This is way out in left field from what I was thinking…

Update: Check out the New 2022 Honda Navi for the USA by Clicking Here!

2022 Honda Navi 110 Review: Specs, Features, Price, Colors, Release Date, Seat Height + More! | New 2022 Honda Scooter / Automatic Motorcycle

This is a 2016 Honda Grom but with a 110cc engine. Well, technically it’s not called a “Grom”. This is called the Honda NAVI and it packs a 110cc scooter engine with an automatic transmission. Don’t worry though, this is not a replacement for the most popular bike Honda’s made in years on a worldwide level (the Grom of course). The NAVI isn’t slated to be released to the USA at the moment as this will be a model exclusive to the India market but we can always hope it’ll make it across the pond. It’ll be made in a few variations that you’ll see the details on and more below.

》》2016 Honda MSX / Grom Announcement with Changes – CLICK HERE 《《

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New 2016 Honda NAVI Grom Motorcycle Review / Specs - Bike / Scooter 110 cc

NAVI Adventure

Take a wild guess at the price of the 2016 Honda Grom 110 AKA the NAVI! It comes in with the hefty price tag of 39,500 Rupees. Do the conversion to the US $ dollar and it equals out to a whopping $582! That’s almost $1,000 less than a 2016 CRF50F! As much as I love my 2014 Grom I’d buy one of these for my 4 year old son to ride around the yard and something the wife could hop on too with its fully automatic transmission haha. Crazy cheap!

Even though the 2016 NAVI is only packing heat with a 110cc engine out of a Honda scooter, it’s no slouch when comparing the NAVI 110cc horsepower vs Grom / MSX 125cc. Here’s how the details look:

  • 109.1 cc air cooled 4 stroke
  • 8 HP at 7000 RPM
  • 6.56 lb/ft TQ @ 5500 rpm
  • Automatic transmission
  • Drum Brakes front rear

What are the other models on display at the 2016 Auto Expo? The 2016 Honda NEOWING, EV-Cub Concept, CB Unicorn 150, and CX-02.

What do you guys think about this little gem? Looks pretty cool? Kinda weird with it missing the engine in its normal location? Would you buy one at $582 a pop?

New 2016 Honda NAVI Grom Motorcycle Review / Specs - Bike / Scooter 110 cc

NAVI Street

2016 Honda NAVI Review / Overview of Specs

  • Honda disrupts Indian 2Wheeler industry -> Creates a new segment in FUN riding
  • NAVI – A revolutionary ‘new kind of ride’ providing unlimited possibilities & unmatched freedom
  • FUN TO SEE (Fun-tastic design concept) & FUN TO RIDE (powered by a peppy 110cc Honda HET engine with automatic transmission)
  • For 1st time, future is limitless for Indian youth as they transform their dreams into reality – the way they like
  • Honda showcases 3 possibilities – NAVI Street, NAVI Adventure & NAVI Off-Road at the Expo
  • NAVI is first 100% Honda R&D India model – from concept development to commercial production
  • Youth across all cities in India can book their NAVI through the android application.
  • To be available in 5 colors, start NAVIgating your life from Rs. 39,500 (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Reiterating India’s status as a priority market for Honda worldwide, Mr. Takahiro Hachigo, President, CEO & Representative Director, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Japan, said:

Honda met a total of 17.1 million two-wheeler customers across the globe last year. India, with its fast growing economy, is the largest two-wheeler market in the world and our Indian operation became the largest volume contributor to Honda’s global production in 2015. I would like to re-iterate here that India is one of our priority markets, where we have strong intention to grow further. Honda’s fourth two-wheeler plant in Gujarat will be ready to commence its operation soon, and our operations here in this country further deliver lots of joy and excitement.

Giving insight on the spirit of Honda to always build a new value across the world Mr. Keita Muramatsu, President & CEO- Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. said:

2016 will be the historic year for Honda. Led by increased capacity with 4th plant, we will cross the threshold of 5 million two-wheeler sales in India for the first time. More importantly, we are confident that Honda’s 6 new models led by NAVI will reinvent 2wheeler mobility in India. With the NAVI, the game is ON and Young India is going to play with their two wheels like never before.”

NAVI leads ‘Make in India’ line-up

Elaborating on the origin of NAVI and how this fun revolution will change the way India rides on two-wheels, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd, said:

“With India having the world’s youngest population, it is imperative for Brand Honda to connect with the youth. NAVI will take forward Honda’s Fun DNA in India. From business point of view, almost 70% of 2wheelers sold in the country today have engine displacement up to 110cc. However most of the models here, irrespective of their segment – Motorcycle or Scooter – are lookalike without much differentiation in specs or features. Considering the potential & moving away from the Syndrome of Sameness, Honda R&D India challenged to create “New additional Value for India” – NAVI.”

NAVI is the first 100% Honda R&D India model – from concept development to commercial production.

NAVI’s unconventional design is its uniqueness – a concept is very Mechanical & Clean. In its standard form, the design statement is FUN TO SEE and pure FUN TO RIDE. Providing endless possibilities in expression & Customization for the young customers – NAVI is designed in such a way, that it opens up a significant opportunity to modify & customize it to suit ones taste. And therefore pure FUN to Create.

New 2016 Honda Grom NAVI 110cc Motorcycle / Scooter

Honda dealerships will provide a totally new environment and FUNtastic experience to the youngsters with a vibrant range of customized parts inside the showroom.

The standard NAVI will come in 5 color options – Patriot Red, Hopper Green, Shasta White, Sparky Orange and Black.

Taking forward Honda’s marketing initiative in the digital world, an exclusive android mobile booking application ‘NAVI’ was launched today especially for the generation hooked to social media. The application can be downloaded from Google PlayTM store by searching for ‘NAVI’ in the search bar and then installing it.

Starting today, youth across all cities in India can book their NAVI through the android application and enter the fun world of Honda.

The delivery of NAVI will start from April, 2016 onwards.

Indian youth can start NAVIgating their life from Rs. 39,500 (Ex-showroom price, Delhi).

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